LEGO Star Wars Porg official small buildable model

everybody this is something a little
different here obviously it’s a pork from Lego Star Wars the last Jedi but
it’s an official Lego set an official Lego build that was never sold this was
one that they did as a promotional in-store build and take little model
that you could do at physical Lego stores
fortunately a reader of bricks set at brick set calm sent in a scan of the
instructions for this thing so you can now go build one yourself and that’s
exactly what I did here comes with the the sheet error the list of parts as
well so it makes it very easily easy for you to gather the pieces and I just
wanted to take a look at it when I first saw this show up on the the Lego store
calendar I was very interested in it but I was a little bit sad that I wasn’t
going to be able to go ahead and actually participate in the event is
specifically designed for kids and my nearest Lego store is quite some
distance away very inconvenient but it’s easy enough to put something together
when you have instructions available online I wanted to just show you what
this thing looks like in comparison to a brick head just in terms of its size and
also relative to the minifig ish scaled official Borg and maybe should I just
throw in a mini an actual minifigure as well for the sake of scale something
like that so there you go it’s it’s actually a little bit smaller
than I expected it to be it’s especially narrower than I expected
it to be I think it looks its worst from straight on but beyond that it looks
pretty cool I like to the porks I thought there were funny little things
and it made sense that they were added in the movie or kept in the movie rather
and used towards the movie when there were just so many of those Buffon’s
around the island where they they shot the octo
scenes so that all worked perfectly fine for me the build I believe had 75 pieces
hopefully I remembered that correctly and goes together pretty quickly it’s
not at all like aim briquette it’s just mostly well I guess a little pins it’s
mostly traditional studs on Thomas doesn’t Thomas doesn’t thumb studs
construction I actually only had in my entire parts inventory three of these
little rock pieces down here and I only had the two of the 1 by 1 brick with
single non recessed stud on side to hold on to those eyes there
I guess those aren’t the most common pieces or at least they’ve not been very
common amongst sets that I personally have purchased obviously these winglets
are on little hinges so you can put them into a more hurt into a little little
waving pose very easily just like that without any modification and it’s just
you know what kind of perched upon a small rock in the water oh guy yes near
the shore of octo island and yeah that’s just that I think it’s a pretty cool
little thing glad I was able to get it if you want to check out or her to build
if you want to check out the instructions I will put the link in the
pinned comment or you can just go to brick set calm yourself and search for
pork and you will certainly find this without too many clicks should show up
right in the the main results there yeah news article and just download the PDF
and gather your parts if you want to make some modifications or if you need
to make some substitutions you can certainly do so and I think it’ll work
out just fine there you go that’s that oh yeah this was not included just go to
that for the sake of scale it’s all about just this here so that’s that
thank you for watching how about the answer

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99 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Porg official small buildable model

  1. I have this build, and I noticed that you built the orange part differently. Even though it is different, I feel like yours is a better model. On the official model, it is yellow

  2. You are supposed to use the school bus yellow for the area around the head, the one that is there right now is too dark.

  3. That is the worst thing I've ever seen and I've seen the last jedi the pointless star wars film with no cool characters aliens, bounty hunters nothing just ugly women like rose I am the death of toys r us tico. Disney need to hang the heads in shame for ruining the most loved film series with stupid characters.

  4. Jangbricks you are my hero, you are the best,world's best lego builder and reviewer,I like every video,subscribed,and turn on notifications.You are so close to 1M subscribers,keep up the good work man!!!

  5. Forgot to mention rey the chick who got her force powers from a download shame Disney shame on you.

  6. Lego store for me is locate in richest county. Which is 50mins away. I believe it costs a lot to keep and maintain a legostore.

  7. Review the new elves sets please๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿค”

  8. Really needs some width :/ heck, look at the sides of the Brickhead..! Not a lot but enough to give impression. Ahh well, this was for kids to build ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I was thinking about ordering all the pieces from Lego but as usually there is one piece not available.

  10. For the mellemby district, I would love to see an army of elves from the hobbit the battle of the five armies movie. Like if you agree.

  11. I think they partially tried to make this the same scale as both of the last May the Fourth give aways the R2-D2 and the BB-8

  12. You're right.. With the correct instructions (or in some cases even just a single image as reference) it's easy to reconstruct something.
    In more than one case, you've helped me build a single item that I wanted without having to buy the entire set it came with.

    Last time was the Xmas tree where you removed one side for a few seconds, allowing us to see exactly how it was put together..

  13. I love the little porgies!! The set I got has more yellow colored bricks for the face area. Your's look more orange than mine. I wonder if they had variations?

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