LEGO Star Wars Microfighters TIE Advanced Prototype review! 75128

Hey folks it’s Jang here with a quick look at the LEGO Microfigher TIE Advanced Prototype from Star Wars Rebels, the series. And this is a really easy one to review because frankly, this is exactly what I expect from a Microfighter. It’s scaled down, it’s small, it’s able to shoot, it’s cutesy, it’s funky, it’s fun to look at And it was actually a pretty respectable build Like it went together pretty nicely The wings are specially attached very securely onto the sides So that’s good, you know good thorough builds here with the thing And the shaping of it, just overall is very good Could have been maybe a little bit longer but looking at it from the top, not so bad I especially like the curve kind of tail fin sections on this And it actually has quite a bit of friction in the wings for their size So they don’t bend in too easily It takes a little bit of doing to get it to line up to have the angles exactly the same So it looks just right and all but once you get it there it’ll stay And you can kind of bring these down Looks a little bit better if you don’t have the figure in there But that’s about as far as it’ll go but it kind of mimics the real thing Printed disc on the front which spins around Which can be a little bit annoying if you always want it to be aligned just perfectly But you can always pull the little pin out halfway It’s got 2 flick-fire missiles down on the bottom, of course you always have to be able to shoot And with this just the regular flick-fires, kind of traditional style there And printed tile pieces on the sides so no sticker applications required Let’s get a closer look at that figure This is the Rebel’s variant of TIE fighter pilot It’s the exact same figure that was included in 2 other full-sized LEGO sets for the series Looks pretty good, no printing on the arms or on the hips or on the legs But what they’ve done with the torso is pretty good and what they’ve done with the helmet I think is just fine Underneath has the angry clone face which, given the timeline actually can make sense So I’ll let that one go I make fun of angry clone from time to time but here I think it works out just fine And that’s what I’d say about the entire set – the whole things works out just fine I kind of do wish it was just a little bit longer, it does feel a little bit on the small side But it’s good for what it is Let me know what you think about the set, share your thoughts in the comments down below And I’ve got a lot more videos to bring you so I’ll be talking to you again very soon

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77 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Microfighters TIE Advanced Prototype review! 75128

  1. jangbricks i have a question or somebody why do the galatic empire battlepack and rebel battlepack cost 22 dollers on or is it a typo or get updated from lasttime i saw it

  2. This might be an stupid question but I see in your previous builds that you are like a master at building
    Zoos, A city, and etc Are you working for LEGO ??

  3. Hey Jang! Any word on when these sets are hitting the US? I'm surprised they weren't made available here right away. Actually wasn't even considering buying this until I saw your video. That minifig is pretty slick!

  4. +JANGBRiCKS Could you please add different music? This one has been annoying me a bit and preventing me from watching some of your videos.

    Sincerely, LightsCameraLego

  5. I don't know why, but every time I watch one of your reviews on a set that was not going to buy, your review makes me completely change my mind and I want to guy buy the set! Great review as always! I don't know about anyone else though but I am hoping we get a Rebels A-wing microfighter once the normal scale set gets released to be able to "dogfight" with this microfighter and the Ghost.

  6. I miss the stormtroopers with a black head and a small window with face print. They looked better with the helmet on (specially TIE pilots)

  7. I have a rare set that I think you might like to review. If you're interested, please let me know. I'd love to contribute in some small way to your incredibly awesome channel.

  8. for those wanting vader on this set, remember this isnt the TIE Advanced vader used in episode IV, but rather the one used by the inquisitor, and tested by the pilot in the set. so vader would have made as much sense as princess leia

  9. I wish they just made new tie fighters built in the older style but with grey. Then, people will be able to buy them more easily cos they would probably cost around 19.99

  10. Hey Jang, I know you like trains, building, and video games. And so if you have a steam on a semi powerful computer I'll get you Garry's mod. (Gmod is a building sandbox game) But I would love to teach you how to build trains and maybe other cool stuff! Please do respond and if your interested to contact me!

  11. These microfighters are pretty decently scaled with the Millennium Falcon if you need some foes for it or are looking for a realistic display. It would have been nice if they found a happy medium between the two actual vehicle sets.

  12. Jang will you do the LEGO angry birds sets when released also your a nice youtuber one that I never really see most others swear alot

  13. I think spring loaders would be better (in green) for the weaponry but I guess Flick fires have always been Microfighter's thing. Great review btw

  14. I don't have a lot of time to look through all of the amazing Lego structures that you have created. Do you have any tutorials on how you light and film the amazing tutorials that you make?

  15. the TAP(tie advanced prototype)some times reminds of darth vader's tie advanced butwith much more shorter wings

  16. Srsly? When you said that in 1:15 I checked if that "glass" piece in my TIE Interceptor was perfectly algned…(Magic!)

  17. just fold the wings straight up, flip them around, take the back finn off, and you've got a tie fighter microfighter.

  18. I wanna have 2 of these to be the gaurdians of my star destroyer. You know, not as big as a regular starfighter but simply as pretectors.
    Kinda like Darth Vader ( star destroyer ) and 2 stormtroopers ( tie advanced prototypes )

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