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Today… Marvel and Star Wars Doorbsuters!
Hi. I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. This is my friend Abbey. You’re kind of blocked
by our desk today. I’m too short. No. You’re perfect. Just leave it. It’s all good. So
are these deals. Star wars watches. We found a way to get two for under $17. None of the
deals I find are paid products. We don’t make a dime of commission on anything I’m showing
you. All of them located right under this video window so we’re keeping these boxed
because we are sending out a dozen of these to a dozen lucky subcribers. And don’t worry,
we’ll let you see it in action on her really large wrists. Don’t let the stores ruin your
Thanksgiving. I have you covered on my Deal Guy YouTube Channel so you can skip the line
and avoid the crowds. A team of people working across the country right here will get everything
delivered to you. All you have to do is subscribe. Turn your channel alerts on. If you are not
yet subscribed, click this Register Now button your screen right now and you’ll be signed
up and good to go. Current subscribers, you’re already hooked up. And now for today’s huge
savings. $18.99 for one star wars watch with free delivery and your choice of characters.
Buy two or more watches, the prices drop to $16.99 per watch. Marvel characters, also
part of the mix. SO I love the details of all these watches. Not only can you get marvel,
like this little batman here, you have the cutest wrists ever. I love that it says ages
4 and up and Abbey is proudly wearing one of the watches. Yeah. I’m 25. You know, that’s
in the up. And these are really cool. Even in
the dark. This little button here. It’s actually not coming out very well on this camera but
the eyes are… I love it. That’s so cool. I’m Batman. that’s all I hear. So we’ve now
shown you the watches. I hope you enjoyed that. There are going to be some stores that
have these for $19 or $20 which again is not far off from the price for one but they don’t
have the selection. This is a huge selection with a superhero style, batman like Abbey,
star wars… if you want to get any huge deals moving forward, click the … that’s a hard
word. It is. Click the subscribe button and…

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50 thoughts on “Lego Star Wars, Star Wars The Force Awakens Watches ► The Deal Guy

  1. Kool…my step son and his bf would love that…and me..and the rest of my step kids now that i think about it…awesome

  2. Woo Hoo. These are awesome and they were sold out last time I tried. I ordered YODA!! Better hurry, some of them are sold out as I am typing!!! Thanks Matt.

  3. I suppose someone has to break it to you guys…Batman is a character from DC Comics not Marvel Comics. The Comics Nerd hath spoken. Carry on.

  4. Please pick me I could give this to my brother he is in love with Star Wars. Once again you found another great deal.

  5. Now you're talking !!! Star Wars Yoda is soooooo cute… That probably doesn't sound good in the Star Wars world (HA), but I want one !!!

  6. Hey Matt, a question on the giveaways. Do you need to have a FB account? If we are selected are we notified similarly to the replies you send out to your viewers on this website?  Or should one go thru all of the posts looking for the winner?Thanks MattTed

  7. My cousin and I spent hours a day playing Star Wars as a kid. Love it!!! Wish my kids were still little enough to want these. 🙁

  8. Great assortment ! Guys ! Abbey – So nice to see you ! Great video, and offering ! Lots of KIDDO's gonna be happy lil' campers ! w/ their new watches ! Have a great day ! Thanks, David

  9. Hey Matt, are you familiar with any office/gaming desks? I know the Walker Edison 3 Piece L-Shaped Desk is what I'm looking to get, but would you happen to anywhere that has it cheap? (Usually goes for $99 on Amazon and Target)

  10. So I received my email alert for this deal at 6:22 p.m. tonight, and at 7:54 p.m. the deal is already sold out/not available? Someone help! My step-grandson would have LOVED one of these. Why are some comments regarding this deal from 8-10 hours ago, and I'm just in the last 1.5 hours getting my email? Have I done something wrong in my sign-up?

  11. My Mom just bought a Star Wars watch for my son for Christmas yesterday at Kohls! You know they say great minds think alike!! I just hope her thinking wasn't more expensive!! Thanks for bringing another awesome deal! You had me at Star Wars! Surely the force will be with you in your busy days ahead! 😆

  12. Hey Matt! Looked like a great deal, sorry I missed it for our grandson and granddaughter!! Keep up the good work! Thanks, Cindy 🙂

  13. Maestro,
    Please tell Abby that she did a great presentation and I think Yoda would be my favorite choice as well. He just looks really cool. 🙂 By the way, is she your cousin? I do see some similarities, right down to the skinny wrists. 😀
    Thanks again for thinking about finding great deals for the kiddos! God bless and may the force be with you…

  14. Hey Matt, What a phone deal's? We use Tmobile and use pay as you go, I no longer have a phone and been waiting on a deal from you. Can you help me? Great list of doorbuster's!! Nice job!!! Thanks, Cindy

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