LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi Ahch-To Island Training review! 75200

hello everyone this is a spoiler-free
review of the lego star wars the last Jedi octo Orrock to island training I
don’t care how you pronounce it whichever way works for me I think that
most people are most interested in the minifigures in this set so I’m going to
start with those when I say I’m going spoiler free I mean I’m not going to
reveal any plot points of any substance that you wouldn’t be able to pick up
just from looking at the box of the product or from watching you know the
officially released trailers if you don’t want to hear or see or know
anything about the movie whatsoever because you haven’t seen it yet and you
just want to stay completely clear then you shouldn’t be watching videos seeking
out and actively watching videos that are related to the movie or its products
whatsoever between these two figures obviously the old Luke old man Luke is
the one that folks are going to be more interested in and I think they actually
did a really good job on this one I totally see Mark Hamill older Mark
Hamill’s face in that eye and yet it just adheres to the the lego standard
for minifigs with the the proportions of the eyes and the placement and the
spacing of the eye is relative to the mouth and everything it’s really well
done I think I think maybe they could have brought in just a little bit more
gray into the the hair just in general but I think that for for the the colors
that they have available and for doing just a single color hair piece Wow lots
of tossing to that one that’s yeah that’s good stuff and his cape is the
newer softer material that flows nicely doesn’t crinkle up very much and that’s
also in dark tan he has a non-lethal weapon there for the sake of of training
in this set and I’ve also equipped ray over there with her standard staff
weapon but they do include Luke’s saber in this that you can use with either one
entirely you’re a choice that has the nice bright silver painted hilt on it
but the one that I got unfortunately has just a little bit of speckling in it
it’s not supposed to it just wasn’t painted up all that well but two
perfectly good figures and I think that they are they make for good reasons to
get this set even if you’re not that interested in the build there’s more to
see here though we have an alternate face for Luke and the alternate face for
Rey and there’s a good look at the rear print for the torso of Luke which almost
looks like it could be used on a front if you want to just change things up a
little bit you know to have an alternate Jedi in white robes you know pop the
arms off carefully just swap things around that’s something you could do do
note that if you have never done a pop and swap on LEGO Minifigures with the
arms though you will tend to lose a little bit of friction in the arms if
you do that if you’re not super super careful and make some changes but I just
want to offer up that that option is something that that looked like it could
be done or looped like it could be done Oh cringe ah worst pun ever another
thing that’s worst ever what’s the overreaction of the Internet
to the introduction of porks in one of the trailers it’s they’re they’re really
not that big of a deal they’re birds they’re they’re wildlife and Lego made a
little one here uses a bb-8 head well that print that goes all the way
around it and the rest of it is just brick built it’s fine there’s only one
of them included in the set I think it’s a cool little thing I think it’s
appropriately sized appropriately built and I’m glad to get it as for the main
build I think this looks really nice I think it really came out well good use
of the angles that they used you know they’re trying to approximate a very
rounded structure here and they used a lot of straight sided slopes but I think
they go together well a handful of stickers are also used to add a little
extra texture they switch back and forth between the two grays and bring in a
little bit of dark tan as well and I think that’s all just really tastefully
done I have a couple different levels of terrain here and that’s that’s good I
like it they also have a cloth again using that same
or softer Cape style material cloth for the entranceway so you can just slide
that off to the side if you want just a small little little fire out front and
you have kind of a training area off to the side and you already saw this in in
at least one of the the trailers where where Ray was just doing some moves over
here so they’ve just put in the simplest of feature doesn’t even have anything
actually attached to it so you know you just put your finger on it and just move
her back and forth which i think is a perfectly fine thing you want to just
leave it static you can you can angle it anywhere you want and if you want to
play with it you can this rock here can be moved out fairly easily so if you
just bring the lightsaber down or if you want to use force reassemble or if you
want to use just the staff weapon that she has that can that can be used here
as well but you know just knock that over it’s no big deal
this has within it again not a plot spoiler at all this has within it a
crystal not a spoiler we don’t even see this in the movie it’s just something
that Lego added in maybe it was just their imagination maybe they saw
something in a concept didn’t show up not a spoiler whatsoever let’s take a
look at the back of this thing there’s another thing that’s not a spoiler there
are multiple huts on octo-octo-octopus thats done perfectly fine you can
actually bring that up to give you a little more space to pose your figures
in there and there’s a table and you know it’s like kitchen stuff is regular
home related stuff nothing too fancy here there’s a
a little disassembly you can do over here you can pull this up and then
within there you just find some some cherries some
green unripe cherries no big deal just all stuff related to food
preparation and just living comfortably you know and as comfortably as you can
in a stone hut there is a little bit of an action feature built into this it’s
really simple just uses this little technique lever that sticks out and you
just push against that I’m pushing in that direction away from us and it just
pops a little bit of the wall out just to create a little bit of damage so you
can use that for imaginative play or whatever you want to to do with that
just to have something else to do it doesn’t feel like it really adds that
much value to the thing but it’s there and then over here it’s just intended to
be a perch for pork and you could put the pork wherever you want or you just
leave it off there’s also a interesting flat space up here at the the top it
looks like it’s designed for something in particular but I couldn’t figure out
what exactly to do with that you could use it I guess as a pork nest and just
barely fit in there a little bit or oh great now he’s kind of stuck so about
dropping out you could put a rock up there he kind of fits in doesn’t fit all
the way I don’t know exactly what it’s for but maybe you can figure something
out spoiler alert Snoke is a puppet and the
pores are the real sethe masters it is not the truth at all not even not even a
little bit you know overall it’s just a nice little set or a really nice display
piece nice collectible comes with a very I think future valuable figure and yeah
it’s pretty well executed it doesn’t try to do too much doesn’t try to be too
full of play features the features that are there are not intrusive they don’t
make the set look bad the only thing that I don’t like here is the price in
the u.s. it’s 30 bucks and I feel like it should be 25 and then it would be a
nice value you know priced apart ratio and also
just the overall size of the thing I think says 25 bucks to me so personally
I would I would recommend waiting for this to come down in price if you can
hold off if you can prevent yourself from from just buying it immediately to
get that Luke I can’t I can’t blame you if you do just go ahead and pay the 30
bucks or whatever it costs in your country it’s not a bad set I just think
it’s slightly overpriced but that’s it for my look at this set and my thoughts
about it thank you for watching and I have many many many many many more
reviews to bring you so I’ll be talking to you again soon you

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97 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi Ahch-To Island Training review! 75200

  1. It's always nice when a movie with a lego partnership comes out because there will be a steady stream of new pieces especially minifig ones.

  2. The only things I don't like about this are Luke's hair (it's completely the wrong colour) and it needs more porgs. 1 porg is not enough, we need 2 or 3.

  3. I visited the Lego Store of Mall Of America the other day. I was looking for Mos Eisley Cantina and The Chicken Coop, the Cantina was sold out so I bought this set and The Chicken Coop.

  4. So no one notice that only way to get a gray color porg is too get this set. The Ultimate collectors Millenum falcon set has two black porgs. So um you guys may want but as many of these sets as possible.

  5. Hi , can you please review LEGO Star Wars captain phasma stof Your friend Ove Who watches LEGO jang bricks all day

  6. I have this, I took it apart and combined the rock work with my Moc of Master Wu's mountain of solitude it looks awesome 👍

  7. At 8:09 he is correct it has been finally confirmed that smoke is a fraud and an imposter!! the ports will rule the galaxy in episode 9!!!

  8. Why is there a grey two by one with two holes in it on the left side of the set near the bottom? Was something supposed to add on to this or what?

  9. they really should make a new cape cut or mold thats the softer fabric that is a cloak that has a hood that can fold back and looks more like it goes around the shoulder more just what im saying 😀

  10. I think for $30 they should have thrown in a few more porgs, or maybe add in a Cewbacca figure with a Lego Turkey accessory

  11. man, 30 bucks in this set would be my dream coming true!!! Here in Brazil we pai a lot of money for a lego, i paid something around 65 bucks for the imperial assault hovertank with Chirrut Îmwe!!!!!

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