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hello hello this is the Lego Star Wars
kylo ren’s shuttle sent for the rise of Skywalker in this video I’m first gonna
take you on a quick tour through the major features functions and figures for
this set then I’m gonna kind of reset go through a deeper dive compare this to
the 2015 version and also my modified color swapped version from 2015 force
awakens and also answer some viewer questions from the preview period in
universe this is known as an upsilon class shuttle and it carries on the nice
long tradition of elegant variable wing geometry shuttles that began with the
lambda class such as the tydirium by name in the original trilogy I don’t
know if anything will ever hold a candle to that one in particular but this
certainly tries with a very evil flair this 2019 lego model takes advantage of
a number of pieces that didn’t exist in 2015 the first time they did one of
these like this little guy right here is a modified one by one tile it’s round
with a bar extension coming off of it just allows you to have very very small
details that stick out from a surface that’s kind of a bumper piece like a
bumper bar piece that’s been added in here just for grieving or just surface
texture and also these right here are a pair of ice skates for many things but
they’re done in black I don’t think I’ve seen the black color before nice that
they’re using those more and more and they’re just mounted to a couple more of
these here so you end up with a pretty nice-looking surface texture I’ve got
some ingot pieces in black here these parts here also did not exist previously
up front there’s kind of a face or a visor sort of segment of this that’s
supposed to be where people are able to look through from the inside that does
not actually extend all the way to the interior space that we’ll look at in
just a minute but there’s enough thickness of the transparent pieces
there to give a good impression of what it’s supposed to represent with windows
and I think it’s a pretty accurate shape as well as for that variable wing
geometry I mentioned well they’ve got that actually mekin
now with a very nice mechanism inside that uses cams no no gears in there and
there’s also a spring it’s like a shock absorber looking thing from the lego
technic line that’s fairly stiff and allows all this to work very smoothly I
don’t need to put a lot of force into it and in fact you can have this in it’s
parked mode with the wings vertical and just lift it up you don’t even need to
to turn this you know it’s just the mechanism is attached to one engine
there you just lift it up and the wings automatically will splay out the wings
themselves are kind of flat you know they’re kind of plain as viewed from the
outside at least there’s a little bit of difference of color as you look at it
from straight on with some dark gray and light gray that’s really just to provide
a little bit of extra visual interest there because if everything was black
then it might look really evil but it also might look a little bit boring you
know you just don’t see the shapes all that well so I think it is a good thing
that they brought in some differences of a value in there and also when you look
at the inside surface of one of these wings which are symmetrical from side to
side then you see a lot more part of that has to do with mechanism that’s
built in I think that this could have been camouflaged a little bit better but
they did a pretty good job of keeping it pretty simple as as it’s supposed to be
in the movie the real epsilon shuttle has wing tips that actually retract to
make the whole thing smaller for fitting into parking spaces basically you know
on on carriers and such and for that there’s a built in fairly simple
mechanism here that allows you to just fold the wings down it’s not as slick as
actually having them come down inside but I think as a Lego solution as a
substitution this is pretty elegant and it’s pretty consistent and how it works
so you can lock it into place there’s a little ball joint here at the end that
just fits into a couple of clips I have found that sometimes that piece will
stay in place when you move this whole thing out but it’s it’s not bad and it’s
not frustrating for sure so all of this will ultimately fold down like that to
make the entire ship look and feel more compact and it’ll also fit into
many more display spaces like this even though it doesn’t look as cool there’s
also some interior detail all of this here opens up to give you a pretty nice
amount of space it does only hold three figures though they’re intended to be
sitting down with a pilot and then two passengers and there are a couple of
clips along the sides to hold on to your passengers may think accessories like
blasters or whatever other weapons they may have and there’s a basic small
console for the pilot the main featured figure is of course kylo Ren himself he
has put his helmet back together with some glowing red jb weld because he no
longer has old man smoke making fun of him for it and that’s just the same mold
that we had originally for the force awakens it just has a new print on the
print looks pretty good could have used you know some alternate color in there
to add a little extra sparkle a little extra glow to the red but you know it’s
nicely detailed I think and of course it has his messed up lightsaber that’s
venting off to the sides there’s one of the facial expressions with his super
cool guy scar that makes him feel more tough and there’s his alternate
expression for when he’s having a temper tantrum again now here are two of the
Knights of Ren I don’t care what the story is behind these guys I don’t care
how much they’re gonna appear in the movie or not they just look super cool
to me especially as Lego figures they are very different they’re unique
they’re interesting they look very evil they have hands on melee style weapons
and pretty good prints I would say really really cool
jobs that have been done here I think for these as models there’s a new mold
for the robe hood for the one on the left that is not connected at the base
that’s brand new and I think it looks really good in black on this character
not necessarily on other figures though that will use that as well see in the
future there are the prints on the backs of the torsos with a little bit of
metallic print for the one on the right it’s actually a dark silver color like a
gunmetal gray but a little bit lighter than usual no print
whatsoever for the head of the one on the right cool print for the one on the
left and the one on the right has no print because well first of all we don’t
know what their faces actually look like at this time don’t know if they’ll
actually ever be shown economically but this is a helmet that has a slot in it
so you actually are seeing the black through there and if you want to do
custom swap figures then you can have a different color of visor appear by
changing the color of the head underneath here are two trooper figures
on the right obviously just a regular first order stormtrooper in the
second-generation version of printing for the face and on the left is the new
Sith trooper and this is another case where I don’t care what they’re gonna do
with that design or that class in in universe in the movie in comics wherever
I don’t care about any of that it just looks really cool to me and I think that
a lot of toy collectors collectible collectors Star Wars fans in general
sci-fi fans in general just like the look of that guy or that that suit and I
think Lego has captured it exceptionally well in this scale with their own kind
of cutesy style you know it still looks very evil here it actually does use the
exact same mold as the figure on the right for the helmet it does look like
there’s a pronounced Ridge going down the center of the face if you will there
there is not there are not any special ridges is just a bit of an optical
illusion there it’s using the exact same shape as the standard trooper on the
right and you’ve got a blaster with a scope there which looks cool
differentiates the whole thing and again good printing around the back to match
now of course underneath these helmets what do you
expect nothing but all angry clone all day last up this is general pride he has
a very classic comic sort of name for a villain character he’s got the all
gunmetal grey color scheme for his entire outfit there I think it ought to
be black I mean his outfit appears to be the same color as general Hux ism
that general Hux has somebody to hopefully out stage him after he was
terribly terribly shamed in the beginning of last Jedi basically making
that character useless and forgettable this guy looks way too much like moff
tarkin in lego form because of the hairpiece
and the fact that it’s an older gentleman there’s this alternate face I
think something should have been done to differentiate him from darken because
he’s not talking and the real guy doesn’t look like Tarkin and these are
the leftover spare pieces here with a nice selection actually for customizers
and custom builders three different colors of lightsaber hilt there yet one
extra of the black colored ice-skate piece and this is just an extra bolt for
the spring-loaded shooters for the ship so that’s it for the quick overview
section of the video now let’s take a look at some comparisons and also take a
deeper dive into some of the specific details and what you can do with the new
set first of all let me get out of the way as quickly as possible to comparison
to the 2015 version which simply was not done correctly it did not have the
ability to change the angles of the wings though it did have the ability to
to retract them down and it was just the wrong color sometime annular got that
right when they did theirs toy and collectibles manufacturers some got it
wrong and Lego was not the only to get it wrong I’m going to give them the
benefit of the doubt and say that it was most likely that they didn’t get good
information from Disney from Lucasfilm you know good reference material
basically so what they did previously everybody knows wasn’t right I’m
actually glad that somebody on the design team was able to get some
redemption by going back and doing this model again and being able to do it
right this time though between the two obviously this is the better-looking
it’s the more accurate it looks more cool I think and it’s just the better
one in general key words there in general not everything about the new one
is better than the old look at this from the front you can see some pretty
significant differences in the main fuselage the new ones fuselage is
smaller it’s also lower I think that having it lower and flatter
helps with the proportions the the real thing has wings that are actually even
taller than this so I think this is more accurate looking but that leaves you
with less interior space and the shaping of this is not necessarily quite as cool
around the side not quite as complete also look down at the base the original
one had little folding wing flaps I want to say it’s shades of V wing there it’s
kind of what it feels like I don’t know how completely accurate this is but it
was nice to have those just as an additional option but the interior
change is much more pronounced see look at this the original could transport a
bunch of dudes into battle and these are standing up except for the pilot there
at the front I could probably squeeze in even one more if I was creative about it
and there are a couple extra clips to hold on to minifig accessories in there
and that’s not even the full extent of it here at the back there is kind of a
truck and I’ve got the other night of rennes figure down in there with
additional space on top of that I could easily put at least two more figures in
there one standing one sitting I was creative and had small enough fingers I
could probably put in even more than that and there are also these additional
clips up on the roof of this little trunk section to hold on to more small
minifig accessories and all that again closes up fully the new one has
luxurious accommodations for all of three figures in total that is it you
have to sit down because of the shorter height of the cockpit section and that’s
really hid there’s not much space to even play around in there to try to fit
in more you know creatively you could lay some down across or whatnot but you
know to actually properly have them in there with some form of dignity this is
about the extent of it and there’s no trunk on this one you can’t open this
space up back here because that’s all dedicated to the wing tilting mechanism
that’s built in there I like that wing tilting mechanism I
like it a lot I think it adds a ton having that space taken up I think is a
good trade-off I think that really helps make this a significantly better toy but
you do lose a lot of interior space not just from that back there but also and
more importantly from the shortening in height of this entire forward fuselage I
should also point out that there is a boarding and unborn ramp here it’s kind
of camouflage that’s it so yeah just ankles down a little bit of
course there’s absolutely no space for somebody to actually walk under there
they don’t even give you space for figure legs really to be attached I mean
I could kind of do a thing like this with a little panel there get the get
the leg stuck in a little bit and you know he’s just walking down the round
you know he’s just gonna leave this thing there’s not even enough space
underneath this ship from my pinky finger to fit all the way so that’s kind
of useless if you ask me all right that comparison took a lot longer than I
expected but I do need to do one more comparison and a lot of people who have
followed my videos have asked for the comparison between the new car Lorenz
shuttle and my modified version from 2015 that was modified to be more
accurate first thing I need to get out of the way forever is the suggestion
that Lego has copied me nobody should ever even begin to think that Lego
copied me because all I did was copy Legos
original design change out the parts do direct swaps for black changed up the
design a little bit on the front trying to copy the in universe thing the actual
models that that Lucasfilm had Lucasfilm designers had come up with to show in
the force awakens I was trying to copy Lucasfilm just like Lego was trying to
copy Lucasfilm and they just didn’t do the greatest job the first time around
so I copied Lucasfilm a little bit better
and now Lego has copied Lucasfilm a little bit better as well than they did
the first time that’s all that’s happened Lego has not copied me at all
you can look right here and say but what about that so much of the design of the
section the window section is identical in shape and construction I mean yes I
did one by ones here to get a little bit more texture across the different window
panes they did one by twos at the front with the tiles but otherwise you know
that shape is identical and that’s again because I was trying to copy the real
thing and there are only a limited number of ways you can build a given
shape with the limited number of pieces that Lego creates so stuff like this is
gonna happen all the time when two people are trying
to recreate the exact same thing that already exists when two people are
trying to copy the same thing that already exists in another form using the
limited palette of available LEGO pieces especially on a small scale you’re very
frequently gonna have the same solution arrived at from completely different
brains on opposite sides of the world they didn’t copy me nobody ever say
again that Lego has copied me between the two from a distance I think that the
new Lego design looks better in its shape you know keeping the the color
schemes the same here I think the new Lego design looks better than the old
Lego design with its proportions it is unfortunate that you do have to lose all
that interior space but I think this looks better on display and having that
that working wing mechanism again is just great for a toy mine was like a
hack I took out a handful of pieces and set up a little system where I could
pull a couple of pins and allow the the wings to swing out and be close to in a
general position where they should be now Legos version here does not have the
wings opening up as far as they can as far as we know that this ships wings
will play a part in universe but we have seen it flying around with the wings
closer together so it has multiple angles it doesn’t just have a binary you
know either vertical or all the way out I think it would have been nice if they
had allowed more range that you could get that wider spread but it’s really
not that bad here it just needed to have something and it has something here and
I think it’s more than good enough it could have been better it could probably
be modified again – to make it go a little bit farther
there are some limitations I think you can change the position of the linkage
one of the connections inside for the mechanism itself to get a little more
leverage well actually a little less leverage technically speaking well
mechanical disadvantage to allow this to go a little bit farther remove a few
pieces down here that are stopping this or move them and I think you can
actually make this go farther if you wanted to with some some modifications
but as it is this is this is actually pretty cool this this is fairly robust
in how it’s built so these wings are not gonna come off I can hold this by one
wing I mean this is this is really sturdily constructed as as something
that can actually move with variable geometry is concerned now these do flap
around they don’t lock out that’s one thing that I don’t like here is that
they don’t lock in their outward position at all so if you’re flying this
around like that upper wing now wants to start to come in and because they’re
linked it’s trying to pull them both together and it comes back apart you
know it’s it’s I do wish that that would lock in the the out position or the in
position for that matter as soon as you as soon as you pick this up off the
ground if you’re not holding on to this engine those wings are going to just
fall out I like how that looks but I want to have the option as someone who
wants to be able to to play with this a little bit you know at least a little
bit I’m sure the kids want to play with it a lot more than I do you know it
would be nice to be able to salute to do what you want to have it do what you
want but I think it’s better to have it go on its own then to only be able to do
it manually because it’s just a cool feature it’s it’s smooth and with that
shock absorber or the spring inside it has the right amount of friction so
overall I think that Lego has done a very good job with this as a toy which
is what this is intended intended to be I like the overall look of it better
from a distance on display it’s more accurate than the old design even with a
color swap but I do lament the loss of interior space on this and I do think
that this has just a few too many brighter colored pieces it
needs to not be all black even when I did my full swap and have the ability to
change anything I wanted I left some non black pieces on there
just in small small places some silver some dark grey this leaves more than
that also has a little bit of light grey like this here on the top I don’t like
that and I wish that had been covered up a little bit better or if they’d used
some wedge plates there again like they did previously to cover that up from
from the side and you can see some some blue Technic pins and some small spots
but overall I think this is I think this is forward movement on the design and I
wouldn’t want them to to go back a viewer named killer XD 725 specifically
asked are there any stickers in this set and the answer I’m happy to say is no no
stickers whatsoever the viewer with the username Bobby fasciae no asks could
someone with the right technology shrink down and install an engine system in
this and then take it into space thanks I really need to know this before
I buy well bought it if the engine system is powered by propane no strictly
speaking yes of the tech note if the technology existed you could shrink down
some sort of engine system into this and get some level of thrust out of it that
would be useful in space but do beware that the wing mechanism that’s in there
the same one that takes out usable space from this oh I forgot about this look
you can you can store stuff here that’s your replacement for the truck the the
mechanism in there does take out a lot of space that would be used by and not
only an engine system but also a fuel stores so you’d have to go way way into
the future to grab technology that would be able to shrink down that much to be
useful and then as for actually taking this into space I’m gonna take your
question very literally and say that yes if you did shrink down an engine system
and then you packed up the entire model into a nice canister and you put it on
to a rocket that’s going to launch from Earth
and then you were certified to actually be on that rocket as well it’s taking
passengers then technically you could take this into space with you on on that
actual real rocket now a number of people have directly asked me if they
already have the 2015 version of kylo Ren’s shuttle would I recommend that
they get the new version and it’s it’s really easy to to give a simple kind of
lazy answer to that say well what do you think go for what you like but there are
definitely some cases where I think that Lego just makes so much improvement from
one generation to the next that I’m gonna recommend no matter what even if
you have the old you should did the newer because it’s so much better
especially the building experience this is not one of those situations I think
if you are happy enough with this you know you’re you’re proud to have it then
continue to be proud to have it because I think that if you try to go to this as
an upgrade you may be very disappointed by the change to the fuselage I mean the
ability for a shuttle to carry you know to shuttle people around is pretty key
it’s pretty important and you know it could be said that it’s badly designed
it to shuttle kylo Ren himself but he also was supposed to have some you know
some Special Forces Special Operations troops that go with him bodyguards
whatever you know additional troops shock troops I don’t know you know you
just you want to be able to deploy troops from a sci-fi shuttle of a decent
size this is not a taxi you know it’s a shuttle and you will definitely be
disappointed if you’re happy with this you’ll be disappointed in this part the
wings yeah they’re super cool and if you already have this and you really want to
see this and you really want to see the black and you really want to see the red
and everything then it’s it’s it’s a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of
situation if you really like the look of this and you just want that you know and
you look at it and it just kind of burns into your eyes that kind of desire I
want to have that here I want to see it closer then go for it because I do think
that this is a good model and it does have I mean all the
obvious changes to the elegance of that that back kind of style which is more
accurate the front looks better it looks really great on design on display the
build process is good it’s enjoyable it’s not too repetitive anywhere people
have asked about that the wings are very similar side to side but they get put
together actually pretty quickly so yes I can easily say if you are happy with
this then stick with it don’t buy it but I can also definitely say if you really
want this you will feel the upgrades just beware that if one of the things
that you’re really attached to is the the passenger compartment this is a big
step down and then if you were named mecha asked simply what’s up Jang I
don’t know what up Jang is I mean I’m Jang but up Chang I don’t know I think
like if I were to make a a branded you know Jang branded energy drink then he
would possibly be called to Jang up with an exclamation point at the end but up
Jang I I just don’t know sorry interestingly this 2019 set has the
exact same number of pieces as the 2015 version and I feel like that’s not a
coincidence at all I feel like Lego just had an opportunity and decided to try a
bit of a social experiment there to see what we people who talk about these
things would say about the fact that this has gone up in price well it’s
higher in price by $10 u.s. than the 2015 version with the exact same number
of pieces well here’s what I’m gonna say about it
inflation sorry there are a lot of people out there that like to argue
against inflation as a thing to consider but it exists it’s real it affects
everything affects the prices of everything and that doesn’t matter if
you if you like it if you want it to be a factor or not it is and that can
completely accommodate what has happened here
the change in price here so this is essentially the same price today as the
2015 one was in 2015 for the exact same
number of pieces that aside this is expensive and this does feel to me like
a little bit less of stuff because of the smaller fuselage and looking at it
in person it just feels like there’s less volume of stuff here than there was
with the previous one though you do have this nice wing mechanism which is an
improvement and I really like the selection of figures here all these
figures are are very good general pride is probably the least interesting of
them but still he’s gunmetal grey that’s cool
I wish there were more synth troopers to Sith troopers rather than one first
order stormtrooper throwing in there don’t know how they’re gonna work out
don’t know if they’re gonna do Knights of Ren you know anymore Knights of Ren I
don’t know if there will be any more in Brian Skywalker so many questions about
that but I would love to be able to get the death trooper as a standalone in a
much much much much much cheaper set I’d love to have multiple of those I’m sure
that I’m not alone in that overall I would like to see this a good deal
cheaper I’d like to see it 10 15 even 20 dollars cheaper easily to feel like more
of a good deal for me for the amount of stuff that you get here forget about
wait priced apart any of that just looking at it based on my experience
going through hundreds of LEGO sets in recent years I want to see more in front
of me for this there’s not enough detail here there’s not enough quality in the
build to make up in my opinion for the reduced overall size of it for
essentially the same price as the 2015 one adjusted for inflation the good news
is that Lego is clearly marking suggested retail prices at least in the
US for discounts they are trying to be nicer to their quote unquote retail
partners in other words regular stores and not compete against them so much bye
mate bye in other words setting their own suggested retail prices higher which
is the price that Lego itself will sell these at by default and then allowing
Target Walmart Amazon etc to mark prices down so look
for sales for sure I’ve already heard about plenty of sales going around I’ve
gotten things on sale on day one at regular stores from this wave of Star
Wars sets so take advantage of that if you can try to get this at a cheaper
price if you want it if you’re interested in the build process for this
set if that might help you to make a decision on whether you want to buy it
or not well go check it out for yourself I have
uploaded of course the pure build of this in real time with nothing with the
sound of putting the parts together that takes too long you know it’s got
something you just throw on and then do other stuff but if you want to actually
sit and in one sitting watch the full build check out my speed build I will
link to both versions of the build momentarily on the screen so thank you
for watching hope that you enjoyed this hope that I Hansard a lot of people’s
questions appreciate all of your feedback and I’ll talk to you in soon

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