LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Microfighter review! 75193

hello hello this is the Lego Star Wars
Millennium Falcon Micro Fighter it’s the second Micro fighter that we’ve gotten
of the Millennium Falcon I can’t believe it’s been over three years since the
last one it seems like it was pretty recently but this has a very similar
build to the original because I guess they kind of did a pretty good job in
the first place for the scale they were going for but of course there are some
differences I mean this is the modern trilogy version so it has the
rectangular dish rather than a round one they also changed the color for the
print on the the kind of stand-in canopy piece here that’s actually a droid head
that’s been printed so rather than printing the windows with black they’ve
done it this time with just dark grey okay that works and
there are some small fine detail differences around this but the size and
the the primary build is basically the same I think it it looks just as good as
before it’s not a little bit better what I like more about this one than the
original version is what they’ve done for shooters they’ve integrated these
stud shooters and those to me are so much better than the flick fire missiles
especially in this kind of form because you know if you’re playing with this if
you’re flying it around you’re flying around like this you’re most likely
holding on to it top and bottom or you know perhaps you’re holding on to it
from the side but it’s very easy to transition to this and then you can just
fire these things off one at a time it’s just so simple it’s so easy they’re
consistent they work well I think they look better even just you know for the
sake of display they look closer to the actual laser turret on the Falcon it’s
too bad you don’t get a second one on the underside but yeah that’s far
superior to the flick fire missiles other than that I really can’t complain
I mean the shape is pretty good the shape is interesting the better in this
micro fighter I think the more
get it the more I feel it’s way better than the minifig scale ones yeah way
better Wow Wow you know this is this is really
taking me back to the the Kenner Millennium Falcon original toy was the
first Star Wars toy I ever touched in my life back in 83 84 oh no no no that
would have been 81 82 Wow but him shape is yeah they need to they
need to try to get that sheet into the the full-size one the next time they do
one obviously the the UCS version is really good but you know the ones that
are actually available for normal people to buy check out this chupacabra wait
what’d I do there check out this Chewbacca it’s just
another Chewbacca the modern version dark brown new face it has grown on me
quite a bit I feel like they’ve made some slight changes not too much since
they first introduced this style maybe maybe not maybe it’s just that I’m
getting used to it but yeah it’s Chewbacca what I mean what more is there
to say it does not come with the actual working bow caster the one that will
shoot out a stud I think that those those pieces were pretty nice wouldn’t
have been a bad idea to include one here but I mean this this old beasts is not
bad it’s a perfectly fine stand-in I guess yeah it works so this is just a
way to offer up a micro Fighter Millennium Falcon a lot of people get
really cynical and see any kind of basically re-release from Lego being
just a way for them to try to squeeze more money out of collectors and force
people to to buy stuff because of corporate greed but a lot of kids don’t
have this allow kids don’t have the one from 2014 and wanna Millennium Falcon
and this is the cheapest way to get a Millennium Falcon and it’s a pretty
good-looking one that you can actually fly around you can actually play with
you can even put a figure in it I think this is a good thing to have on the
market and I appreciate the fact that they’ve actually updated it and made it
def better than the previous one with the
inclusion of the stud shooters hey that’s a surprise stud shooters making
something actually better and it’s cheap the other option would have been to just
keep the original version on the market forever being stale and just dying on
shelves while fans talk about how Legos being lazy not doing anything new I
prefer this option myself I’m glad they did it folks who already have the 2014
version who are perfectly happy with it can just skip this one it’s all good
well I’ve got more videos to bring you so I’ll be talking to you again soon
thanks for watching you

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Microfighter review! 75193

  1. Ive only bought 1 microfighter per wave since they started in 2014. However ive just got the a-wing vs tie silencer , & I want the Millenium Falcon too!

  2. I think that is one big reason they have the Falcon and Tie Fighter as separate packs, so that you don't have to get a second Falcon if you don't want to.

  3. I am really happy Lego re-designed this set, I missed out on the 2014 version which is already too expensive second-hand. Thanks for another consistently good review 🙂

  4. I have the original micro fighter of the falcon, and after the force awakens came out, I decided to just change the round fish to a rectangular dish with one of the jumper pieces I have. Now LEGO released this with a similar change I did without knowing they did it.

  5. The 2014 version is very expensive in the aftermarket, so it is obviously still desired. I don't see a problem with a re-release.

  6. Thanks for this review!

    I don't see why there would be complaints about this release. It makes perfect sense in conjonction with Episode 8, with Chewie at the controls doing some neat flying as shown in the trailer. You can even have the Microfighter TIE/SF chasing (or being chased by) the Falcon.
    Oh well…

    It's very similar apart from a few details pointed out in the review, as well as the 2×2 disk piece on the port side now has a hole, which adds extra detailing and you can even insert the bowcaster's handle in it for some silly extra firepower. 😀

    I agree that the stud shooters look a lot better. I wish they had kept the same piece for the seat instead of leaving studs exposed. On the flip side you can always add a piece to hide it, or a clip to hold extra weapons, which was not possible on the first one.

  7. When you try to build such a Millenium Falcon microfighter yourself you understand how difficult it is to build a sturdy fine detailed toy.

  8. Probably the best microfighter in this series in my opinion. Looks great and you can get a Chewbacca minifig for quite cheap. What's not to like?

  9. I'm hoping they eventually release a microfighter version of the Slave 1. That was a Lego set I could never convince my parents to buy me as a kid; and now as an adult, I still can't afford / find a full size version of the Slave 1 lol.

  10. Best implementation of stud shooters so far. I delete these from every build of mine, just not into them but here they work.

  11. I actually might pick this up. Haven't yet got the newer Chewie and the falcon build seems pretty solid as a little shelf piece.

  12. This is a cheap way to get a Chewbacca minifig and a pretty cool microfighter which is the mighty Millenium Falcon

  13. 4:00
    I agree completely, when I first discovered these microfighters I was unable to obtain the original millennium falcon myself despite it being the one I wanted most. I just saw this set in the store today and purchased it without hesitation. I have this "re-release" to thank to have finally obtained one. I wasn't even aware they'd released another, I searched for this video once I got home as I always love hearing JANG's opinion on these microfighters

  14. 1:15 Much better? so your saying that if I shoot this thing while flying it around the studs wont get lost in my room somewhere??
    yea…totally much better jang..

  15. They should’ve had stud shooters on the bottom to make it complete. But oh well. The new bow caster should’ve been in it too

  16. I modded my falcon microfighter to look like the one from the new han solo spin off movie coming out
    I might make a video showcasing the mod

  17. who is watching this in 2018 and what if they make a solo: a star wars story style millennium falcon microfighter?

  18. I agree. it's waaaaay better than the 2014 version. I'm glad that designers are so creative with all lego stuff. Maybe not all but many.

  19. I've built a minifig scale 20th ann. snow speeder, it is really nice but I have also built a couple of micro fighters. I prefer the micro fighters, they are fun to build, look great.
    I also think they capture the essence of lego and star wars.
    I prefer this to the look of the full scale set and am grateful that lego made another version.

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