Lego Star Wars Rebels 4

All right. I’m gonna go secure the parts and equipment we need. So… What are we supposed to do in the meantime? See if you can find out anything on the Imperial fleet movements. Otherwise we might just get shot at again and end up back here. Got it. Anything else? Yeah. Try to stay out of trouble. We’ll try. But you know that’s not our style. Oh, shut up, R4! Loading dock 24 transport cargo for E-11-5. To the west side. Hello. I need a couple of items for my H87 Star Hopper. – Sure. What do you need?
– I need… Classified fuel-connector, two hydro-engine covers… … a gravity stabilizer and an H59 cater mechanism and a fire-damage repair kit. – Sure thing. Sounds like your ship took quite a hit.
– Yeah. Something like that. – Running from the Empire, right?
– What?! No! I ran into a– Save it. I know who you are. Word round here’s you’ve done a bit of damage to some Empire fleets a while back. And they aren’t happy about it. – I never–
– You need not worry about me. I’m all full the rebellion. Many folks around here don’t want any sort of trouble. Empire or Rebellion. You just watch yourself. I will. How much do I owe you? Tell you what: Put a debt and all fighters helmets for me and only charger 30 credits. Thank you, sir. I’ll do my best. Think that guy we talked to can be trusted? He seemed honest enough. We’ll be fine, R4. I don’t think people out here gain much by lying to us. Don’t worry. Team seven, please report to the station. Assistance needed in loading dock E-1-4. Who are you? Quite a ship you got there! Oh, that one there? Well, that’s my ship. – How much you owe for it?
– It’s not for sale. I think you should just move along, now. Oh, kid. Tough, are we? The big, tough Kyle Kartan. How do you know who he is? Kyle’s made a bit of a name for himself. Wouldn’t it be something if I took your fancy ship? You won’t be taking anything! And who’s gonna stop me?! – R4!
– That’s it! Thanks. Nice, eh? Now, let’s get this ship prepared before we run into more trouble. So, how do you fit into this mess of the Empire and rebellion? You want a simple story? Here it is… I’m against the Empire because I don’t like what they do. So I try working against them. Yeah. I don’t care much for the Empire either. What about your friend there, Elianna? How do you fit in all this? I was sent to recruit with the rebellion, but the Empire kinda messed things up for us. You guys… like… together? – He and me…
– Oh no! – I mean yeah, no! – No! Sorry. I just assumed. What did you guys find out while I was away? We talked to a guy at the trading post. He said the Empire fleet has ships placed on all the major transportation centers. So to get to Yavin, we have to take a major detour. Well, what other choice is there? We have to get to the Rebellion somehow! I have an idea. There’s an outpost not far from here. We can stop there and get more information about what we’re up against. Sounds better than getting shot at again. All right. Ship’s all ready to go. Lord Vader, we just received intel on a ship leaving the bay. It matches the description of the one we are searching for. – I want that ship followed! Prepare our forces for assault.
– Yes, Lord Vader.

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100 thoughts on “Lego Star Wars Rebels 4

  1. Yay! It's here! Awesome job Titan! I can't wait for part 5, now I'm even more exited to start making my own Star Wars series, it's called lego Star Wars revenge of the padawn, do you like the name?
    Oh yeah and I'm back from my holiday, it was fun!

  2. This was the best stop motion of star wars lego ive ever seen what camera or gadget do you use to capture stop motions ? 01:04 = Anakin skywalker Burned

  3. So dude, you're going to be making more of these videos more often?!? Because if you do that would be so cool! Is your friend back form that trip?!?

  4. awesome man the animation was awesome and the sets were amazing just like star wars and the talking scenes were great! you make the best lego series on youtube.

  5. This is a really great stop motion! Really loved how it had that Star Wars feeling to it. Hey I mad a recreation of one of The Force Awakens tv spots. Can you please check it out and give me some feedback?

  6. Mahlzeit, ich hab mal ne Frage an euch, ich habe gehört das es ein neues Lego Star Wars Spiel geben sollte und wollte mal nachfragen ob und wann es auch für Apple Mac raus kommt wen jemand von euch es weiss??

  7. Hey titans pictures I know that it take you hours to do stop motion and stuff butt when's lego Star Wars rebel episode 5 coming out but not rushing sorry.😳

  8. I love this series, perhaps you could make the mouths move? But I still think it's fine if you don't, you've got the minifigure movement during dialogue sorted, it looks fine as is.

  9. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee make more lego star wars

  10. Titan Pictures do Lego Star Wars Sepertists episode 5 and Lego teenage mutant ninja turtles season 2 episode 1 after you're done with the Star wars Sepertists series

  11. They are fighting for eachother, so does that mean they like eachother? Or does mean they will kiss? What i am saying is i want them to kiss.

  12. Great series, but that's not Kyle Katarn, not by likeness or character traits, or backstory. I'm rationalizing it by saying it's Kyle Nakart, and I'm enjoying it still. Kyle Katarn was an Ex-Imperial operative turned Rebel saboteur.

    Considering that's my only grievance, you've done well. I'm an EU orthodox fan.

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