LEGO Star Wars – The New Rule

What is it, stormtrooper? Well, I was wondering if I could get more money for my work. Because I believe one dollar is too little money for one day, and- No stormtrooper, one dollar is pretty much. You should be happy about your salary. But, Lord Vader, you have a lot of expensive things. What does it matter? And stormtrooper, have you seen the new rule? What? Is there a new rule? Yes stormtrooper. Here it is. And that means that you have violated this rule. Because, you have commented on my salary rule. But, Lord Vader, I… I did not know this rule was introduced. I mean this is madness! Madness? Madness!? This is a rule! What is it, Lord Vader? Yes, commander, can you take this stormtrooper away, please? As you wish, my lord. Some people just don’t understand the rules.

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