LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga News! – Release Date? + Info!

Hello everyone, my name is AZZATRU how are
you and welcome to another LEGO Star Wars video. In this video I’m going to be sharing with
you the latest news about LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga. There has been a lot of talk about a release
date plus some extra details about gameplay which I will discuss. If you enjoy this video, I’d really appreciate
if you could subscribe for LEGO Star Wars videos, thank you. The first piece of news in case you missed
it is the amazing teaser trailer TT Games shared a couple of weeks ago. It showed us some new footage but no more
info. TT Games said on twitter they can’t wait
to share much with us in 2020. Now since then a bit of info has been shared
via Nintendo Everything. These members of the press recently got to
see the game in action and ask questions to TT Games creative leads Arthur Parsons and
James Burgon. They said in the interview a lot of things
will carry over from episode to episode such as the characters you’ve unlocked. You have free play in all of the games, and
you’re free to use all of those characters as you unlock them. To quote Arthur, “You’ll make the galaxy
expand the more you play it, as well. The things that you collect, the bricks, the
unlockables will carry through with you as well. Did you see the giant LEGO sail barge? If you went there in a different episode,
that wouldn’t even be there because that wouldn’t be within that timeline. All of the worlds are dynamic as well. You can carry stuff over and experience different
things depending on what mission and what episode you’re playing on as well. So if you play through Episode I you’ll
unlock Mos Espa. Not only do you unlock new planets, but you’ll
also be able to unlock other locations on planets, as well, as you progress through
the story. This all sounds very interesting! Moving on, Arthur says the game is using a
new game engine. It is completely new tech that they have never
used before and built from the ground up so this game can be made possible. This is all very exciting because it sounds
like they are going to be able to do things they could not do previously. James stated their first Nintendo switch build
ran very well. When asked about the frame rate and resolution,
they said they are aiming high and they think it is going to please a lot of people. The last topic of this video is release date. There has been a lot of people telling me
the release date is April 20th but this is not the release date. TT Games has not revealed a release date and
any shop can create a placeholder. For years, shops have done this with games
so don’t believe the clickbait. Amazon for example had the release date as
31st December 2020 which of course is just a placeholder but some people think it is
real when it is not. At this moment in time, no releaser date has
been given and we have no idea what part of the year it is. There has been no indication so please assume
nothing yet. That’s all of the lego star wars news for
now! Thank you very much for watching, I hope you
learned something new from this video. If you did drop a like, subscribe and turn
notifications on to not miss any other lego star wars news videos. Be sure to let me know your thoughts on anything
to do with this video down below in the comments and check out any of the 2 videos on screen
if you’ve not seen them and I shall see you in my next star wars video, goodbye.

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga News! – Release Date? + Info!

  1. Always love your content keep up the good work and thanks for the help on how to get Star Wars battlefront II on pc means a lot thank you also could you maybe sub to me that would make my day

  2. I kinda hope they recycle The Clone Wars battle system where you have bases. You have to take over enemy bases and build infantry barracks and tank barracks.

  3. Lego clone wars game was always my favourite. I played every 360 Lego game up to the force awakens game.
    Definayely the best

  4. What you mentioned about that placeholder is actually very helpful. I thought I’d have to wait another year for Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated

  5. I hope theirs an achievement called hello there which you need general grievous and obi wan (revenge of the sith) in both player one and player two slots

  6. Hello everyone. My name is Suwwa Lumma Dumma Looma You Asuming Im A Human, What I Got To Do To Get It Through To You, Im Superhuman Inovating Itta Made Out Of Rubber So That Anhing You Say Is Ricoshaing Off Of Me, And It Will Glue To You Im Never Stating More Than Ever Demonstrating How To Give A Mother Truckin Audiouns And Feeling Like Its Levatating, Never Fading And I Know The Haters Are Forever Waiting For The Day That They Can Say I Fell Off, Theyd Be Celebrating Cause I Know The Way To Get Motavated I Make Elavating Music..YOU MAKE ELAVATOR MUSIC, HOW ARE YOU


  7. I hope they have grunting as an optional feature, but if not I'm sure the voice acting will still be excellent. I also hope we get to see Rogue One, Solo, and maybe some more Clone Wars content as possible updates or dlc or something.

  8. That is soo much epic and great and that kind of freedom is what i want! <3 <3 <3
    I wonder how this new engine will work out knowing that Complete Saga felt different on an older engine.
    Everything seems to be improved and i feel i will gain manny LEGO TFA vibes from it 🙂

  9. Hey do any og you guys know why me battlefront 2 starter crashing. I know it’s not my graphics card temp cause i have testes it. Do you guys have any fixes or tips

  10. I still hope that its February when it comes out…also I asked my GAME shop and they said they have no clue and not to belive anything online XD

  11. How the fuck is that big news? You’re just shutting down rumours which were never gonna be true mate..

    “Hello everyone my name is azzatru how are you and welcome to another click bait video of mine”

    My 4 year old cousin has more integrity than you chief.

  12. I think it will release November just before Christmas. Although I would love to see it around June-August I couldn’t see it coming before June tbh

  13. When you buy LEGO Star Wars on the iPhone or iPad is everything the same like on the Xbox one or is it going to be different and how different

  14. I doubt tt games will do this but i believe this will make lego star wars the Skywalker saga the best lego game period….

    What they should do is transfer the character's designs from the complete saga over to the Skywalker saga and we can have the option to switch between their new lego design or their old one

  15. I hope this one isn’t as bad as LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens. I mean in that game there was literally a level dedicated to cleaning a resistance base.

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