Lego Star Wars Jedi Outcast – episode 1

Preparing for final approach. Whatever’s causing those transmissions,
it’s not showing up on any of the sensors. This Imperial outpost looks as abandoned
as reported. It’s as dead as the rest of Kejim.
Mon Mothma must be getting paranoid. She never used to send pros like us out
on blue milk runs like this. Kyle, Jan. Greetings. Mon Mothma.
Kyle was just talking about you. No doubt. I bring troubling information
about your mission on Kejim. I hate it when you say “troubling.” We’ve managed to decode a small fraction of
the transmission we intercepted earlier, and, well, listen for yourselves… Admiral Fyyar: in… Shadow … …crystals… …we may have to …….. … Valley of the Jedi … … Reborn warrior … Valley of the Jedi? Reborn? We believe this transmission was
intended for Galak Fyyar the suspected leader of the Remnant
forces in that sector. It’s probably nothing more than a couple of
soldiers telling tales around the glowlamp, but as you are the only survivors of
the Valley of the Jedi incident I thought it only fair to warn
you that this mission may be more dangerous than
we originally anticipated. Your objectives, however, remain the same. Find out what you can. Clear out any Remnant forces you encounter. And may the Force be With You. So much for the blue milk run. Who is it? It’s locked. Blasters aren’t going to do
much good against that. I’ll see if I can find a way
to get the door open. Well, that’s one way to do it. Wait here, Jan. Cover our back. Ok, I’ll wait here. Jan, prep the ship for takeoff. I just want to check out one last area. Meet you at the ship. What’s this…? Lord Desann, this is Admiral Fyyar. Ah, Admiral Fyyar. How go our experiments? As of this moment, they’re not
going at all. The testing facility on Kejim has been neutralized
by a pair of New Republic mercenaries, and they’ve taken some of the crystals. Mercenaries? Who? Judging by their ship and the
conversations our cameras picked up I believe it was the pilot Jan Ors, and
her mercenary partner, Kyle Katarn. Katarn, eh? Hmm. This “setback” could prove to be
the answer to all our problems. … I’m afraid we haven’t been able to
decode any more of that transmission. Good. If I’ve put the Valley of the Jedi
behind me, so can the rest of the galaxy. So, what were the Remnant
doing in that lab? Our scientists believe that they were trying to
artificially infuse the powers of the Force into living subjects. Those crystals you’re holding are very much
like those found in a Jedi’s lightsaber. Spast! But that’s impossible, isn’t it? You can’t just give people the Force
with a machine, right? Everything we know about the Force tells us that such devices
are nothing but the fevered dreams of fools and madmen, Jan. But try telling that to those poor beings
you found in that laboratory. Who were they? Colonists from Artus Prime, a remote mining world
on the far reaches of the New Republic’s influence. Let me guess: crystal mining? Yes. We lost contact with them shortly before
receiving the transmission from Kejim. Now we fear that the colony has been
captured by the Remnant. Or worse. Indeed. Without knowing the full
extent of the Remnant’s plans, or the colonists’ plight, the New Republic is uneasy
about sending in a full liberation force, so– so you’d like us to sneak in, assess the situation,
and call in the fleet if necessary? Yes. You know I don’t like messing with this
Force business anymore. We’ll double your usual fee. We’ll take it. All right, I’m clear. Good, the colony should be a few clicks out. I’ll scout things out from the air,
while you head into the mine. Give me a shout when you
find out what’s going on. Will do. I better try not to attract
too much attention. So, you wanna become a TIE fighter pilot? Yeah, this is just a pit stop on the way. Well, you better know your stuff.
Who designs and builds them? Sienar Fleet Systems. That’s easy. How much cargo can they carry? Not much. Give me a number! I don’t know… You better. You put in your
full attack gear and you get shot down. Looks like the Remnant
are using slave labor. Mon Mothma was right, Jan. Remnant troops are crawling all over
this place, and they’ve taken prisoners. Well, that should bring the Republic running. I’ll alert the fleet and pick you up. Go ahead and call in the reinforcements, but I’ve got a mine to blow up
and prisoners to rescue. Are you trying to justify your fee? Be ready for a quick pickup. I’ve got a feeling that things are
about to get pretty nasty around here. Who needs the Valley of the Jedi when you’re
already gifted with such amazing intuitive powers? Just be ready to pick me up. As you wish, oh Jedi Master. Stop or I’ll shoot! Come on! Thanks for getting us out
of there, Commander! Doesn’t look like we’re out
of this yet, though. Thought we were home free, but
the main doors are locked. We found some weapons in here,
but got pinned down in the docking bay. Only the Base Commander has clearance
to access the door controls. If you can locate him and “persuade” him
to open the doors, we might have a chance. We’ll hold them off as long as we can.
But you better hurry! I’ll see what I can do! Don’t shoot! Get up! You’re going to help me
release some prisoners. You won’t get away with this, rebel scum. I think I already have. Thanks commander.
We’ll wait here for the evac. Kyle, I’ve got some trouble here. Hey! Kyle, get over here! What’s wrong? Jan? I’ve got a bad feelings about this. A prisoner for you, Master Desann! Well done, Tavion. Secure her in the
cargo hold, and prepare her for processing. At once, Master. Blast them, Kyle! Kyle? Kyle Katarn? You’re the legendary hero who
destroyed Jerec at the Valley of the Jedi? You look like nothing more than
a Bantha herder. Well, you look like an overgrown Kowakian
monkey-lizard, so I guess looks don’t count for much. Hand her over. Come. Take her! Aww, sithspit… Stand and face me, Katarn! Run, Katarn! What a pathetic attempt. Will you hide like a coward? Enough of this charade. You’re pathetic, Katarn. As a Jedi, you might have proven
a worthy adversary. But without the power of the Force, you’re not
worth the effort it would take to strike you down. Perhaps your woman will prove
to be of heartier stock. She certainly couldn’t be any weaker
than these colonists… Don’t you touch her… On second thought, Tavion… Kill her! Kyle! Jaaaaaaaaan! You want a worthy adversary? I’ll give you a worthy adversary. What are you doing, Kyle? Don’t try to talk me out of this, father. I need the power of the Valley of the Jedi,
and I need it now. Do you believe that this stream of power
will ease your pain? Or that you can safely wield the Force
with anger in your heart? Jan is dead; my anger is all I have left. Anger and revenge. Is that how she would want to be remembered,
with acts of anger and revenge? No… Then remember her as she was,
and may the Force Be With You… It hasn’t been so far. Are you all right? I’d…forgotten…what it was like… It will become familiar to you again in time.
What will you do now? Find Desann. But first, I need to get
something I left behind. Your plan worked, Master Desann. Yes, Tavion. The death of Katarn’s woman has driven him mad,
and delivered the Valley of the Jedi into our hands. Contact Admiral Fyyar,
and prepare the troops!

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100 thoughts on “Lego Star Wars Jedi Outcast – episode 1

  1. It's finally here! It was really hard to finish and took more time than I expected… But I think it looks great! I hope I'll be able to make more episodes soon. What do you think?

  2. Man, this is WILD! Thanks so much! I thought it was an official SW video throughout the whole thing, until I saw the credits. You've done an incredible job! And with Blender?! I mean just WOW. 🙂

  3. I need moaaarrr! Please, please, please continue this! I would fund the hell out of it if you'll make a Patrone or something for the stuff. This is so awesomely made!

  4. I am in awe! I played the game so many times I know the dialog and its sound. You fetched those files from the pk3 file, right? You did an outstanding job. I loved it. Keep up the good work.

  5. Can you have the woman come back tho? Thats just depressing how this guys girlfriend just dies on the first episode,anyone agree?

  6. hey can you release a blender tutorial, especially on lego star wars as i would like to learn how to do this

  7. My favorite thing to do in Jedi Academy is towards the end of a level, just run back to my ship firing the E-11 wildly, occasionally tagging the random stormtrooper. it really feels like an escape scene from the movies.

    Awesome job by and by, This is beautiful.

  8. This was the first game I worked on when I joined Raven. I did concepting and some textures and can see some of them in this animation. I also did storyboards for the in game and prerendered cinematics, but I love what you've done with the story and action! Great job! It looks like you had as much fun making this as I we did making the game! Thanks for going this!

  9. I gotta say; this was really good! You may have taken the audio from the actual game, but the animation was on point. Good job!

  10. i keep coming back to watch this one, wish you would make a series on the whole game! Awesome Animation work!!!

  11. How come I haven't seen this until now?
    Fantastic work 🙂

    (really loved the hand holding moment in the elevator :D)

  12. NWOICE
    Can you do another one
    But include a clone called KIA
    He wears the kashyyk clone suit

  13. In the first five seconds of seeing video i was like “holy shit, this beats any lego videogame by miles!” Amazing job and throwback to one of my favorite starwars games!

  14. In my opinion, Desann makes a much better villain than Snoke! In fact, from my point of view, I would've based the plot of The Force Awakens on the overall picture of Jedi Outcast with the shadow trooper construction and Desann's revenge on Master Luke, even if it's Snoke summoning Kylo Ren to lead an attack on a Jedi Academy on Yavin IV.

  15. "she certainly couldn't be any weaker than these colonists"

    Colonists overthrow the remnant occupation army with little effort once released.

  16. So You made a short of a star wars game animated in the style of another star wars game, which became memed and beloved not only by children, but teens and young adults of today.
    which also made me like Kyle Katarn more than I already do because he's quarter sarcastic prick, half heroic jedi, quarter comic relief.

    The amount of respect cannot be expressed in text alone. but lemmie say, you are the MAN m'boy.

    otherwise you are the WOMAN m'girl.

  17. I remember visiting my friend's place as a teen and playing this game frequently; this work brings back memories.

  18. I love your work; this inspires me. I have a hobby of illustrating characters from 'The Force Unleashed' using LEGO minifigs, and this gives me hope that I can use them in a film similar to this.

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