LEGO Star Wars X-Wing (original trilogy) Starfighter review! 75218

hello hello this is Legos latest version
of a Star Wars original trilogy x-wing the t65 version and they’ve made a bunch
of these in the past and they keep making new ones because people will keep
liking them rather than just keeping the old original designs on the market
forever they try to improve this has a bunch of changes I personally thought
the previous kind of normal scale version was already looking pretty good
but this looks even closer to a proper realistic design a little bit closer to
what you see in the UCS models that really go for that you know that correct
set of proportions so I’m happy with the overall look of it and the build is
definitely a fair amount different from previous x-wings including even the most
recent t70 ones from the sequel trilogy not the biggest fan of the look of the
engines there with the the garbage cans there used to are the barrels that are
used just in the center sections of those notice the rubber bands as a
rubber band they’re bent on the other side they’re in white which goes really
well with the white color scheme them then white primary color of this x-wing
so that’s already an improvement over most of the ones that they’ve done
actually most of the vehicles and builds that they’ve done at all that use they
use rubber bands this actually has a completely new mechanism for well 90%
new mechanism for changing the angles of the wings the s-foils now this I’ll show
you that just a second this does have four spring-loaded shooters at the
wingtips which are just there and you can just leave those projectiles out if
you want it also has the two stud shooters right closer to the cockpit
there those represents the proton torpedo launchers in let’s look really
good here and the cockpit well that’s a printed piece printed on three sides
open that up and inside you have an actual seat that’s something they
haven’t done for a while as well as a fire extinguisher back behind there
just in case things go wrong a little bit rather than going wrong completely
and there’s a printed console at the front no flight yoke or anything but
best thing about the cockpit is the space just behind it because that is
designed to accommodate a single astromech droid in the correct
orientation with shoulders abreast very nice so let’s look at the key thing that
is new with this version beyond the many small details just fold that pulse kit
up most of the way the mechanism to control the s-foils is no longer
something that you rotate somewhere but now this little tan piece you see here
at the tip is just the edge of basically the actuator for the S foil controls and
you push that forward so that opens them up like so that looks really really good
right there that looks so good so good to me and this actually has four rubber
bands involved in total two on either side you saw the ones at the back it has
ones at the front as well they’re just hidden behind to the inlets a little bit
and those distribute the force so rather than all the force being just at the
back this these are equidistant from the little yolk inside there that rotates to
separate the s-foils so you see how that rotates right there it’s actually not
making direct contact flat to flat or at a perpendicular angle it’s actually just
along the edge just riding the edge of the underside of that plate that you see
right there and it’s symmetrical so up at the top it’s doing the exact same
thing it’s very smooth how it feels it feels very right and then it just locks
at the end hold itself in place locks here holds itself in place and it works
really well you no longer have a bending force in the wings because of the v2 the
two rubber bands per pair here and it just all goes together well the only
thing that’s bad here is the fact that you have this large space up
the top that’s dedicated just to that mechanism so this is open you have that
whole slot this part doesn’t look bad of course all the other detailing around
the edges looks pretty good as well they use just a handful of stickers for the
sake of detail on this but a lot of real building with actual pieces including
the use of the sand blue and the late yellow color here rather than tan that
they’ve used before but this you know just has that basically it’s just a hole
right there and it needs to have that space open that can certainly be modded
to take up less space and you can also bring up the height of this just a
little bit give it a little bit more of a hump in this area to cover that up
especially if you take off the tip of the actuator there but that’s really the
only con that I see for this otherwise this is a positive evolutionary
improvement for the design I think that they’ve done a good thing here plus
there’s one additional bonus that’s built into it doesn’t look very good
honestly when it’s when it’s deployed but you
have this axle that sticks down when the s-foils are in attack position with the
cone at the end that is a plunger that works against the mechanism so it just
resets it and the intention there is that you can close it by just pushing
here rather than pulling back or you can just set the whole thing down on the
ground I’ll go ahead and bring the front skid back down and just set it down on
that surface below closes up the wings for you so you don’t need to do that you
know it’s it’s it’s not necessary but it’s a thing you can leave that axle out
I believe if you want to if you don’t want to see that hanging down by default
it’ll just kind kind of loose yeah easy enough to leave out but yeah there are a
couple of unsightly things here but overall the big improvement in my
opinion I also there’s so much appreciate the use of these pieces back
here they’re absolutely perfect for the shaping at this point and it’s good that
they have the 1 by 2 by 2/3 or actually 1 by 2 by 1
slopes with no no studs on top here’s how the whole thing looks from
underneath and it’s pretty well detailed there as well they have builds that are
very similar for the s-foils all the way around so they didn’t get lazy on the
underside here you know they just don’t have any stickers on them but there’s
still just as much detailing that goes to those lower ones as goes in the upper
ones that’s good this set has two pilot figures of course Luke Skywalker on left
and on the right with his immediately recognizable mustache is Biggs
Darklighter now these do use identical torsos identical hip pieces identical
leg prints but those look perfectly fine but the helmets are new that is a dual
molded helmet for each different prints obviously and they have actual orange
trance orange visors with actual shaping I personally don’t like the little
transition just around the corners I don’t know why it bugs me but the
transition between the transparent orange like for instance right here and
the white that little corner right there bugs me but other than that from any
normal kind of distance these definitely look great
Lego always does an excellent job with the prints on these on these rebel
helmets I think they might be a little bit deep maybe the the ridge along the
back might stick out a little bit just in terms of their proportions relative
to standard heads makes them look a little bit larger than I think they
ought to but that was a subjective decision and some people will disagree
with me on that I’m sure there are the alternate faces which there’s not that
much difference between between them for each for either character but there’s
enough you know there’s a little bit more yeah I was gonna say there’s a
little bit more for for Luke but not really so it’s fairly subtle differences
but two good figures and here are the helmet prints as viewed from the top
again very good job with these pretty much always
Elisa’s for the past half decade or so of course there’s another r2d2 and they
have made so many r2d2 s it feels like they’re making them more
and more frequently but this is definitely a case where it needed to be
included even if a lot of them have been released over the past ten full years
you need to have a proper r2d2 and an x-wing set that comes with comes with
Luke Skywalker so this is a correct inclusion and as usual I get the bad
luck of the wonky head branch that’s just my luck always Biggs Darklighter
Zastrow mech is r2 q2 or was r2 q – there’s a little bit of a funny funny
effect on the Front’s of the legs for this one not everybody will get that
it’s just where the little particles of metal kind of clumped together a little
bit sometimes it comes out a little bit weird as did the printing on this one so
with this one the white print is angled forward a little bit the black looks
pretty level it’s angled back to slightly the silver print is angled
forward slightly as viewed from this side let’s see what looks like over here
yeah yeah it’s pretty consistent all the way around so it’s like three different
stamps at three different angles oh well so this is not the first r2 q – we’ve
gotten but it is the first one that we’ve gotten in a rebel set by which I
mean Rebel Alliance not Star Wars rebels so the new one is on the right there the
old one is on the left the prints have changed a little bit but the biggest
difference between these two I mean you can see the you know the fine detail
especially run around the base that are that are noticeable but the biggest
difference between these two is that the new one has the dark bluish gray you
know base kind of can and then the old one had the silver through-and-through I
think the silver was probably more accurate but you get a cleaner look when
you don’t have the variability of all of a the metal-flake and how that
flows in interesting ways that create that marbling effect now the older one
was sold as an imperial astromech and i believe in universe it’s supposed to be
the same one it was originally an imperial astromech
right up until the early events of a new hope and somehow it infiltrated and got
itself picked up as a as a rebel rebel alliance
you know sympathizer or something and got paired up with Biggs so just an
interesting will be back story on that one and we do get two different variants
now for the collectors now strictly speaking there is one major problem with
putting Biggs Darklighter and his art 2q2 into this particular variant of
x-wing that’s the set of markings that you have on the wingtips here because
these are red five markings you can very clearly count the five little stripes
they’re Lego thought of that though it thought of it completely
they give you not only two sets of stickers but two sets of these two by
three piles onto which to place stickers so you can just swap this out for proper
read three ones for Biggs and I appreciate that that’s that’s something
that’s totally done just for Star Wars nerds for you know folks who are more
serious and yeah that’s that’s that’s very nice that’s that’s good thinking
and you know it didn’t cost him very much to do that but I think it’ll make a
lot more people happy than leaving that detail out or getting it wrong for half
of the scenarios this is being sold at the same price as the last two normal
scale x-wings the sequel trilogy ones and this just
has all of their their design improvements their improvements over the
2012 original elegy version plus more with some of the
finer detail elements you know of course updating it for thee or changing it over
for the in universe older design of x-wing plus this also has the improved
design for the at least in my opinion in the designer’s opinion surely improved
mechanism for the s-foils so i want to say if you already have the twenty
twelve normal scale x-wing you don’t need this but if i had just the twenty
twelve normal scale x-wing and i was big fan of the x-wings and i just wanted to
have a normal scale lego x-wing in my collection i would personally not be
able to resist upgrading to this because it does really feel like an upgrade if
nothing else just from the appearance just on display it looks so much more
correct so much more real so much more accurate and being able to put the
astromech in the the correct way just so much about this is just so much better
so I really think that Lego has done or the designer in particular the primary
designer for this has done a really good job here don’t see it as a must buy if
you already have an x-wing that you’re perfectly happy with but for folks who
don’t have an x-wing or who haven’t had one for a long time and still want one
that’s why they continue to sell sets or bring out new sets that are redesigns of
existing ones or you know things that they’ve made models of before because
not everybody has everything that they want and new kids are being born all the
time and such and it’s just good to have continuously better things on the market
this is a case where they have improved fortunately without reducing the size or
anything like that so yeah I think that this is all good I really don’t see
anything here that is a step back those are my thoughts and I’m sticking to them
thank you for watching I will talk to you in as soon as I can you

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93 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars X-Wing (original trilogy) Starfighter review! 75218

  1. My comments regarding price are based upon what I best understand, values of products in the United States. I do not at all like the widened delta between the US and everywhere-else prices for this one.

  2. I own this set and the bottom is easy to fix; just remove the 2×8 with holes and take out the 5.5 axel and cone piece. And simply add a solid 2×8 and presto! Its fixed

  3. I don’t like what they did with the gun tips. They look too bland. I liked what they did before, it looked like a cone piece on top of a small saucer like piece. Gave it more character.

  4. Not that I'd be able to suggest a better solution, but I really hate it whenever rubber bands are used. The wear and tear and you never get proper replacements. I'd rather like to see Technic mechanisms.

  5. This is what we call "over-engineered". Part value is better than prior models if bought on sale but to what end? Some improvements but some downgrades as well. I prefer the slimmer and more aerodynamic profile and scaling on 9493 better and with a few tweaks, including adding the new windshield, is the superior model imo. Not too mention the minifigs included are better in that model as well. That being said, the new visor piece mold is cool but the helmet size, like the Stormtroopers, is ridiculous.

  6. definitely the best X-wing I've ever seen the rear end is something that LEGO has struggled with. But they finally made it look like it was one of the props from the original screen play

  7. This one is good but what kinda bothers me is how shorter the laser cannon pieces are. That's something I like from the 2012, I know that isn't a big of deal but that's just my opinion

  8. Ihave this model. I Hate the way the wings slap together. The twisting deployment on the previous model from TFA is way better. Let than that I love the new set.
    Also love your lego pointer! 😁

  9. I prefer the 2012 version. The turning mechanism was to me, and I preferred the longer laser cannons. It bugs me that Lego STILL doesn't include printing on the front and back of R2 units.

  10. What goes on at 12:05 gives me a lego nerd panic attack because I was like were do you put the two pieces. Thank you jang for clearing this up

  11. Do  you think the opening mechanism could be put on the bottom so it is not visible?  The helmets seem like the best representation of the original.  As seen here:

  12. Just picked this up on clearance for $30 at my local Walmart. If you're on the fence about this set you might check to see if your store has them at a reduced price.

  13. This is the first lego x-wing I really like the look of. They've really outdone themselves this time.

  14. I just don’t like how they change the helmets, cause now I have other pilots with different types of helmets which is inconsistent…

  15. Engines look a tad too big and the wings a tad too short, idk I appreciate the level of detail for what it is however the 2012 set looks a bit better proportioned in my opinion.

  16. Yes!! man I love this set so much, it's one of the few builds I refuse to take apart. I'll probably buy a stand for it someday tbh. I didn't mind the trench up top for that lever mechanism myself tbh! it kinda approximated the look of the strip of greebling on the top of an actual X-Wing. But I get why you'd wanna make it a little less obvious and more accurate.

  17. I'm going to get this on May 4 and I'm happy with my decision to hold back on this set definitely going to be worth the wait

  18. Your videos are cool and very clear. My sister and I just started our channel and I just made the same X-Wing fighter. What camera do you use?

  19. Found this beauty of a set on sale ($30 off) and instantly grabbed it off the shelf. I'm not a massive Rebel Alliance fan but some of the Rebel craft have definitely started to grow on me.

  20. Last week I was on orlando and got this for 63 $ now I returned to Colombia and has just finished building it

  21. r2-q2 used to work for the clones. he was included in an imperial v wing fighter. the v wing was the interceptor fighter for the clones.

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