Lego Star Wars Showdown on Hoth Part 5 – Lego Star Wars HD

Thank you so much! groans four skills are improving their shooting skills aren’t too shabby
either maker base you know look the star scavenger you’ve got company ready choke a drink nice roping rolling I’ve gotta get a snow speeder that thing
is a rush to fly I’ve been waiting a long time for this
target maximum firepower so therapeutic genius we’re not done I’m okay but we need to go before before
I grace you with my presence too late nowhere to run nowhere to hide give me
the crystal never Oh Rowan you poor deluded child
you know you can’t I don’t think she saw us of course I saw you blast come out
Rowan you can’t stay in there forever and you can’t beat me in a fight hmm I
have a generous offer for you give me the last crystal and you and your
siblings may walk away what a pile of puta
we can fight our way out of this we can’t we can
even if then one noir is never going to give up if we took her offer we could go
home again back to the wheel

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