LEGO Star Wars – The Stormtroopers (Brickfilm Animation)

No-no-no, who is this guy? Can someone get him out of here!? Continue the film, Lord Vader Whatever What is thy bidding my master Is everything going well? Yes. My lord. I have gathered the best men from our battalion Are you sure if they are at the best? they are from the top of our list, my master We will see… Now this is the last time I repeat myself, Sit down boy I said, SIT DOWN! Um, sir, I think he is already sitting sir Shut up Jeff You may begin with the mission, commander yes lord Vader, will be done All right, boys lord Vader has selected us to steal some holiday tree from some rebel outpost who’s down Ouh, Ouh, Sir! Does he get to go with us? Great question Kyle. No, he does not. Get out of here. SHOO! Anyone else? How are we gonna get there sir? Wait kind of a dumb question is that Jeff? Boys watch the shuttle for us. These guys don’t even know how to drive that thing I just saw one of them trying to eat his own helmet like 20 minutes ago Hit brakes Kyle we’re here There it is boys Let’s try to sneak in Hey where’s Jeff? Jeff! Hey Jeff!! Yes sir coming sir Shhh, keep it down boys Man where’s that blue milk? We’ve been waiting for a long time. Now! Let’s go! Right boys we should be.. Oh mother ye walk Oh mother Ewok… We have noticed you through the security cameras Imperial spies, you think we didn’t see you playing with our astromech’s optical drive What? I just wanted to play some Christmas CDs This ends now Imperial scum Say hello to my little friend Oh boy! A stun grenade! Mother told me to never touch those Oh well Mr. Kyle we owe you a big. Thank you. You’ve saved our lives. What did I do? There it is boys The holiday tree we’re here for The tree looks kind of weird Sir, what kind of a holiday is this sir? It’s a new year of the wookie Happy new year boys Hey, look you it’s him again I’ve heard these guys rip you apart if you don’t feed them Sir, did you remember to feed him? *SCREAM*

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45 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars – The Stormtroopers (Brickfilm Animation)

  1. Glad to see a stormie comedy animation again. Miss those good old days with Metalzora and Pizzamovies. Shame their channels died.

  2. Awesome great job. Nice to see another good Star Wars brickfilm. It seems like there are a lot of new underrated LEGO Star Wars series or films this year.

  3. Classic. I felt like I was a part of this. How the old star wars brickfilms used to feel… man I miss those.

  4. Awesome! Quick question: Will you continue the terraria series?? Its okay if you don't, just wondering πŸ˜„

  5. Hey, can I just say, I love your channel. You are amazing at animating, it is seamless and looks beautiful, furthermore, you are so active in the animation community. I so frequently see your comments on videos… Keep it up.

  6. Dude awesome, I liked and subscribed! How have I not seen your channel yet?!? Amazing work, love the dialog to go with it, hope to keep seeing much more πŸ™‚

  7. Great stop motion animation. I really enjoyed.

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