LEGO Star Wars – The Holocron Thief (Animated Short Film)

Sheek, inform Neyo to start a search party for
the holocron thief! Right away sir! And get me a potato, please. Sir… unauthorized personnel have entered the outpost. Send out a distress beacon, and prepare for battle. There has been an attack on the outpost of Yavin IV,
we must contact Neyo immediately. Captain… we may have a lead on the thief. Understood sir, I’ll be there as soon as I can I have an artifact which will bring an end to my old
religion: the Jedi. We must guard this holocron carefully. I sense that Ty-For is eating a potato. I sense it too Matter this does not *alien gibberish* Well… uh, Ty-For is on his way to a moon of Yavin.
He felt that what he seeks lies there. Find what he is looking for, he will I have the Holocron as planned, Count. Still, I sense
that I am being followed. I have sent a batallion of droids to aid you. I assure
you, the outpost is well guarded from the puny Republic forces. My troops have the area surrounded. Good… I have little faith in your droid army. Yet this
time, I feel they will do their job well. Uh… I think we have a problem! Roger, roger! Droid poppers, now! Blast ’em! Where did that come from!? I see him Ouch! Ty-For is dead, sir. We have to keep moving This is it Thanks, Sheek You’re welcome, Captain Replace him we must

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57 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars – The Holocron Thief (Animated Short Film)

  1. This was awesome! Even though I sound terrible xD
    And Josh did Yoda?? I am laughing so hard at that….
    Youre definitely great with stop-motion!

  2. @pishNposh I greenscreened the animation of the ship, and then made a star field in a 3d program called Blender.

  3. Glad you enjoyed it! I modeled the Venator in Blender, and made the holograms using a tutorial on Creative COW.

  4. I can't remember the exact structure of the Hyperdrive model, but I built it specifically so that the Starfighter would attach to the Hyperdrive. My best advice would be to either take apart your Hyperdrive Booster Ring and rebuild it to fit 7143, or to simply build a new one from scratch.

  5. Brilliant production. I have subscribed. I felt a sense of loss when Ty-For was slain. It's something I haven't felt for a character in a TV show for a long time…

  6. how did you get away with using this score?
    I have a fan film my son and I did a few yrs ago and we constantly get hit with copyright infringement when I post on YouTube or Facebook.
    thanks in advance

  7. wow you have improved so much since 2010. this is still good, especially the graphics.

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