LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi Resistance Transport Pod review! 75176

hey everyone this is a look at the lego
starwars the last Jedi resistance transport pod set and you think this
looks like the cockpit section from the resistance troop transporter from the
force awakens well you are wrong you see the cockpit section of the resistance
troop transport from force awakens had a dark tinted canopy section with three
difficult to align stickers the new set has a yellow tinted canopy section with
eight difficult to align stickers also more importantly the force awakens set
had a gray fin while the last Jedi set has a dark orange fin and this van in
all seriousness though this is obviously a module from that and that’s
potentially a good thing because this was one of my favorite sets from the
force awakens that Lego did it was also an interesting design in universe I
thought it’s too bad this set wasn’t able to use the same scale as the other
or vice versa but that’s just how the budgets worked out this one is scaled up
to very easily and comfortably fit to individuals in the cockpit section plus
it’s able to fit bb-8 I’ll show you that in a minute look at the interior details
as I mentioned there are eight stickers on the canopy that is a little bit
annoying some people will probably hate it it doesn’t look so great with all of
those stickers left off at the very least you want to put the most difficult
one on the center one these are clear backed so you do want to be careful
while applying those 14 stickers in total for such a small thing seems a bit
excessive but it really looks nice to me I feel like they have captured all of
the the goodness all the good things about the force awakens sent into
something smaller here with the smoothness the different textures the
level of detail and also just the sensibility of design to work with the
figures and with accessories this one looks a little bit better from the back
than the other did I like how they switch between the
dark gray and the light gray makes for a nice look from behind even though it
doesn’t have as much texturing as I think would be ideal maybe some some
textured bricks would have been good just to break that up a little bit but
it’s pretty cool overall you see that this is moving over here well you can
remotely operate that from the side that’s kind of cool it feels good to do
that to have that remote action going on you know it’s just a little bit of of
toy magic going on there and this has a stud shooter you have to reload every
single time but I think that actually looks nice in that place I think it
actually adds to the appearance rather than detracting and this also has two
spring-loaded shooters built into it that you can barely see you have to look
underneath to really see those can leave those out if you want I think it looks
even better without them but those have their tails completely hidden away
inside the body of this thing which is great and they just have a remote
actuator over here on the side to make those fire off so just do it in the same
direction twice even far off one of them at a time and like I said I think it
actually even looks better with those removed just for kind of the realistic
look but it’s nice to have that option to be able to actually shoot with the
thing for the sake of play now it comes to the interior the whole canopy section
comes off and like I said this is pretty generous for its size it holds both of
the figures in there with no problem you have flight yoke there you’ve got a
console piece which has another sticker on it just a small one which is
appropriate it has clips for personal weapons or
accessories for each of the figures has a little bit of tan around there to give
you the look of the seats and yeah it’s it’s nice it’s easy to get the figures
in and out and then you also remove the roof section back here that’s where bb-8
gets stored and you get to see a little bit of the gearing mechanism for the
side weapon pod there pretty simple just has a
friction adder gear over here that has a friction axle pin and this section also
comes off to give you access to more storage now I don’t know what that right
there is supposed to be I’m swimming that in the movie we’ll find out what
it’s supposed to be if it’s supposed to be a minifig accessory but maybe it’s
just supposed to be detail you do put it in last and they do have you put that
thermal detonators in much earlier but yeah a couple of those stored there
everything is nice and smooth and slick and sleek and none of the actions take
away you know the removable sections take away from the appearance looks good
to me on display fits together well and just makes me happy in general even
though I mean it is kind of a basic thing you know it’s not a super sleek
Starfighter but for what it is I think it’s good the figures here are Finn and
Rose and I think both of these figures look really good Finn gets the medium
kind of darker metallic silver colored weapon and also gunmetal gray or dark
pearl gray legs with print also print on the hip piece and Rose gets nice
printing that’s actually pretty well aligned from the torso into the hips and
down into the legs with nice crinkle marks there she’s got her a new molded
hairpiece which looks really good I would be shocked if they did not bring
that hairpiece into some other theme like an unlicensed theme especially
ninjago it’s just a really good match I think for that theme but could work its
way into city as well potentially I think it just it looks really good and
it looks distinct there’s a little bit of classic throwback to it that’s not
intentional but I think it works out well get an alternate face here which is
a good one and an alternate face here as well which we’ll just have to see how
well that matches up to her personality in in the movie I think that it’s going
to match pretty well here’s bb-8 psych here’s bb-8
there’s only been one version of this so we’ve gotten a lot of this exact same
mini droid figure thing but fortunately they did a really good job the first
time around so there hasn’t been any need to make any updates yet hopefully
eventually we will get like a scratched up battle-worn travel-worn or dirty
version of this so in my opinion there is not a lot to dislike about this set I
think the number of stickers is just the worst thing value seems to be pretty
respectable the size of the thing is a little bit smaller than it may appear on
the front of the box if you see this thing you know in the physical store
just relatively speaking but the size combined with the number of features and
how well the space is used seems to make sense in terms of the value to me not to
mention the price to part ratio which once again is better than most non
licensed sets so overall I say good job Lego I think they’ve got a nice one here
but that’s it now it’s time for me to move on to my next video so I’ll get to
work on that and I’ll talk to you again very soon

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi Resistance Transport Pod review! 75176

  1. Music at 0:17 is not "from" the game Club Penguin, it's a track licensed from a stock music library. It has been used by anyone who has paid the licensing fee.
    Want to buy this set and help support the channel? Here's my Amazon affiliate link to the product:
    Standard price for you (when in stock), but I may get a very small commission.

  2. This is set is £40 not £30 Jang here in the UK. I like this set but it's way over-priced. £40 is an absolutely joke – sort your pricing out Lego!!!

  3. I would love to have this set but at $60 it's not happening. Maybe if it goes on clearance at k mart for $40 or something more respectable I'll consider it.

  4. Just picked this up today, It could actually turn out in the movie to be a bigger version of the Troop Transport pod, just like there's different tie fighters. I love it except for the stickers were genuinely stressful.

  5. As a Lego interpretation, this is beautiful. It has fitting smooth edges, detailed engine, cockpit, and fins, compact sturdy design. Great minifigures.
    As a ship in star wars, it is hideous — or at least, so plain it is stupid. Asymmetrical (I loved the Millennium Falcon, asymmetrical can be done right). I am not impressed. Compare it to the T-47s as small landspeeders go, and this falls short.

  6. It's a transport pod, yet it has less cargo room than my two-door Honda civic. Makes about as much sense as the dominant force in the galaxy having a military called the RESISTANCE

  7. Hey I love your channel, been subscribed for four years, only have one complaint, in the description can you put the prices of the sets

  8. Lego is just evil for including stickers in their sets.
    We spend plenty of money on overpriced sets, we should expect prints. Instead they are cheap and lazy. Some huge sets don't even have 14 stickers, to put that many on a little ship is wrong. Maybe 1 or 2

  9. Rose is one of the worst Star Wars characters ever. She has no point in the story and her acting was terrible. Her character was one dimensional and has no real purpose other than to waste time. Her and Finn’s story arc was made just to kill time. Complete waste of time.

  10. Great review, love all the interior space of this – you actually forgot to show the compartment for extra studs next to the cockpit, but then that's seen on the back of the box – thanks for showing that too.

  11. Its a great set but way overpriced almost everywhere in the world. 50 euros for this feels like they are stealing from us :S

  12. Managed to get my one reduced from £40, for £25, seems like a fairer price for a set of this many pieces. Engine design is really cool along with the turret, definitely something I will implement similarly in a MOC. It would have been better if the set had a Canto Bight Police Officer to justify the high retail price.

  13. I was thinking between getting the Resistance Transport Pod or the Imperial Hover Assault Tank. But I think I'll get the Resistance Transport Pod because Rose is one of my fave character from TLJ.

  14. Got this set after falling in love on first sight, like half a year ago. The price IS quite steep here in Singapore (pretty much all LEGO sets here are like twice the price in US, after counting for exchange rate) so I was hesitant to the last minute but I couldn't bear to miss the opportunity. The nearest LEGO outlet running out of stock scared me a bit but thankfully the Toys R Us had some left, so I went ahead. (Then a few days later the Toys R Us closed down.)

    Anyway as for the set itself it sure does look and feel great. It's something to be held in one hand, yet it has the fantastic feel of weight to it that I'm very satisfied with the price. Not too sure about the right side, I wish there was some curve on that side as well, but overall it's a delightful set to have. Just so happy I decided to buy this set. Thanks for the review, it really helped me make up my mind.

    The stickers are just things of nightmare though, especially the transparent ones that you really have to get right the first time.

  15. Makes me wonder if someone has taken on the task of designing a custom larger version of the Resistance Troop Transport to be joined together with this set.

  16. If I'm correct BB-8 has two pieces the torso and head well what if they used BB-8s head piece for a half sphere thermal charge from the clone wars tv show. That would be pretty neat

  17. I am new to the amazing world of lego. I got four lego sets for christmas this year. Next week I am going to buy this amazing set. I cant wait because this set has so many exciting features. By the way this was an awsome review

  18. Does anyone know the bizare reason why this set is so much more expensive outside USA? In AUS Solo Speeder is $45, but this set is $59, which is absurd. In USA they are both $29.Normally sets this size are $45AUD and $29USD.

  19. The falcon kessel run has no direct acces to the cockpit. In this thing…. where can BB-8 just walk straight in to ? The cockpit 🤗😂

  20. I want to thank you for this review – I`ve watched a lot of your content, often to check out new sets. As is pretty human, I tend to watch to 'confirm' my opinions of a set I'm planning on buying anyway… but I'm glad I browsed the back-catalogue for this set. I would never have considered it at all, but your review sold me on giving it a shot – and it's a great little set. A fun build, satisfying design, and a lot of playability (as the 4 year old and 2 year old are proving as I type this).

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