Lego Star Wars MOC – Vader’s TIE Advanced X1

Hi! It’s Michał and this is my new MOC TIE Advanced X1 Before I go to discuss TIE Advanced, I would like to inform you that the new project is almost ready in 50% officially it will be B-Wing from Episode 6 “Return of the Jedi” Soon more details, I will add some photos I also wanted to say that I will organize a competition I will be able to win instructions for my UCS AT-M6, you can check this project on my channel details soon! My project consists of 686 parts I built it for about two months the project was created in LDD, then I counted my bricks and ordered the missing ones from Brickink today I finally built it, last final design You see the end result I am very happy with this TIE there are a few of my new design solutions including combining the wings with the middle section I’m glad that the fighter is strong and stable, what I wanted the wings can withstand its weight easily, almost 700 parts I used only 3 hinges here here is an unusual design, some is happening here In the cabin… Lord Vader minifigure he has many control panels at his disposal, on both sides in this design I fitted the wing in a different way I only used these bricks here, hinge at the center section there are standard 1×2 hooks the same as in Lego sets in the wing I also added another black hooks the whole will be combined joining is much stronger thanks to this, on the other hand, I obtained additional details combining is very strong nothing moves, does not fall off the fighter also has the option of mounting on the stand just any stand with a protruding axle we connect here the whole can be nicely displayed on the shelf thats all with my TIE Advanced X1 MOC I’m hope you like it write comments what you thin about it soon new project with B-Wing Thanks for watching, bye!

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22 thoughts on “Lego Star Wars MOC – Vader’s TIE Advanced X1

  1. Amazing project Michał! Design is brilliant and this connection is truly interesting and very useful 🙂 Can't wait to see your B-wing 😉

  2. I just noticed that the part count for this model is the exact same as the most recent Tie Advanced set, coincidence or happy accident?

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