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99 thoughts on “LEGO Stop Motion Tests

  1. @chicopapass he puts at the begging blocks on the back, then as it lands downsizes. he makes sure that the back isnt seen as well as part of the front. he then puts block in front, and takes off the ones in back

  2. did you know there is a program to make your legos look like they are flying. its called Bafran. Look it up on Google.

  3. Darth vader cant use the force lightning,his mecanical hands prevent it!
    idk y thay let him litnin in force unleeshed tho….

  4. thumbs up if u know that the AT-ST feets were not the ones like the ones on the Lego Star Wars II The Original Triology Game

  5. @housedavex thanks guys ill make sure to check out gimp, and i know of fancy pants now… he is awsome at animation.

  6. watch my lego stop motion animation too! 🙂 not as good as theirs but i'm on my way. XD it's called "Love At First Shot" Thanks. 😀

  7. @housedavex i was watching this on my ipod and could not see the annotations…. sorry for my ignorance

  8. @housedavex in stop motion nothing is ever flying its simply a trick where you take whatever your making fly and somehow attach it to a wall so it looks like its flying but really iys just sliding down a wall

  9. @housedavex theres this string thats very very very thin string i forgot what its called but i use that for stop motions to float

  10. @housedavex Masking or fish line masking is easier its where you have bunchs of lego holding up the flying object then in photo editor you remove them

  11. @1AwesomeLiam1
    beatles queen and rolling stones rock but i dont know the rest and im only 10. i listen to the beatles and that is my favorite band of all time. both jbs and lady gaga and h.m. dont rock. the old bands do

  12. @MrFunnyGuy83 I have nothing against your comment I'm just using it as a way to respond to ALL the replys that I have gotten. I don' dislike this video or anything I actually enjoyed it very much. I have only seen the movies and I was unaware that there were books besides the novel adaptations, but i was under the impression that robot hands couldn't generate "electric force energy" as some people call it

  13. Well al the music you listened to when you were younger was in the charts like our music. And you still listen to it now. So when were older were listen to what we listen to when we were younger and say that new music is awful.

  14. @Dahlen Lego it's mean that's time repeats itself , you say our musics bad an then when we're older were day that the current music is bad.

  15. It depends. If you do 30fps you'll have to move your minifigs at incredibly small increments, and it might end up looking worse. I animate at 15 fps and my animations are still really smooth. It's not so much what your frame rate is, but your animation style. Hope that helps. Feel free to check out my videos.

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