Lego Star Wars Review – 75200 Ahch-To Island Training [PL with ENG subtitles]

Hi! Here Michał and I invite you to my new review of set 75200 Ahch-To Island Training! I bought the set some time ago for +/- 21 USD the price in Lego Shop is 29,99 USD I think I bought it at a very good price the number of pieces is 241 we have 3 minifigures Luke Skywalker, for which most of you have bought this set also we have Rey and Porg Pogr consists of small bricks, you have to build it small minus, Lego could make him a normal figure like other animals – chicken, rats… the main model is Luke’s house on the side we have Luke 1: 1 on the back of the box the features of the set and two handles to open let’s see what’s inside in the box we will find bag number 1… bag number 2… instruction stickers with wall imitation of Luke Skywalker house the instruction is small, but remember that there are only 241 pieces here so… open the bags and see the parts despite only 241 elements it looks much more this is probably due to the large parts that is why there is a price for this set 29.99 USD an interesting element is new Luke Skywalker hair they appear only in this set we also have… a curtain, used as a door and the Luke’s cape I can’t see anything more special here of course Porg’s head which we will discuss soon let’s put minfigures and see what we have let’s start with Porg I think it is very nice but it is a pity that it isn’t one element like chickens that used to be in Kingdom Castle, or a rat, a spider … but it’s still a nice figure available in 3 sets in UCS Millennium Falcon this set – 75200 and soon available 75230 Porg set It is a pity that there aren’t two Porgs in this set … next Rey I already have three Rey in my collection, this one will be the fourth has nice prints Lightsaber also another weapon that’s all with Rey and finaly main minifigures from this set Luke Skywalker this figure is really great if you do not have it yet, I recommend it I like his print very much on pants, torso the back is also printed the cape, of course, great hair is even better I really like the face print and the gray elements of the beard this minifigure gets from me 10/10 the question is whether this Luke fits in this set on Ahch-To was rather dirty, unkempt a more poor style he had old and damaged clothes in the movie he appeared in such clothes in flashbacks with Kylo Ren but it’s still a great figure one of my favourite the set is already built construction without major problems without any problems very simple construction consists of three sections actually four if you count the roof front of the house, and training place for Rey there is also such a rock – I absolutely don’t like it there is a crystal inside Rey is on the training stand the platform rotates Rey can hit the rock with her Lightsaber Luke’s house in the front we have a campfire Porg Pogr has several dedicated places one on the roof on the side of the house – a wall for destruction there’s a bed inside a lamp, a cup storage for food on the other side, a place for coal bowl with fish other handles you can hide here … one second… place for Luke’s staff on the front there is a door with a curtain the house is very nice let’s put it yet it’s not easy the set is great! but if you know my channel, you know that I always need to modify something the modification is almost ready exchanging this rock for a completely different one, with a button for destruction the back of the house will also change, I will build it I already have all parts for my modification about 150-200 pieces a matter of a few days, there will be a modification and tutorial on my channel to built step by step if you have not subscribe my channel yet, I encourage you So much for this set, you all know him well my rating is 9/10 minus for this rock It is a pity that the back is not built-up, but what are your building bricks and ideas I will do it according to my idea You will see soon on my channel that’s it from my side, thanks for watching, best regards, bye!

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5 thoughts on “Lego Star Wars Review – 75200 Ahch-To Island Training [PL with ENG subtitles]

  1. Cześć ☺ Widzę że recenzji przybywa 😀 Przydał by mi się ten set ale mam już listę co kupię😊 a ten set kupię kiedy indziej.
    Pozdrawiam Daxu 👋

  2. Może i głupio się pytam, ale nazwa zestawu to nie powinno być "Ach-to"? 😀

    Ale ze mnie fan Star Wars, dobrej nazwy nie znam XD.

  3. 0:56 Uuuuu akurat o tym wczoraj z bratem gadałem, jakoś nie przepadamy za porgami z klocków… :/ Nie mogli zrobić czegoś w stylu odlewu sowy?

  4. Zestaw do kolekcji obowiązkowy! Zgadzam się z tym, że porg jako główna figurka, powinna być w całości, a nie składana z elementów. Dobrze, że chociaż głowę ma nadrukowaną 😀

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