LEGO Technic 42102 Mini CLAAS XERION – A & B model review

what’s up guys this is Balazs from RacingBrick in the past few weeks I showed you most of the sets from the 2020 LEGO
Technic lineup if you missed any of my review videos that you can watch them by
clicking on the link in the top right corner we only have two small sets left
and today I will show you the one which is probably the cutest the42102 mini CLAAS XERION the box is super tiny on the front you can see the
tractor in action being pretty busy on the fields on the back of the box
there’s the B model that looks very similar to the A model for the first
sight but we will get back to this later the set has 130 pcs the price is 9.99
euros or 12.99 dollars in the box we have two bags which are obviously not
numbered the small manual and an even smaller sticker sheet as you see there
are only four stickers all together for the whole set but I don’t think this is
an issue considering the size the building time is around 15 minutes there
aren’t many details to show because the whole structure and all the mechanisms
are still visible once the mini Xerion is built the overall look is great
the tractor is instantly recognizable if we compare it to the Big Brother we
quickly realized the huge size difference but I think the small one
still captures the shape and the main features very well I think if you have
the big one then this small Xerion is a must-have for you now let’s see the
features there’s a knob for the hand of God steering on the top of the cabin it
is linked to three gears transmitting the rotation to the front that is a
super tiny but effective steering rack the whole thing is always three studs
wide but it works great if you look inside you can see how the whole
mechanism works with the three gears it’s even more interesting to see how
the steering is limited if we have a closer look we can see that the range of
motion is limited by this black piece in the middle as we turn the gears the tiny
gap between the black and the gray bars disappears and that’s how the movement
stops going forward and turning the model is fine as you push down the front
a bit the steering works properly this is not the case going backwards
unfortunately as the steering does not really work in this direction you need
to do it slowly and try to push down the front while driving backwards
otherwise the front wheels are not touching the ground so it’s a bit tricky
the rear attachment is driven by the rear wheels it is a rotary cutter made
of two big 36 tooth gears this year the mini Xerion is the second set
where we can get this big gear there was also one in the app-controlled Top Gear
rally car before these the last technique set having this gear was the
big Volvo wheel loader in 2014 there’s a black lever that can be used to raise
and lower the attachment, although on the real version I guess the rotation stops
when it is raised here’s again the mechanism from the bottom as you can see there are quite a few gears working together the set in general has many
gears included so apart from being a nice and playable vehicle it is also a
great parts pack now let’s have a look at the B model which is a harvester for
the first sight the A and B models are pretty similar but the whole building
process and the structure itself is actually quite different obviously
considering the limitations of the available pieces an interesting detail I
noticed in the B model instructions, the stickers are not applied there usually
Lego pays attention to apply the stickers to the same pieces on the B
model as well probably to avoid confusion if you start with the B model
but in this case they apparently forgot about them
the harvester also has hand of God steering but the steered axle is the
rear one this time to stay consistent with the rotation of the knob there are
only two gears between the axle and the steering knob, this shorter distance
helps with the steering it is better both forwards and backwards the rotating
gears on the front are actually the same as the rear attachment of the a model by
the way these are the pieces left unused from the a model after building the B one, I think the designer did a pretty good job so let’s sum it up I think the set looks
great the CLAAS XERION is instantly recognizable even at this scale it has
playable functions and with the amount of different gears provided it’s also a
good parts back the B model is also nice they look great together with the A
model, on the negative side I can only think about the steering problems with
the A model due to the uneven weight distribution it is difficult to turn it
going backwards all in all it’s a great little set for the price it’s a
must-have for anyone who has the big XERION or likes LEGO tractors in general
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  1. It’s good that the set 42102 has a model b lately, and the lay people are good if the model b, which is running out of ideas

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