LEGO Technic 42070 6×6 All Terrain Tow Truck – Designer Video

This is the 6×6 All-Terrain Tow Truck. The real life trucks drive everywhere,
and this one is very special. It has a lot of power. It has six really
big tires to go seriously off-road! Both rear axles have live suspension. And you know what? All functions are
controlled by this remote control. You can drive and steer the model,
you can extend the outriggers to stabilize the truck
when you have to use the crane. You can lift the crane arm, turn the crane,
and, of course, carry your load with the winch. To make all those functions work, we had to
develop a really sophisticated gear box. It sits in the middle of the model,
and all the functions, all the transmissions end in that gear box. That was one of the
big challenges for the design team on this model. And you know what? The design team also
decided to add a teddy bear. You can rebuild the tow truck into this
Research Explorer Vehicle. It features four-wheel drive, rear-wheel
steering, and you can use the remote to control the other functions. You can open
the whole body of the model and see inside. If you want to build this model, go online,
download the building instructions at, and remember to also check out
all our other videos.

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