LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter review! 75179

ah yeah this is the lego starwars the
last Jedi kylo ren’s TIE fighter said I have to come clean with you right from
the start I know that I cannot be fully objective about this set I am usually
really good at separating personal feelings from objective critique and
analysis I really really love something I can still tell you a lot of things
that aren’t good about it I really hate something I can still tell
you a lot of things that are good about it and possibly even recommend it to
many people that’s not gonna be able to be the case with this because this is
hitting me too hard right in the nostalgic core of my soul as I did watch
Return of the Jedi in its original theatrical release and I loved the tie
interceptors at the time and this is based off the tie interceptors but this
is like a TIE Interceptor on Sith steroids all made super sleek and bad
all black with red accents and it just looks too cool too sick for me to really
critique properly I will try though I can at least do that I can do my best
this is uh this is a well-built model and the color scheme is pretty
consistent all the way around very happy that there’s very little that kind of
makes me mad about what they’ve done with colors and really all the anger
just comes back to these blue Technic pins on the back which easily could have
been covered up with tiles easily even if they still use the same color of
pieces underneath that could have been covered up and the color scheme would
have been pretty perfect I don’t like the look of this space back here it’s
just really blocky with those shapes it’s not the it’s not the the anti studs
that bugged me it’s just the specific configuration of them
that bugs me otherwise though pretty slick pretty sleek a nice balance
between tiled off areas and areas that have studs for a little bit of texture
or that just have that texture which I personally don’t mind these are kind of
make pretend cannons out here and this is a make pretend cannon here in the
center but this does have two spring-loaded shooters that are built
into the body you can see one of them sticking out right there and there’s
also one on the other side the actuators for those are well integrated they are
here and here practically invisible really you just push down on one of
those and it just pushes against the very tail of one of the spring-loaded
projectiles as fires towards the front so that’s done really
well you also get the trans red back here for the exhausts that will be
glowing or the the ion output ports which look pretty cool I also like the
use of the hinge pieces back here to give some interesting detail haven’t
seen how this thing exactly will look in universe just yet but let me interesting
to see what shapes those actually are intended to represent but they do at
least look cool like this the whole top of the thing looks to be shaped pretty
well the wings are attached well they are not gonna fall off or anything
without really breaking the model apart they do use a printed piece for the roof
there and a new print for this windscreen piece which looks great to me
you have just two stickers in the entire set one on either side here I think
those are pretty important and a really good inclusion there I’m happy for those
stickers to exist all this opens up and inside you get space for just one little
Rend on the lighter ran to fit in there he does not get any console to look at
so that’s too bad but it’s a pretty small space so it’s difficult to fit too
much I think they could have put just a couple of pieces in front of them though
just kind of with suspension of disbelief you also
can’t to see him inside it’s just not enough light inside but I do pop the top
then you can see where his face lines up so you know it’s realistic enough in
terms of visibility man just looks great swishing around looks like it would be
so fast probably have some really great roll rates as well quite so good on the
elevation change I would think but just look so cold this
is the new set of prints for kylo Ren with the scar going across the face and
also a new clothing print which especially looks good to me with a
little bit of metallic color in there for the stitches definitely looks quilt
it looks like it has a little bit of depth and dimension not the same
lightsaber this time interestingly they gave them a black hilt not another dark
pearl gray or gunmetal gray one that that’s surprising to me I don’t know if
it has any particular significance but I mean he’s still using evidently the same
crystal that has not been honed and still has that extra energy that has to
be bled off to the sides but just has me wondering why he hasn’t fixed that he
does have an upgraded hilt that nice newer style of cloth piece allows you to
easily appreciate the printing on the back which is kind of just procedural
you know no real difference through there but looks good enough and of
course he does have an alternate face that’s a pretty good one for a Sith I
like it I like it it’s not just mean and angry there’s there’s a touch of despair
in that I think this really captures the kylo Ren character maybe not Adam driver
in particular but the kylo Ren character I feel is captured in this face possibly
even more so than with this one here’s the new Imperial I mean first
order droid they call him officially be benign but
better designations would be BB h8 maybe hate or Darth ball I am officially
calling him Darth Ball he looks pretty cool too we
would be interesting to see somebody do a nice Jedi duel video you know fan fan
flick based on this versus bb-8 with bb-8 as a Jedi you know just have them
fighting with like their little thumbs up little torches you know there are
little lighters and those would be their lightsabers cool-looking thing as usual
a little bit off with the printing always is the case with the Astra mechs
that I get especially around the corners here and they just kind of turned up the
corners around the two spots where that was printed for the head but the front
of the head looks good and all the prints on the body look really good so
I’m happy to add this one to my droid collection ah there we go with the red
stripes on the helmet efficiently on the Box Lego calls this guy on the left just
a first-order TIE fighter pilot but obviously he’s a first-order special
forces tie fighter pilot because of the red stripes there that looks cool been
looking forward to that since the release of the force awakens other toy
manufacturers have done theirs but it’s great to get this in Lego form and it
looks sweet it looks great much better pairing with first order
special forces tie fighter the original one and then you get just a regular
stormtrooper to death row in there you know can I read too many of those I’m
glad that they did include a pilot even though kylo Ren is in this because you
can always have this pilot pilot the not interceptor and also swap swap them over
to the previous fighter the only thing that I don’t like about these about
either one is well you could probably guess it by now
underneath the helmet angry clones in case you were wondering though he does
have the exact same torso and hip and leg print as the previous first order
TIE fighter pilot so like I said I tried to be objective about this thing a
little bit I think I did a better job of that than I expected to but I definitely
still have a lot of personal liking for all of this and the figure selection is
really good too especially I think out of those four
figures my favorite is actually well three and a half my favorite is actually
the first order special forces tie pilot just a really cool-looking dude glad to
finally be able to get that in lego form too bad you’re only able to get one of
them with one of these sets which has once again a bit of a high price it’s no
more outrageous of a price than the previous Thai fighter you know which was
already really up there this does feel like I’m getting more than I got with
the first order you know TIE fighter the normal one but
yeah still a rough price but I think that price will come down just like it
did for the last set hopefully so that’s all I’m gonna do to share my look at
this set with all of you now I’m going to retreat and continue to look at it
myself selfishly just soaking up all of the
murderous beauty of this evil evil thing there’s a lot to love with this in my
personal opinion thank you very much for watching after I get through looking at
this thing for a while longer I will get back to doing video so I hope to have a
chance to talk to you again very soon

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter review! 75179

  1. Want to buy the set and help support the channel? Here's my Amazon affiliate link to the product:
    Standard price for you (when in stock), but I may get a very small commission.

  2. I can see it now, BB-8 and Darth Ball interact, darth ball happens to be female, they meet under some circumstance, fall in love, and need to romeo and juliet their relationship until order is brought to the galaxy. You saw it here first.

  3. It’s just such a good looking ship. But when I looked at the price tag…

    Lucky for me, just got it on sale today at Target for 20% off.

  4. Great set. My only problem with it is that the spring loaded missiles should be blue rather than black. Also, I won't spoil or anything, but for those who have seen the movie, what did you think of this ship's use? I thought it was great. Loved how it showed how skilled of a pilot Kylo Ren is, and how he inherited that from his grandfather.

  5. I want to get a Kylo Ren Mini-figure.
    What’s the best set to get him in?
    Is there a Last Jedi set that comes with his helmet??

  6. My only struggle with this set was the weird ridge on the front of the cockpit that isn’t really characteristic of the in movie vehicle. However, the mini digs and the rest of the set were pretty good. The blaster fire was also green not red.

  7. The only thing I really detest about this set is the lack of detail in the cockpit and the fact that there is no space for Darth Ball.

  8. 4:58 Shouldn't the plastic surgery in this technological advanced universe be able to treat these kind of scars?! New skin material through stem cell procedures, complete regeneration on cellular basis etc. pp.?!

    That's one of many deatails why I never liked Star Wars or considered it to be true Sci-Fi like Star Trek.
    It's fantasy with some tech.

  9. My set came with the new captain phasma stormtrooper helmet with the new print for the “mouth” but in white

  10. Just built this one and it's absolutely huge! I really wasn't expecting this, it's literally bigger than the Clone Turbo Tank(that has over 1000 pieces) and was my biggest SW set. I bought the First Order Star Destroyer(haven't built it yet) and I thought only that one would be able to rival the turbo tank but apparently that one's even bigger!

  11. It looks great from all angles. You can leave it standing up, and you can make the wings lined up or inverted, also cool

  12. I just built the set and I realized the cockpit windshield looks nothing like it did in the movie. I wonder if this set was designed after an old concept model. Still a great toy tho!

  13. I have this said it is so cool I’m going to hang it chasing the millennium falcon the newest one from solo

  14. I loved this scene in TLJ. It looks like a cross between the TIE Advanced and a TIE Interceptor

  15. Wow this set looks rlly cool! It’s price is down to 50$ so I might actually get it now, it seemed overpriced at 80$

  16. Bought this for 9k in our currency (philippine peso) which is about 180 USD (yeah they sell Legos here way overpriced) but I must say, it’s worth every penny.

  17. Fantastic lego set. Far better than it looks on the box and also a good time now to buy it…Its getting retired and is frequently being sold at a knockdown price. The thing about Force Awakens/ Last Jedi/ Rogue One/ Solo sets is that while the sets are not as iconic as the original series or the prequels the build quality of them is massively superb. You can really see that with the remakes of the Rebel A-wing and Y-wing. I am so looking forward to getting my new Rebel X-wing set in a few days time

  18. Getting this set for Christmas hopefully, looks really sick. Kinda wish it had more action features though :/ I love the aesthetic though, so sick!

  19. Part of me that hates TLJ: NOOO! don't buy it! Your supporting Disney and their ruination of star wars!

    Fanboy sci-fi nerd in me: but it's so pretty and swooshable 🤤😢

  20. I feel Darth Vader’s Tie Advanced is better than this. And Darth Vader is better than this ren. Nice review( as always)

  21. I could tell you hate the angry clone face lol, I do too it gets kinda annoying now since clones were decommission after the war and were replaced by humans.

  22. Back here after the ship appeared on the new trailer! I just absolutely adore this ship, it's so slick and detailed. For some reason it just feels much more menacing and bigger in person. Even though I have the Saturn V which is over twice the size of this, the Tie Silencer just somehow looks more impressive

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