Lego Star Wars Rebels Episode 1

[Theme Music Plays][Laser Cannons Firing]We have to be more
careful next time. [R4 Beeping] We need to move on
before they find us. [Continues Beeping] – Or lead the way, R4.
[Beeps][Dramatic Music]We’ve located an
escape pod on Tatooine.[Vader]
Send a small squad.Don’t draw attention.
– Yes, my lord.[Elianna]
Now. Let’s hope it was
worth to come all the way here.[R4 Beeps]Hey! You! Please don’t shoot.
We come in peace. Hmmm. You know, I could use a
new astromech droid. [Beeping] You’re right, R4.
He’s just as I thought. What can you possibly
know about me? We need to talk. Okay. But don’t tell me that
we’re having a child together. R4 is my little baby.[Stormtrooper]
We’ve located the escape pod.
They’re moving to the west, sir.You were… once
a great pilot, they say.Depends on
who is saying.Not the Empire. And who do you represent? – The Rebellion.
– [Scoffs] Empire’s separatists. Who’s side are you on? Not the Empire. – Then you’re on our side.
– Hmmm… Possible. Look! We didn’t come all this way to here to chit-chat. We lost
our space-ship and Empire troops will be anytime here. Alright. What do you
want from me? We need pilots like you to fight the
Empire and restore freedom to the galaxy. We go to Mos Eisley.
We need a new flex flight-computer.
Without it the X-Wing won’t fly.[Speedeer Revving][Stormtrooper]
There they are. After them![Engines Revving]
– Quick! Get to the speeder![Speeder Revving][Laser Guns Firing]
[Revving][Firing Continues] Here. Blast them!He’s gone.Nice. I knew I’m saved with you.[Sandpeople Growling]

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23 thoughts on “Lego Star Wars Rebels Episode 1

  1. I wonder who was shooting the cannons on the star destroyer at the beginning my guess was stormstroopers because they didn’t hit anything lol

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