Lego Star Wars Return To The Wheel Part 1 – Lego Star Wars HD

your back into it that front table to
take a break guys not that I needed the help but yeah
having a force builder on the team does make the job easier easier yes but easy
no with left arrow its hardest parts for last we still need that type of crystal
and an energy matrix activator an energy matrix activator it’s a doozy of a piece
these days they’re rarer than a hell as you wampa I know we can find one here
let’s wampa know an energy matrix activator but it’s in the last place in
the galaxy we should go where it’s gonna be dangerous where but it could be a lot
of fun Xander just say it it’s on the wheel and free maker salvage
and repair our workshop just to be clear the hairless wampa is
off the table right all right nitwits let’s talk type of
crystals how many here in there and don’t be afraid to overwhelm me with
good news while we should stress that these are preliminary numbers but it
looks like we got out again this is just a guesstimate more time before vader
finds out along with my patience I never thought I’d miss working for
Java efo we’re getting nowhere
yep we need to seem low at that meat yeah I know we’ll take a load of rocks
and paint him nope okay mr. flutters around and forgets
that I have feelings too I suppose you have a better idea
yep tree maker Rowan free maker he could find the Kyber crystals he could lead us
right to them that’s a genius idea sort of that was quick
Oh boss but I need you to do is to skip the beauty rest and go get me Rowan free
maker put the word Kris for anyone who can lead us to that kid call your old
friends in a job for them real life sure was a lot simpler when we
lived here we weren’t intergalactic fugitives for one our biggest problem
was making the rim prefer less shots out the airlock

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