Lego Star Wars the last jedi and 2018 sets

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity The Twilight “Max Rebo” zone and in this brand new episode I m going to introduce yourself to the next Lego Star Wars sets and the first rumor of the 2018 sets sadly Lego forbids leaked pictures The 1st september invasion begins : it’s the Force friday ! with all the Last jedi sets and we already have some leaked pictures… First Order Heavy Assault Walker 1376 bricks 5 minifigures as the new Rey with loose hair style and lightsaber and a brand new Poe Dameron we have a Poe Dameron minifigure too in the next set Resistance Bomber, the ship from the teaser trailer with an Admiral Holdo minifigure aka laura dern character and last not least ship of the leaked series… the First Order Star Destroyer ! 1416 pieces are included in the box and 6 minifigures one First Order Shuttle Pilot and one officer two First Order Stormtrooper, Supreme Leader Snoke in his orange outfit who make me a little septic and a black version of BB8 others ships will be in the Force friday wave these “desert speeders” new X wing and A Wing yeah the A wing will be back in Episode 8 and in an undetermined set, we will have this new figure of luke skywalker official visual by Lego furthermore – rumor warning – a buildable BB8 is coming in the same manner as this “vintage” R2-D2 so we are hoping more info the price and the size for instance Great Scott ! Back to 2018 and we will discuss now about first rumors publicised by Eurobricks and Hothbricks first of all, we begin with the battle pack after the excellent bounty hunters sets a battle pack without rebel soldiers or stormtroopers was a great idea Maybe we would have a Tatooine battle pack with 2 jawas and a tusken raider plus an astromech droid the tusken will be the new generation minigure as in the 2017 landspeeder set secondly, a new speeder is coming General Grievous Combat Speeder shortly seen in a clone wars episode which also and obviously includes a genenral grievous figure one of the coolest lego minifigure the last one was amazing and a brand new Mace Windu and this is no luxury touch the last one may be several years old next set rumored a very good news Yoda’s Hut there is an old version of this item with Dagobah X wing and Yoda’s Hut well a new version will be very useful with a caban more similar to the movie version and new minifigure as the 2017 yoda and a new luke in dagobah training outfit Rumors announce the return of the jedi Ki Adi Mundi Coleman Trebor too but no more information may be an episode II arena battle pack or a ship to conclude this video we would have new buildable figure the last jedi series maybe with new stormtroopers and the knights of Ren but Boba Fett is apparently coming and a brand new darth vader Now what do you think of these rumored sets ? Are you impatient ? I look forward to hearing from you in the comments Thanks you very much and have a nice day

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