Today on REBRICKULOUS, Team Edge is here and we are doing an epic obstacle challenge. Hey guys, we’re here with Team Edge. These guys on Team Edge know a little bit about challenges already, and they’re gonna be helping us out with our epic obstacle
challenge. We’re gonna get started. Let’s check it out. Welcome to the REBRICKULOUS epic obstacle course. Three teams comprise of players from REBRICKULOUS and Team Edge, will
compete to fully send of the epic obstacle course. REBRICKULOUS is
responsible for building the brick of destiny, while Team Edge will complete
all sports challenges and summit box mountain. Bricks will be spilt and bodies
will be smashed, all in the name of sport. The fastest time wins. Today’s competitors include Tyler and Marvin, Team Strawberries & Cream. Christiana and Bryan, Team Mucous Membranes. Dimitry and Joey, Team Blue Birds. This is Team Strawberries & Cream. We’re going to cream the competition. Alright Marv, you got this! Here you go Tyler, one hitter Beautiful! Alright Tyler, we got this! There’s no explanation for this. I’m so low! Toss it! Football time! Alright, one target! Ohh! Just so high! I gotta make up for last time. Oh man! He is killing it! It’s everywhere! I can’t even build. Not fast enough! It’s alright, take your time! You’re good! Ohh, this is hard! You’re getting further away… Watch it! Watch it! Come on! Ahh! I see baseball it’s not my sport. Still good time. We’re about three and a half minutes. We’re trying to get in under five. Ohh yeah, I love it! It feels great! We’re at three minutes and fifty seconds. We’re going to be done in ten seconds. You got this Marvelicious! He’s open! GOT IT! Now I know I gotta work on my baseball swing. Thank goodness I wasn’t doing that! What’s up guys! We’re Team Mucous Membrane! Ashuuuu! That counts! Alright, I’m almost there. Ready? We’re running out of time! Common! That counts! It’s coming! No! Shoot! It’s not aligned! How did I get whipped cream on me? Close! C’mon! It’s right there! There you go! I hate this part so much! Dimitry how did you do this? Throw it to me! I can’t throw it to you… I got it! The baseball, it killed me! Alright, team three it’s Joey and me. Last but not least. Because we’re the Blue Birds, we’re gonna fly through this course. Oh, you got a first try? That’s it boy! That’s it! Alright, we got it! Go! Oh no! What does that mean? It don’t mean anything! What does that mean? I was never told anything about a time penalty. Ohh! This is soupy! Who’s gonna get it? Let’s go! Here we go! This guy knows his
stuff. Coming through! One time for your boy! Give it to me! I remember that! We got time! Feeling good? Feeling good! That’s the champion baby! Anybody want to try again? Who’s out there? Anyone wants to challenge this? Winners baby! Dimitry, the blue team, Joey
they took the fastest time of the day, so they are our champions. But, even though
we were competing we all still think that you should… WATCH MORE REBRICKULOUS!

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