LEGO Target haul: Avengers Endgame at last! 📦 #244

all right I had good luck at Target
today he got the new Lego Avengers and game sets the first wave of them a lot
of people been asking me Jane are you ever going to review the Avengers end
game sets ever they’ve been out for like weeks now well I don’t live in Texas
this this season it was Texas that put out stuff that broke the contracts
freely first usually it’s Florida and Georgia that are first to do that with
the the branded no external IP stuff second place I think in the I don’t care
about contracts let’s just sell the stuff game is ironically Legoland
California at least Legoland California is usually not that bad about putting
the branded stuffy the sub branded you know external IP stuff superhero stuff
and Star Wars and stuff like that out early but they label on California
usually or often have put out Legos own internal themes you know city and
creator and Ninjago previously Chima stuff like that pretty early and usually
in third place in that game is Texas but this time Texas put in a little show of
force want to want to let the rest of the country know that they still exist
and they can still play that game real good so these three dates as it turns
out three dates for these Avengers and game sets were all of them were set for
March 31st and the system was just updated today to allow them to be sold
so the items actually showed up on the website which is what let me know that I
should go look and they had them in stock but they had not put them on the
shelves yet in my area but they were available to to sell I will start doing
builds for these over on the build channel immediately and then I’ll start
doing reviews and I should be done with these fairly quickly it’s just 5 sets
and I’m going to continue working on the city I’ve been doing a ton of work
actually construction work over the past few days
in the city hasn’t really helped with the the the tables the stuff on the
tables with the stuff around the tables is being transformed completely so
looking forward to doing it more on that I’m gonna get these done get them you
know get them out there and keep working on the more fun stuff so I’ll talk to
you again soon

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Target haul: Avengers Endgame at last! 📦 #244

  1. Weird that they don't have the Quinjet on the target website… waiting to see if when that one goes up it gets a discount like the rest.

  2. Question where is it that you live? Cause I haven't had any luck at least seeing these on the shelf

  3. I need this vid to be longer lol… come to think of it, would you ever do a podcast or something?? I just want to hear about talk about LEGO for hours on end lol

  4. As someone that enjoys builds(structures), figures and vehicles all of these were ruined by the minifigs. I might buy the quinjet and sell all the figures

  5. Massive amount of videos incoming 😀 Do you ever sleep? (after releasing all Star Wars set reviews). Thank you 😉 .

  6. I got the ultimate quin jet yesterday, and I love it!
    Saving my money now for the $100 endgame set and Iron man’s armour room

  7. Just got all five sets yesterday, I recommend either the quintet or hall of armor for anybody thinking of which one to buy

  8. Janet please can you do the war machine buster first because that is my favourite endgame set and it would be cool to compare it to the infinity war mec

  9. I'm getting the suit lab on the 19th so i can get the Avengers Tower promo. Also Gnaj needs to make a video about Igor

  10. I think that Legoland and Lego Stores are the best place to buy Lego because nobody judges you. It’s surprising how many people in California are so judgmental😂

  11. The funny thing is that I work at a store in Texas that has all of the sets, but they weren't put out when they were supposed to be, so we're actually behind the curve!

    Also, Jang, there are MORE LEGO STICKER BOOKS OUT THERE! There's a LEGO City one that has a lot of good stuff in it, as well as Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu and DC Universe ones that just have big renders of pieces in them as stickers!

  12. It's now confirmed, Jang has bought the sets for Avengers Endgame and he will review them, cool your jets, people! What's the big hurry? Patience is a virtue, Jang can't review a Lego set if it's unavailable in his region, they were announced less than a month ago! And now, our patience has been rewarded, looking forward to the reviews, Jang!

  13. I wished I liked more things other than Lego City the old castle sets because they're really not doing too much with Lego City at all lately 😢 .

  14. I live in TX and I didn't see any of these sets at target or anywhere else. So I ended up getting the technic corvette instead.

  15. I'm so mad that of the series that I like are coming out with sets at the same time. New batman sets, Star wars, Endgame? far from home, overwatch, and I still need to get the hogwarts extension thing

  16. 1st do the war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster war machine buster

  17. As much as I love your set reviews it just makes me SUPER excited to hear that you are working on Jang City! ( 2:08 )
    I can't wait to see the fruits of your beautifully creative mind.

  18. I have ordered from the Lego site for the first time yesterday; star wars anniversary sets, and I am wondering how long it usually takes them to dispatch? And how long deliveries usually take, is it more like 2 days or more like 5?

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