Lego Star Wars Return Of The Return Of The Jedi Part 1 – Lego Star Wars HD

Thanks so much for watching! oh hey we’re stranded on Shanta Pole but
let’s not panic okay well we destroyed the star scavenger we also destroyed the
airhead yeah and MLC tickets Kyber crystals so he can use it to protect the
Death Star which by the way if works now because I gave Darth Vader the location
of the crystal planet yeah we’ve got no way of warning Roger your pep talks need
work well the only certain defeat comes from not trying at all poori camo suit
took vital parts oh we got our two incomplete ships what could I possibly
build just another glee you can do this little brother don’t picture the pieces you’re using to
Bell picture what you’re building please make it roomier charging station
doesn’t need to be fancy so I don’t fall my elbows Rowen you never cease to amaze me
ancient farce builders would I mean now let’s go together everything is unloading as I have
foreseen three makers got the error head is mine the rebels think they can attack
my fully functioning dead star and death big guy is bringing me his son Luke
Skywalker to the dark side I do think it’s too soon to say bad to complete my
evil plans but it’s great MSC master there is a flaw in your plan
to defeat the rebellion there isn’t its force because I came up and I am very
flawless I have secured the crystal the Skylark is coming you go away – your
procedure the death star core part of you can’t be here are you unclear about

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