LEGO Star Wars – Vader’s Birthday

Hey, Bob! Hey, Dave! Hey, Bob, have you heard? Today is Darth Vader’s birthday. What? Darth Vader’s birthday is on January the 1st. No, are you stupid? On January the 1st it’s New Years day. Oh, yeah, you’re right. Damn! I don’t have a present for Darth Vader. Wow. Now you’re gonna die.
– What? Do you not remember last year? When Mike also forgot to buy a present for Darth Vader? Now that you said. I have heard from it. Yeah, well, I think Darth Vader goes to kill you. Hey, where do you have this drink from? This drink? From the drink machine of course! Now I know what I can do. What then? I’ll be right back. Hey, dude, why did you buy a drink? Because, this is my present for Darth Vader. That’s no present. It is. Do you guys have a present for my birthday? Yes, sir. This is my present. Is that your present? Yes, sir. What do you think? I think this is not a present. I think this is just a stupid thing. But, sir- I don’t want this drink! I said. Shut up! Well, well, what do you give for my birthday? I have this spade. What? This is not a present. Oh, no! Why we always buy the bad things? I don’t know, man. I don’t know.

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25 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars – Vader’s Birthday

  1. thanks! and i know that it is a little bit weird, but it's an old vid and my english was not so good at that time

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