Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens review in a minute

This lego series would have been incomplete
without this installment. Fortunately, in the spirit of the previous titles the child
friendly humor is entertaining, even for adults. The audio design is fantastic as ships and
blasters sound genuine and the background music is thematic and emersing. The combat
has been improved and feels a lot more fluid than before, and the space battles are still
incredibly fun. There is a huge amount of collectables hidden throughout all levels
so you might want to replay the 11-hour story, multiple times. You could also play in co-op,
however unlike other lego games the split screen is rough and doesn’t work very well.
While I could excuse the lack of challenge in the puzzles, since the game is made for
a younger audience, the absence of difficulty settings is inexcusable. Since the game has
no fail state it’s impossible to lose, which means that every combat encounter has zero
tension. And because the title features frequent stand offs, but forces you to aim with the
keyboard, because the mouse isn’t supported at all, they get tedious quite fast. All and
all it’s a fun game, but I would highly recommend you use a controller until lego
devs learn what a computer mouse is.

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7 thoughts on “Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens review in a minute

  1. Suggestion: speak a little bit slower. No offense but I had to focus of your voice to understand every word you're saying clearly, which means I wasn't really focusing on the video. Either speak slower or slow down your voice for more clarity ­čÖé

  2. Nice review! I thought that the mouse thing was weird when I bought LEGO Batman 3, but they reserved it for player two in that one. Is it something similar in this? Also, can you remap the keys so that you can use the mouse or is it just a total no-go?

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