LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutation Chamber Unleashed 79119 Exploration

Hey everyone! JAYSTEPHER with Mutation Chamber Unleashed by LEGO Ninja Turtles. Set number 79119. Contains 196 pieces. Recommended building ages are 6 through 12. Wow this looks awesome! Mutation Chamber Unleashed. Raphael, Victor, and Spider Bytez are included. This looks like an awesome set. Let’s open it up. Let’s see the chamber. We got to be careful. All the mutation things will come out. I knew there was something stuck at the bottom. Okay! We have one instruction manual, a set of print work, an 8 by 16 plate, and three bags of elements. One of them that’s not numbered. Looks like a great assortment of parts. Let’s take a closer look at Mutation Chamber Unleashed after it has been assembled. Mutation Chamber Unleashed is an easy set to assemble. Off tot he left, we have two minifigures. Spider Bytez, and the Mutation Chamber. Let’s take a closer look. First we have Raphael on the left and Victor on the right. Victor is holding a cellphone while Raphael is holding some hand weapons. Not quite sure what those are called. Both their torsos are printed. Each figure does have a single-sided head. Nice turtle shell. I like that. Next is Spider Bytez. He is one mean looking creature. The red graphics are printed. Finally we have the Mutation Chamber. This is one awesome build. These two front doors do open up to reveal the interior. On the right we have a ladder. It doesn’t quite reach down to the ground. Here we have the back. This is where we slip Victor inside. We will just set him inside, and hope he doesn’t fall down. Something obviously came apart. Probably the phone in his hand. Then we can rotate it 180 degrees, and we can drop Spider Bytez inside. Now we can pretend that Victor is going to be mutated. Rotate the door around. There we have Spider Bytez! Really cool. The knob does control the mechanism. I’m not sure what these two
rotating things on the top are called. I do like the transparent light blue and purple. We also have a spider on top crawling around as well. One nice Mutation Chamber. This is thought out very well and fully playable. It does rotate nice and smooth. Nice indeed. Now let’s take a look at the Mutation Chamber Unleashed under a black light. Here is my black light. Let me turn off the light to take a quick look. As you can see, everything glows nice and green. This will look good in the dark. Especially under a black light. Here are the spare pieces and a set of print work. The set does come with nice graphical print. I choose not to put those on the bricks. In addition, there are four studs, a stud tile, a slope, and a weapon. These pieces may come in handy
for other Lego creations. This wraps up the review for Mutation Chamber Unleashed by Lego Ninja Turtles. Set number 79119. This is one awesome set. I will be perfect for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme or as a source for spare parts. In addition, Raphael, Victor, and Spider Bytez are included. What makes this even more special is that it’s fully playable. The only downside is that some
of the bricks required stickers. Those elements should have been printed. Other than that, this is one awesome set. Thank you for watching!

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