Lego Star Wars MOC – First Order Xi-Class Light Shuttle

Hi! It’s Michał you’re watching my new project First Order Xi-Class Light Shuttle Parameters of the Shuttle is 34 cm high has 1259 parts I built it about 3-4 days the entire project was created for two months of course, at that time I was correcting and improving the project, and I also ordered parts from Bricklink the shuttle is a civilian unit it has light armor has two guns on both wings at the front you can see something like guns, but from what I know are antennas for navigating, communication from the technical description of the shuttle I know that it is about 22.5 m high it is distinguished by one large engine on the vertical stabilizer and two small engines vehicle service is two pilots the ferry is available in two versions – transport and passenger We have navigational lights under the wings at the back of the shuttle we see the ramp my version is transport in the case of the passenger version – it has space for 6 people I have a BB droid and a weapon in this case it is BB-9E if I remember its name correctly due to the small amount of photos and data and general information because he only appeared in The Last Jedi for a moment apparently he was even in comics Han Solo and Chewbacca stole such a shuttle from other criminals I had a problem with the landing gear made I have not found any information about it for me, due to the construction – wings and vertical stabilizer, I didn’t do it I plan to add a technic brick here with holes so that the shuttl can be attached to the stand to look good here I used a flat inverted tile there are 19 items in total the big challenge was to design the back of the vehicle from below, the bricks are upside down I am very happy with the project from curiosities, I will mention the air intakes in the main engine, I do not know if it will be visible I made them with 48 pieces of hooks, part number 4085d That’s it about the Xi-Class shuttle I hope you like it the next plan is the stand for Millennium Falcon set 75105 and a new Kylo Ren Command Shuttle project based on 75104 set I will make a black version I will place the project for free, the LDD file with the instruction will be available for download and list of parts if you want to check it out, remember about the subscription there will soon be other projects thanks for your attention, bye!

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16 thoughts on “Lego Star Wars MOC – First Order Xi-Class Light Shuttle

  1. Truly fantastic work my Friend! I love how You did the back of shuttle and main engine! Can't wait to see Your black version of Kylo Ren Shuttle 🙂

  2. Wow amazing work I’m so happy to see it in real lego form and it looks awesome I will hopefully and probably try to recreate it but I will not be easy 🙂 great moc bro your awesome

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