LEGO Star Wars Rogue One Battle on Scarif review! 75171

Hey everyone this is the Lego Star wars battle on scarf set based on Rouge One and out of respect to folks who have not yet seen Movie I will not be including any spoilers in this Review because I don’t need to. Folks who have seen the movie will readily recognize the things that I’m not Spoiling and the fact that I’m not spoiling them for the rest of the folks will not take anything away from the review I believe This is primarily a terrain based set that gives you a large wide open platform that’s set on top of sand around the shores of a ocean area, they give you a little bit of foliage over here and A little bit in the back including more of a tree. At the back is a base entrance and a familiar imperial style But these doors right now will not slide open They’re actually locked based on a mechanism that goes through the floor and is connected to this Believe it’s supposed to be a com tower over here with an antenna on the top and the actuator for that Mechanism to unlock it is actually over here on this side. When you flip this lever you bring it up It’s going to bring down the tower as part of kind of an an explosion effect that you have to basically imagine But then that unlocks the door so that they will slide open. Just move some things out of the way the interior is very Thin but tries to simulate depth by having concentric geometric shapes along the sides that Represent basically forced perspective that is a sticker down there But these pieces are just printed over on the side These are just clips that can be used to hold on to minifig accessories and on the other side is something much more important. The assumption is that you would fight your way into this base and capture the death star plans that is a reused Printed tile piece. There’s a little bit more to this platform outside though. There’s another console there which has a switch on it Which is very important to the movie. The Lego designers also included a hidden weapons cache here Which has some blasters in it and a thermal detonator And you can fit a little bit more in there if you want. They also included a realistic exploding floor feature, two of them So push right here in this square and push right in here in this square, and this is what happens That dudes gone, that dudes gone and these panels come up and Beneath they show you that what caused those to actually blow up, There’s not a huge figures fingers But a couple of thermal detonators that were stashed. They also include one more of these orange cargo crate Assemblies seen in the trailers and also included in the hover tank set on the first wave and this one just has a pair of They call them in this case Electro binoculars. Folks who have seen the film know what’s actually inside here again you don’t need to spoil it for everyone else. The figures here are the Rebel Cassian Andor, an imperial Gunner and then two of what lego refers to as scarif troopers or they’re also commonly known as Shore Troopers think those Shore Troopers look good They are just identical which totally makes sense And I appreciate the inclusion of the gunmetal gray Colored blaster for and or just [I] like a lot of things in gunmetal gray and I like special uncommon colors of Weapons you know uncommon colors of common things as well. Pretty decent prints on the backs a little bit simple for Cassie in here, but especially good for the Shore Troopers And I like the molds of those helmets because they’re very crisp and they have nice detailing that Actually goes down into there. You know it doesn’t just kind of stop at the surface. They actually cut in with their sculpts They’re pretty well these These weapons that they have are just made with a pair of binoculars and a galaxy squad style blaster Are you ready for this, the big helmet off reveal? Here goes every Clone every Clone Jyn Erso what? also not a spoiler that states showed Is that this was going to happen already in the trailers from very very early [on] and they do include a hairpiece for her? That is good. That is nice That is much appreciated because we do end up seeing her in this form again as seen in the trailers now one other Minor reveal just alternate face for Andor, over here also an alternate face for Erso which Accepts while she’s out [there] battling or you know encountering difficulties So these are good there wasn’t 48 hours ago [that] I was recording a review video [on] which I mentioned the need and want for More structure based sets from Lego, and I would include terrain based sets in that of which This is one and this makes for a nice scene. It’s very photographable from Most Angles even though the foliage is very simple it it gets the the right shapes in there And there’s enough volume there. I like what they’ve done with the sand kind of Kind of feathering it out to whatever surface you have Beneath and the action features of this really don’t get in the way at all. This is mostly just a good-looking Scene and everything else the action stuff is just added on Unfortunately this set does not come with [any] of the characters [that] are really important to this specific setting and some of the specific [things] that they included here And then there’s the price as of the time of the recording of this video I only have the UK price to base any comparison off But that price itself looks positively bonkers to me, just insane for what you get here I mean this really is just a flat platform that looks very nice but a flat platform and Just enough of a wall to include a door that you can go through and then there are four figures. Two of which are useful and massive and generic enough but good for this universe, Two of which don’t really have that much value here some but not enough in my opinion not enough relevance to the the key things that that happened here and The price Depart Ratio doesn’t look very good to me. I think that if this ends up being in the USA Let’s say at the the GBP price in dollars so 55 bucks That’ll be not good. If it’s 45 bucks that’ll be not particularly a good if it’s 40 Still a stretch 35 I think Feels about [right] to me for the volume of stuff that you get here you know given that there is no vehicle. There’s no walker It’s just this. One hurts the value most I think is the inclusion [of] these action features which aren’t that useful just popping up a couple of plates from the ground If you have figures on top of them that’s kind of cool to see them go flying But the number of parts that went into that the number of parts that went into building all this down here which is really not that important for [the] scene the number of parts that went into the Locking mechanism for the door which again is not that important to [the] scene I feel like all that could have been left out and they could have brought the price down significantly Or they could have included another Couple of figures or they could have included more stuff to actually build up. Now that I have this set, I am happy to have it. I’m happy to look at it. It looks very nice I’m happy to have those figures as well, but if I needed to buy it again I would not be happy for instance If I wanted to make another one of these platforms for a larger diorama or if I wanted to just expand this one I would not want to buy another one of these sets just to get the parts because The value really isn’t there I would go to Brick link and bricks and pieces because you can do so much better than this For stuff that looks good flat platform Expanding it out without paying this kind of price. So those are my thoughts and hopefully when the u.s. Price comes out at least over here. Maybe it will be a little bit more reasonable, but what I’ve seen so far It’s not [looking] so good let me know what you think what your thoughts are about the set and About its value if you want to see more reviews from me which are full critiques including good and bad Aspects of sets be sure to check back on my channel on our regular Basis because more videos are always on the way may the force be with you and all that and I’ll talk to you again soon

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Rogue One Battle on Scarif review! 75171

  1. this should have included chirrut and baze instead of cassian and jyn plus one more shore trooper would be great

  2. This set here in Canada is $65! Absolutely ridiculous. Awesome set though but it's way too expensive in my opinion.

  3. I wish they gave us shore/scarif Trooper in cheaper sets
    like a battle pack
    with 1 Regular Storm trooper
    2 scarif Troopers
    and 1 of the blue colored scarif Troopers
    And some type of tank For like 15$

  4. fine I'll spoil it, Jyn, Cassian, Chirrut Baze Bodhi and more importantly… K2SO, all received medals, but the wookie still didnt

  5. The size of the box, and set made me think that it would be around $50… but I look it up, and it's $89.99????????????????????

  6. SPOILER: Han Solo runs Hermione over with a DeLorean.also Leia kills Lukes sister.not to mention the 10th doctor scratching the paint on the de lorian with his tardis And Gandalf loses the battle against Sith Lord Voldemort, Saruman the black finds out he is actually PadMeis step cousin in law by 1/8th of 3 generations, Jedi Spok falls in love with StarLords sister, provoking a 5 minute action packed duel, leaving Spok victorious via force choke. And last but not least, Yoda escapes with barely his life, escaping with a horde of Whitewalkers while Jon Snow is left in the middle of battle droids.

  7. I like it but can I at least include a mini walker or something like that and maybe a little more of a corridor with some more normal stormtroopers

  8. I can give you guys an idea for this get the empire Color bricks and base plate(s) and start building hope you use my idea!

  9. I really like this set because it adds a area to use plus minifigs. I wouldn't say its great as far as detail goes but it provides a fair bit of area you can use.

  10. Here in The Netherlands I was in a toy store. They had this one for 40 euro's. And then I got a free Phantom!! Because the store was closing down, and they didn't need the stuff any more… Well, totally worth it!

  11. Maz canadas castle ? for ten dollars cheaper with not as good figs is what I see this set but I think I'll like both

  12. 2:37 omg! A huge orange cargo thing! I wonder what's going to be inside! Diamonds? Maybe a laser sword or something like this? Omg i'm so excited!!!


  13. If you don’t want to get spoiled don’t watch a video review of a new set from a new movie. He shouldn’t need to worry about not spoiling

  14. Just got it for 30% off ($35+ Tax) and I'm so glad I got it for Jang's price estimate. I'm thinking about keeping it in the box, but those Shoretrooper figures are really tempting me…

  15. if i can still find it tomorrow i sure am gonna buy it…the setup is nice and i totally love the special variant of troopers.

  16. 3:05 the shore trooper on the left his little belt thing on his crouch is misplaced and on the right his waist belt is misplaced XD

  17. In universe, that whole base is nothing more than a tiny archipelago with way too much military activity on it. Although the land area was small, there really was an awful lot of space there. I'm sad that LEGO built such a small set to represent THE ENTIRE BATTLE. They could've built a whole island!

  18. Rebels:Oh no,I'm out of bombs,I can't get into the base
    Siths:hahaha,they can't get in,the Death Star plans are safe
    (Rebels walk around the door)
    Siths:oh no

    Don't worry,I know Star Wars,I'm just to tired to write there real names so yeah

  19. Empire: we invincible because we r very powerful

    Rebels:we stop empire because plot and good guys always win

    First order: we don't exist yet

    Resistance: neither do we

    New Republic: we like the Donald trump of space but we don't help Rebels then we die in episode 7 lolololol

  20. I paid $65 CDN for it. I like this set; I like diorama type sets, and this one has some good base size to it. Just as Jang said it should be cheaper, though.

  21. it would be worth £55 if they made the interior bunker a little bigger and expanded the terrain a little and built up a small area the rebels can take cover behind as well as add in at least 1 extra scarif storm trooper and generic rebel

  22. For that price, I wish they’d include a couple rebel troopers and add a bigger interior. However, it’s a great set as you rarely see a build like this. Usually it’s just a ship or something!

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