Lego Star Wars – The Droids We’re Looking For

Deep within the, surface of Tatooine? Wait, that does’t make sense! Who wrote this script? Our credentials, good sirs. Everything should be in order. Yup, these guys check out. They’re good to go. Hey… wait a second, aren’t those the droids that Lord Vader wanted really, really badly? So much so that he would give an extra THREE vacation days to any stormtrooper who finds them? Yeah, now that I think about it they do look awfully familiar. Hey, how long have you had those two droids? About three or four seasons. They’re up for sale if you want them AWW! They’re so CUTE! Sarge, can I buy a droid? Please? I’ll take them everywhere with me! The space port, the Death Star, the cantina. No. Vader is gonna kill me if I let you have another one. Remember what happened last time you brought a droid to the cantina? I still don’t know how he ended up in Tijuana. Right… You’re gonna have to come back with us for some questioning. These are not the droids you’re looking for. (Binary Sunset plays) What are you doing? But… but that’s impossible! Jedi mind tricks work on the weak minded. That’s incredibly insulting. I was the valedictorian in high school, and only spent a year to get my undergrad at Yale. I’m just doing this stupid job because I was drafted into the Empire right before I was accepted into the laboratory on the forefront of research for sub-atomic particles and their impact on astrophysical anomalies. Plus, I got perfect attendance and won the second grade spelling bee. I think it’s fair to say I’m not “weak minded.” Okay, look, I’m trying to give a good impression on the kid here. And I need to impress him about this whole “Force” thing. So I think we can make some kind of arrangement here. Comprendé? Ahem, These are not the droids you’re looking for. These are not the droids we’re looking for! Move along. Moovvee along. (Face palms) How did I do? Buy yourself a Korean soda or two, kid. Don’t quit your day job. What’s a “Comprendé?” (Funky elevator style music plays.) (It gets louder.) (R.I.P. Headphone users) (Still going) (Make it stop.) (Please.) (It’s gone.) Yeah, well at least I didn’t die an hour into the movie! Dude! Spoiler alert! (Scoffs) Inconsiderate jerk!

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59 thoughts on “Lego Star Wars – The Droids We’re Looking For

  1. This is really really funny! Very nice, witty, funny jokes. I pretty much died at that first part, and was that Deadpool at 0:07?!

  2. That's so cool did u get inspired to make it from my Lego stormtroopers video??? If you didn't see it yet then check it out, its very similar.

  3. Hey dude, I can help you out with voice acting if you want, It would be cool to help somebody out.
    By the way I do like voice acting so yeah.

  4. Do you have the mic yet? In my brickfilm coming out you only have one line, but I'm gonna need you for some other ones.

  5. Your lighting is great, what do you use just two lamps with paper on them? I only have one lamp at the moment hoping to get another to improve the color/non flickering in my videos.

  6. Obi wan says their NOT for sale if you want them but if you just changed it to make the video I except

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