LEGO Star Wars micro Battle of Hoth set! 20th anniv May the 4th 40333

hey everyone let’s take a quick look at
the 2019 Lego Star Wars may the 4th promotional gifts with purchase set this
is the Battle of Hoth and in the United States you have to buy $75 worth of Star
Wars merchandise to get this they just throw it into your your bag or you can
also get it with online purchases for a limited time so this is nice you know
it’s got the 20th anniversary of Lego Star Wars little plaque there which is
actually a printed piece and it has a walker this has one printed piece on the
front of it and it’s actually a really nice build for this scale it’s too bad
you can’t rotate the entire head up and down but you can turn it side to side a
little bit and I’ve taken advantage of that and I’ve actually tried to put more
articulation into its pose here than Lego itself suggests in the instructions
and it’s easy to do you know you have plenty of joints and in the right places
to pull this off to do things that look interesting with it and I just think it
looks cool I think this is something that is actually good enough that maybe
you could even be played with you know not just displayed so I’m very happy
with this main thing and then they’ve got some little stuff as well that’s
supposed to represent an imperial probe droid there which I am fine with you
know it’s in that very small scale I get it you know and one of the well the best
things about this I think is the snow surface I’m personally not afraid of the
texture of Lego studded surfaces but at this scale if they had a studded service
if they used a studded surface then it would represent a really really really
rough terrain surface you know at this scale so they went with sideways
building the entire floor if you will is built sideways and I think it looks good
you know they got a little bit of dimension in it a little bit of height
and then you have the two air speeders nose
there which I think are shaped pretty nicely with one single piece that is an
exception for me that one tile on the front the 1 by 1 tile on the nose that
brings in a little bit of extra color it’s just a little bit too tall for me a
little bit to square everything else about that design I think is really nice
certainly the one with the orange here looks better to me I think they both
look pretty good but just having that that big square piece makes it look like
it’s a an old lady’s voltron lion or something yeah I just see a face there
but other other than that the shaping is pretty good I appreciate the inclusion
of the the turret on the back and unlike the UCS attack on offset this has a
generator with 4 disks it’s funny how they keep managing to do 4 disks in
there Hoss but they didn’t do it and that UCS said I will continue to
make fun of them for that for all of eternity this you can see is built
partially right-side up these bricks on the sides that that hold it in or just
Technic Technic bricks so they’re just attached on to stunts on the side bricks
then give you some stats facing upwards and to inset this a little bit into the
terrain they’ve used just a panel piece right there to give it a little bit of a
dip at the end of the build process these are the spares that you’re left
with so there are actually a couple cool things in there for such a small set and
that’s just that you know this is similar in presentation to the space
slug a limited edition set that they did was a couple years ago or something like
that similar in size and everything I’m really happy with this I like this one
much better than that space light one with that space log1 was a little bit
more exclusive then there’s quite a bit more exclusive if I recall correctly but
I like the Walker here even even if none of the other stuff was included if he
was just like a walker on a tiny bit of fairly flat terrain with just this
plaque I would be happy I think that would be really cool cuz the Walker is
just such a nice little build and it was a gift with purchase you know
yeah I went there and I paid money for stuff and I got that stuff that I paid
the money for but then I also got this and people like to make the argument
that technically we pay for these things because it’s part of the cost of doing
business and they actually factored the the price of these promotions into the
retail prices or everything else but ultimately it’s like a penny if if even
that on products that that we buy that we have to pay for overtime so I’m just
happy to have gotten this I think that it’s a cool set I will probably at least
keep this together I don’t know about the whole thing we’ll see it’s small
enough I might just keep it together but that’s just that as with most things
these days I did two builds to build videos one at real time with no music
you know just the sound of putting the stuff together and a traditional speed
build which is quicker and has a little bit of music to go with it you can check
out either of those by clicking on the link on the screen that’ll show up right
now catch you later

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars micro Battle of Hoth set! 20th anniv May the 4th 40333

  1. To everyone saying they should have done a minifigure, I picked up this set yesterday when I bought the 20th Anniversary Slave 1. They also included a Kessel Mine Worker polybag minifigure and a poster. It was a good May 4th haul 🙂

  2. I can't believe they dedicated an enter promotion to celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of All Star by Smash Mouth

  3. this is a joke compared to other May 4th promotions. Whats exclusive? 2 unimportant printet peaces. And this is even the anniversery, couldnt they make something special??

  4. This set is absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately, it's just a promo. I'd buy it alone if I could. I want a whole line of Star Wars micro sets. Just imagine the trench battle in micro scale!

  5. I get one of this Set in the Lego Store and one more by shoping in the online Shop, and my plan is to combine two Sets to make a bigger display with one fallen AT Walker in fire and demaged and one with crashed Lukes Snowspeeder under the feed an Luke as a Nano Figure by this Speeder. Aaaand i will tested to design a mini Hoth base entrace and mini defence line.

  6. A tantive 4 hallway with a couple figs would have been nice. They don’t even have to be exclusive figs
    But I still like it

  7. I love building this type of stuff in Lego Worlds!!! They can be used in toys or even miniature golf courses.

  8. Maybe you could set it up in the Mellemby as if it's some sort of historical display or monument to a past event

  9. Lego fans are a weird fickle bunch. So much hate for this set, yet the MF worm display is widely loved and sought after…. i really like this kit and its nice to see lego trying new things not just minifigs or w.e

  10. I think I'll pass. I just got the Avengers Tower gift, what 2 weeks ago? That came with a nice small build and an awesome Iron Man minifigure. Plus I really shouldn't be spending another $75 on Lego lol

  11. This is cool even without an exclusive figure….yes a figure would of been nice to have but if they added a figure people would of probably complained about the figure in one way of another….they did an exclusive figure with every other 20th set so I'm ok with this one not having one…Great review Jang 👊👊

  12. Micro builds are quite nice to look at, they don't use so many pieces like a full scale version and they don't take up so much space to display them. Happy May the 4th to all Star Wars fans! May the Force be with you, Jang!

  13. I would be enticed more to buy lego star wars more if they gave an exclusive minifigure. I was not convinced to spend $75 USD. But, Id spend $100 for for a minifigure. I get this was free, but for me personally, it isn’t worth spending my May the 4th going to the store or even shopping online. Maybe I’m cynical, but that is my view.

  14. I think this is a great freebie.  And I agree, Lego could have shortened the base and just did the walker and that would have been cool, but I'm not complaining about more.  The snowspeeders do look a bit chunky.  I think that stud on the walker's head really needs a tile or something.

  15. I like the 1×1 tile on the front of the snowspeeders. I see what Lego was going for and I don't think adding color was the main focus. I think the 1×1 trans brown slope representing the canopy would have had to much of a downward slope without the tile. That's my theory anyway. What I don't like about the snowspeeders is the clip representing the tow cable mechanism. To me, it just wasn't worth it to have that specific detail.

  16. I totally agree on the micro snowspeeders, they could have provided a printed 1×2 tile with an orange stripe and one with a gray stripe. It wouldn't have cost that much. Or if they were really cheap, a plain white tile with a sticker. Otherwise, great little set and free is always good! Have a great day & Keep 'em Coming!

  17. I wish we could get more promo microscale builds or dioramas. I love stuff like this, the comic con sandcrawler, slug, Dagobah, hobbit builds

  18. I really like the Ariel view of the set – a very nice promo set but I’m saving up for the Clocktower now!

  19. I’m 100% fine with this not including a figure. Yeah it would be nice to get one, but it’s free Lego nonetheless. I just see this as another R2-D2 type of promotion.

  20. Oh boi. That AT-AT looks terrible. I have that little microfighters AT-AT that looks amazing by comparison. The head in particular.

  21. I think it's well thought out and designed. The flat terrain was definitely the right decision.

  22. To be honest this set is a great addition!! All together a great free set to receive with a purchase!! People that complain about this set being bad, need to remember that this is also a free set. This is a great addition to any Star Wars Micro set! Thank you for taking the time to read this comment!

  23. I like this little display set, think it's a great free promotion piece but in Australia you have to spend over $199 (~US$140) to get it which I don't like at all. Hearing that you only need to spend US$75 in the US I now like it even less.

  24. The main problem in Australia is you have to pay $199 witch doesn’t convert well to the $79 usd, also the other 20th anniversary sets were out of stock for all three days of the promo so its not a very easy set to get

  25. I love little mini dioramas like this and would love for Lego to design and sell more. The trench run, Battle of Geonosis, Scarif, there are so many places they could create small and relatively cheap scenes that just look great on an office desk.

  26. Jangbricks, do you play the Lego games, if so, what do you think of new game supposed to be coming that will cover all the movies and supposedly clone wars.

  27. The one that got away … 🙁 I was in the Lego Store yesterday (which is allready somewhat of a big deal for me, because i have to drive roughly two hours to get to the biggest city in my area one that actually has a Lego Store) while i accompanied my family on a shopping trip and i bought the Tantive IV, but sadly all the giveaways intended for May the 40 were allready gone, so i only got 4 polybags. "Only" because while polybags are allways nice, i really would have liked that diorama and i allready owned those polybags. Oh well …

  28. Hey Jang your videos are really helping me through a really bad time right now. Keep up the good work on your videos.

  29. I love Lego! I ordered Kylo's Tie fighter during this weekend's sale and they suprised me with adding this set! My order didn't qualify for this promotion! 😀

  30. Mine came today.. not going to build it though 😬
    And Jang… do you have a video of all your Lego star wars collection as I've seen all your vids and would love to see everything together 😃

  31. I really like this set. A very nice mini build and the walker is very well done. My only gripe is some of the white lego bricks have a yellow-ness in my set.

  32. picked up the new order walker (probably the last one from the website) just to get this promo set.

    the new order walker was $30 off, AND i got double points. with this free promo set and a little poster…what’s not to like?

  33. Nice set. Its a shame it was locked behind a $200 threshold in Australia! I would have got it otherwise😐

  34. I like that Lego does these things .. I think they concept works and that's good. I want Lego to be around forever so my grand kids will still enjoy solid models. Price is less of consideration when you consider in that the family comes together and you have hours of play time and dive into different worlds with your kids (or yourself).

  35. I love mine. Got when I bought the 2019 Slave 1. A simple mod to. Ake the snow speeders look more authentic is to add an old dual laser piece as used on the original space Lego. Looks great for the canons, also raises up the 'cockpit' addressing the issue of the feon flat 1 by 1 looking to raised, and also giving better perspective for the 'harpoon'. If you have a couple of these give it a try. Looks awesome IMHO

  36. Hey, im back in the Lego stuff after a long time, can’t believe you’re still doing this, love you man, props to you

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