LEGO Suicide Squad…Kinda

Yeesh. And I thought Arkham was a dump. Remember, we get in, get the target, and get out. Well, easier said than done. We lost enough of the team as it is, I don’t wanna be next. I do not fear for our safety. No mere mortal could contend with my Soultaker blade. Just as long as I get to kill somebody, I’m game. Well, hello there! Mr. J? Harley. Long time no see. Hate to break up the reunion, but we’ve got a job to do. Yeah, so sorry Mister J, but we’re gonna have to take you in. Oh yes, I understand, but before that, let me introduce you to my friends. I’ll leave you guys to get acquainted with each other. [Maniacal Joker Laughter] Let’s play. Yeah, this is what I’m talking about. Thanks for the help boss. Hey! Perhaps we should stop bickering and go after the Joker. I don’t usually say this, but the sheila’s right. Sorry. Well, well. It looks like you and your team of losers actually did something right for once. Hey! Who you callin’ a loser?! You know what? You’re right, that was a cheap shot. And so’s this! Oh, come on, that’s not fair. It’s over, Joker. Oh really? That’s a good one. You think I’m joking? Well, of course. I mean come on, do you really think you can just take me in? No, of course not. Because I’m sure you’re all aware that every time someone puts me away, I always break out again. It’s life’s greatest joke. No. The only way you’ll ever be able to stop me is if you kill me. And we both know that’s never going to happen. I mean, even Batman has never killed me. Wait a minute. Batman never killed you? Hasn’t he been killing people left right and center? Yeah. In fact, just last week my buddy Bob and I were doing a job, when suddenly Batman came over in his Batmobile, and started shooting at our car! I got out, but then he blew up the car! Bob was still inside, and then he just started dragging it around! If he kills regular thugs, then why wouldn’t he kill the guy who’s murdered like 500 people? Oh please, 500? Those are amateur numbers, buddy. Yeah, so why hasn’t he killed you yet. He could’ve done it years ago. Beats me. But you know what? It’s pretty funny. The Batman kills every criminal in his path, except the one who does nothing but kill. [Maniacal Joker Laughter] I’m Batman. You killed him. Yeah. That’s what you wanted, right? No, no, no. No one wants you to kill people. But it makes me cool and edgy. That’s what the fans want. No, the fans want a Batman who stays true to the nature of Batman. Who doesn’t kill unless he has to. But Zack Snyder thinks it’s cool. I got this, guys. Hey B-Man. Martha. Why did you say that name?! Why did you say that name?! Ha! Works every time. You know, I was promised that I’d get to kill someone. If it’s not The Joker… Well, I think we’ve learned something here today. It’s that no one likes a Batman who kills. [Maniacal Joker Laughter]

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