LEGO Star Wars Jabba Palace With Working Trapdoor!

[Music] hi I’m Martin Harris game and what we have are two Star Wars seems we’ve gone for one here which is Episode six Star Wars I’m not sure really where it fits they keep on changing the numbers of the movies it’s very confusing at this point everything’s confused at this point but great so this is Jabba’s palace and I’ve actually detailed it to be extremely accurate to the way that the palace was this is a cross-section of it and we’ve currently got the stage where Luke has entered the palace Leia has become Slave Leia and they’re in the point where Luke is trying to get Jabbar to release Leia and actually Han as well and I realize I just left haunting Carbonite up on the wall which I probably should removed and we’ve just changed the characters around and like yeah we moved him so so that shouldn’t be there at the moment but a fun build as always to build and we try to make it studless as we could say and it looks like it’s kind of broken into two sections you’ve got kind of the caverns at the bottom and then the top so how did that work where did you start building with that start on the top section built that out and we knew that we had the trapdoor in place and we had the little viewing platform so it made sense or then build the bottom one which is a simple bill just pile on brown slopey bricks for the rancor pit down here the challenge for it was we do have a functional trapdoor making it so the guy came out and landed where he should make into the movie so I’m happy to demonstrate that I definitely do here and yeah so we can have Luke so Luke’s here he’s kind of good as little hood on lightsabers in his hilt and we’re standing him on his platform I see I’ll bend him forward because a little bit of giving him oh he’s got a cape he’s gonna get stuck I’m gonna show you the good Maureen God he won’t get stuck but good Maureen guy can go down Jabba says you’re a mean guy and then whoops down he goes and he falls out the bottom side and Luke fell down as well and it slides up quite nicely psybeam tucked in place and that’s when jabber then slides forward it comes out to a little viewing platform and starts viewing everyone so we try to make it as accurate as we could no that’s amazing that’s great thank you yeah so how does this break down for a movement it’s all just one piece or say this one’s four sections the top bit comes off as one section and this bottom section snaps into two and slides into one box easily so and they will support themselves perfect well thanks for sharing I appreciate it you

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46 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Jabba Palace With Working Trapdoor!

  1. when it says there is 3 comments but there's only one guy in this empty hole of a place… Love your vids Beyond The Brick, i've set up notifications and everything for your channel. Love it! 😀

  2. Great build and video 😀 One question: To give R2D2 his third leg, did he just put a white cheese wedge under him without even connecting it to the droid? It looks awesome, great idea! :3

  3. "They keep on changing the numbers"
    wtf do they mean by that? Episode IV was originally just straight up Star Wars but beyond that the films have kept their hiering numbers.

    Still pretty cool.

  4. 0:22 – "They keep changing the numbers of the movies" – No, no they don't
    0:35 – "Detailed it to be extremely accurate" – You're missing half the characters in there and han should be out of the carbonite if luke's there

  5. There's a little mistake on this building and is that when leia was a slave as it is shown, han solo was out of the carbonite, in the building he stills on it.

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