Lego Star Wars The Mines of Graballa Part 6 – Lego Star Wars HD

Thank you very much! oops did you like that guy
I mean he’s alright but that thing Wow after just one shot a new weapon
depreciation value that’s pure financial loss why pay inflated dealer phrasing
that’s a good question why wait my friend if you like that then
your love what’s next you want to take a nap we want to take
their minds don’t come any weaker than that quality shit befitting an intergalactic
legitimate businessman of your stature this ugly not the time this ship can be
yours for a mere twenty credits a month for 36 months zero down financing
available so what do you say do you know deal but that was a decent
distraction while your friend over there afraid to kick will show ourselves and theme that fell need a memory wide
release the small regards company okay maybe there is a little something
to this Jedi business yeah she’s completely amazing

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