LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105 Review

Hey Look, it’s the Millennium Falcon!
This is the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens, as evidenced
by the picture of Kylo Ren on the box. This video is the general review. We also
have speed build videos at 6 times speed with step numbers, and at 20 times speed if you
really want the short version. You can click to see them now, or you’ll get another chance
at the end. This set has 1329 pieces, including 7 mini
figures. It took me around 5 hours to build altogether,
but that was staged for the camera so it could go faster for you.
There have been several LEGO Millennium Falcon sets. This one is pretty similar to the set
released in 2011, but this newer one has more pieces and more details.
The biggest Millennium Falcon ever came out in 2007, close to actually being in scale
with the mini figures – in fact it was one of the biggest LEGO sets ever made. It was
originally sold for $500, and the current listing for it on Amazon ranges from 6 to
$10,000. The Force Awakens version sells for $150.
Open up the box, and we have the instructions, stickers, and bags labeled 1 through 9 – watch
for the period that distinguishes the 9 from the 6 – and one unlabeled bag of large pieces.
Spoiler alert: I’m going to peek ahead at the end of the instruction booklet. It has
104 major instruction steps. That’s not including minor steps, which in some cases
are repeated multiple times. Oh, and this little guy is reminding you not
to shoot the missiles launchers at anybody’s face. He pops up now and then.
Fully assembled, this model measures about 12 ½” wide, 18 ¼” long, and 5 ¼”
tall. The two front sections hold working missile
launchers. Stick your finger in the hole and press on the tail end of the missile to launch
it. The spring is pretty strong, so watch where you aim it.
The other firing feature is Chewbacca’s bowcaster. You stick a round stud piece into
it, press the button on top, and it shoots. And this one also shoots pretty far, so again,
watch out. Besides Chewbacca, the mini figures we have
are Han Solo, now with gray hair, Finn and Rey, neither one wielding a lightsaber, BB-8
of course, and Tasu Leech and a Kanjiklub Gang Member, some of the guys who confront
Han Solo on his freighter in the movie. Everyone has a gun except BB-8. I guess the figure
is too small for that little lighter that he has.
Of course we have the smuggling compartment, big enough to accommodate one mini figure.
On the opposite side is the entry ramp, although on the outside a mini figure would have to
duck down pretty far to get in. To man the top and bottom cannons, you flip
open the top cannon and slide out the panel. Attach the figures, and slide it back in.
There’s tons of detail inside and out, as you’d expect in a model this size. There’s
the Dejarik table for Chewbacca to play… Various technical parts, and odd things stacked
at odd angles. The roof has 13 panels that can be opened,
which makes it a bit tedious to get at the inside, but that does reproduce the shape
of the Millennium Falcon pretty well. They just tend to take a bit of fiddling to get
them closed right. Resting on the landing gear, it’s pretty
stable, although the front sections are a little wobbly.
My only other significant complaint is that to get figures in and out of the cockpit,
you have to remove the window section and then reattach it.
Overall, this is a really good set. I think Lego typically does a pretty good job of making
sure the large sets in particular are worth the time and money you’re going to invest
in them. If you’re into Star Wars and big Lego sets,
this is definitely recommended. Thanks for looking.
Check out the speed build videos, and please subscribe if you’re having fun.

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