LEGO Star Wars Summer 2017 minifigures info and more rumors!

Hello, just2good here, and Stash2Sixx on Eurobricks has posted some
interesting new descriptions on the LEGO Star Wars Summer 2017 sets. These include some unknown sets and the battle
packs. Let’s dive in. So, those two battle packs that were coming
in the summer? Well, one of them is an Episode 7 battle pack
– the First Order Battle Pack. This will come with two First Order Stormtroopers,
a Flametrooper, and Officer. The other one is a Bounty Hunter Battle Pack, with Dengar, IG-88, and what Stash says is
probably 4-LOM and Zuckuss. Stash also shared the names of the two Freemaker
Adventures sets. There’s the Tracker 1, with Palpatine and
Rowan, then there’s the Arrowhead ship, with the Freemaker Parents, a Mon Calmari,
and Roger. That Imperial Hovertank, set 75182, is actually a Republic Fighter Tank set according
to Stash, and will include Aayla Secura, an undetermined
Clone Commander, and two battle droids. There will also be a Jedi Starfighter with
Hyperdrive Booster Ring, set 75191, and will come with Obi Wan, what seems to
be Kid Boba, and an Astromech. Then, Stash provided some info on the minifigure
distribution in some of the sets. The Quadjumper has Rey, Finn, BB-8, and a
First Order Stormtrooper. The Darth Vader Transformation will include Battle Damaged Anakin, Darth
Vader, and Emperor Palpatine. Alas, the Rathtar Esape will include Chewbecca,
Han Solo, and two minifigures which are possibly Guavian
Death Gang members. So, what do I think of these? The fact we’re getting another battle pack
for the First Order is weird. Sure, yay, an easier way to get not one but
two First Order Stormies as well as Flametroopers
which only really came in bigger sets. The same could be said with First Order Officers. But… it just makes me wish THIS was the
original First Order Battlepack. Sounds like this one is a better selection. I guess this will be on shelves longer since it comes a year and a half after the
first one. A Bounty Hunter Battle Pack is pretty neat! I mean, Dengar is easy to get as that Freemaker
set was only $30, but what gets me hyped are Zukuss and 4-LOM, since they’ve never came in physical form
and are very insectoid. Out of the Freemaker stuff, I’m just hyped for the parents whom I assume
will be flesh and have some great new flesh prints like
their kids. Jedi Starfighter and the Fighter Tank set
don’t interest me, Vader Transformation and Rathars sound like
what we’re expecting but still nice, and the Quadjumper is still a poor set choice
in my opinion and even moreso since it seems like there
will be no new minifigures. Still, I guess it will be the long lasting
way to get Finn, Rey, and BB-8 because of its release timing while still
providing a new ship. What do you guys think of everything? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Do check out the Eurobricks post linked in
the description. I’ll see you guys later, peace out, bye.

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Summer 2017 minifigures info and more rumors!

  1. I want the hover tank set I'm a SUCKER for clone troopers and for u who ar also passionate about clones but what cooler minifigures check out clone army customs (lol I'm not even sponsored it's just so good)

  2. i would like a jedi temple destruction set. Maybe walls with stairs and statues. Some pillars and anakin with his hood and a bunch of 501st clones like 4 of em.

    Lego is being pretty annoying. We get low troop counts for high prices. The new Scarif battle thing? The beach with the bunker? It has 2 shoretroopers… It,s basically a wall with a door. And it's 80€?!? That's almost 90$?!? Outrage!

    For that price i would have liked a lot more troopers, and like a shoretrooper captain, like the one with the tie striker with the blue print. And idk, some rebel soldiers maybe more of them orange crates. or they could leave it like this and put the price to 45€ wich is more then enough already…

    Value is dropping and prices raising. Remember the glorious days of the battle of Endor bunker? Where you got an entire bunker with lots of minifigs for 100€? Those were the days… Now we're being ripped off..

  3. rebublic tank fighter set clone trooper minifigure could be phase 1 or phase 2 I don't think the clone trooper commander mini figure is not bly i can tell

  4. Oooh! Another jedi starfighter! Wait. If young Boba is in it it's probably the version from Episode II, not Episode III. Still sounds cool though.

    The Darth Vader transformation sounds cool. I've been looking for a DV fig online but they are too pricey for me. Might get that set though!

  5. Remember how everyone complains about Star Wars sets we didn't get? The Quadjumper could have easily been one of those.

  6. They should have had a set based on Starkiller Base. Inside the base, or in the forest where the final battle took place.

  7. The clone fighter tank interests me since I didn't get a chance to get the last one. Even the bounty hunter one sounds great. Where are the Rogue One sets though? I was hoping for an X-Wing.

  8. I just want some NEW sets, not remakes! We've had way too many remakes and I just want some completely new sets. Some of the remakes in this video are great tbh.

  9. As seen as I heard you say they were going to release an Aayla Secura minifigure again, I was like "I'm gonna get that set!"

  10. What do you think when are we getting a new version of the Ghost from SWR? Or a new set containing Zeb? It's almost impossible to get the old version for a good price. Besides that I'd love a USC version of the Ghost!

  11. That'll be crazy if that Bounty Hunter battle pack is the same price as regular ones with four named characters. Can't wait to get it anyway, I'll just need Bosk to complete the set.

  12. just2good, only Zuckess is the insectoid. 4-LOM is a protocol droid. Just a tip to tell the difference between them.

  13. I think those sets are going to be brilliant. I just wish one of those prequel sets came with a phase 2 commander Cody.

  14. Finally some 4-LOM and zuckuss figures can't wait for them are totally my favorite bounty hunters and extremely underrated caracters and also dengar and IG-88 are pretty cool that battlepack is a total must have thanks for sharing!!!

  15. Really excited for the Starfighter. I've wanted Obi-Wan's red one with a booster ring for some time, and judging by the Boba, I would assume it's that one. Also excited for the bounty hunter pack: 4-LOM and Zuckuss? Count me in!

  16. Bounty hunter battle pack?!?! A rathtar set? Then palpatine in a small set?! (Tracker 1,hopefully) This wave is gonna be great!

  17. Maybe the bounty hunter battlepack will actually be from TFA with the kanjiklun and the death gang to match with the other battlepack.
    And even then I doubt lego would put two new molds in a battlepack.
    Tho for once I would be super happy if I was wrong.

  18. From the leaked images, it seems that the Tracker 1 might be a Lego TIE Phantom.
    What do you think that we might be getting the TIE Phantom in Lego form?

  19. Hopefully the rathtar escape will be a cheaper way of getting force awakens Han Solo cause I honestly love his new design from the force awakens, but he came in a set that I can afford and frankly don't have the room for

  20. Everyone who is complaining that we didn't get another cloud city, the fact that the carbon freezing chamber exists means that we probably won't be getting another cloud city.

  21. When do the new winter sets release?! They're not in stores anywhere I've looked and they're nowhere to be found on either! If anyone knows anything about this, please tell me.

  22. From someone who couldn't get the original Republic Fighter tank and a huge fan of the original Battlefront games I am super hyped for that set. Though the minifigures are meh for me. The main tank build is what I'm looking for.

  23. I never got a Republic Fighter Tank, so that's my Primary Set to get in the Summer. Battle Packs are pretty cool. Vader's Transformation Is also something I would get. Jedi Interceptor and Rathar Escape, I don't know. I'm ignoring the Freemaker sets. And yeah…definitely skipping out on the Quadjumper.

  24. I really hate to be that kind of guy right now, but the description of The Jedi Starfighter implies an Attack of the Clones Set, you blended in the Revenge of the Sith Logo, however.

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