Lego Star Wars Return of the Kyber Saber Part 3 – Lego Star Wars HD

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the club Roseanna Oh isn’t this exciting Roger and I give anything for a pair of hands
that cover my why didn’t stupids a to decide he had to
go to my teacher master I’ve located the rebel fleet to fine okay we’re in so far what are you doing
you know normally I try to dazzle you two with some fancy double-talk but
today we just don’t have time what we’re on a timetable what worked on
Naboo yeah but those guys we’re certified laser prints and nori
is anything but you’re next Palpatine we’ve analyzed their attack
sir and there is a danger should we have your ships pending do I look like Grand
Moff Tarkin to you Thank You evacuate it’s me you think of everything a decoy build
Amidala switcheroo Lane brilliant decoy guys I don’t think you need to
call in anything things are going our way
for once she’s here like could you flip me over I can’t see
anything how’s the view now actually I like what
I see Roger you’re here yeah but bad news nari has the Khyber
Sabre good news Rowan disguised himself as the Emperor
to take it from her yep nari is gonna hand it right to him that’s not quite
what’s gonna happen bored bored bored bored

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