LEGO Technic Porsche 911 RSR

My name is Christina Nielsen. I’m originally from Denmark, but I’m currently
based in the United States in California. I have been racing for about 12 years. It has been a passion of mine
for as long as I can remember… to drive and to be behind the wheel. I started a very traditional way,
which is through go-carts. But the last couple of years I have been
racing sports car races in America. I’m two times champion over there
in the IMSA WeatherTech Championship, and I also made history as a woman when I
became the first female to win a major full season SportsCar
Championship in North America. So, it has definitely been quite
a journey for me. And for 2018 I joined Porsche, I joined Wright Motorsport and Patrick Long
fabric driver at Porsche for another season in the IMSA WeatherTech
Championship, where I was racing a Porsche GT3R. The beauty about sports car racing is that,
when you first have a look at the race cars they have a lot of similarities
to the high-end products that manufactures have in terms of road cars. But once you take a closer look at the car, you can really see that inside the cockpit
which is where us drivers spend most of the time, there is really nothing luxuries
about it in the sense that it is stripped for anything
that might cause issues or increase the weight, because you are also trying to make
the cars as light as possible. So, you have only what you need, but of course
the car still has a lot of electronics in it. The LEGO model even shows this. Working with Germans, it’s of course very organized,
it’s very structured, it makes a lot of sense. And basically, anything that we drivers
see in the car, everyone on the pit lane, all the engineers they have that information
as well and they have it live as we are driving. When you go to the outside of the car there
is definitely also a couple of elements that differentiates the LEGO model and
real race car from a road car. You will have the diffuser, you will have the
rear wing, you will have the front splitter. All elements that are required are
creating more downforce for the cars and are things that are necessary
for a very good race car. You also have elements like the headlights. We do endurance races with 24 hours in Daytona,
12 hours in Sebring, Petit Le Mans that is 10 hours and we drive into the dark, so once
you get close you can really see that one thing that Porsche put a lot
of effort in are the lights on the car. Another thing that is a little more basic,
but that a lot of people might not think about is that we also have a track map, and we have
a new one for every race track that we go to. It’s something that you normally
don’t keep in your road car, but for us it’s a very a good thing to have
when we are communicating with the engineers. When we are going through feedback on the car,
we are going through it corner by corner and having that map helps us drivers visualize
what exactly the car was doing when we were driving it.

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5 thoughts on “LEGO Technic Porsche 911 RSR

  1. This modell is so bad for 100 euro. do not buy it. Pls Lego can u make one car which is based on the porsche but with electronic and driveable system.

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