LEGO Star Wars Inferno Squad Battle Pack review! 75226

hello again this is the lego starwars
Inferno Squad battle pack another set that’s based on a game Star Wars
Battlefront 2 and the main campaign they’re from and also a bit of backstory
that was written for her book let’s take a closer look at the figures first
because they’re the most important things I actually have questions about
some of the figures but not this one this is I had in versio the main
character from the battlefront 2 campaign you play as her as the player
character and I think that she is captured pretty well here yes as this
figure the flesh skin tone as opposed to light flesh looks pretty appropriate the
hairstyle looks pretty good the torso print for her I believe is exclusive
notice it’s a female torso which totally makes sense for this one you has a named
character it’s not overdone with the waist lines it just looks well it just
looks right to me this is just well done there’s the alternate face which also
looks pretty good and that print is really good with the teeth being very
very white you know good opacity on that it’s good to see one thing that is not
working for me here is the fact that there is no helmet included for her she
did have a helmet also let me just pull the helmet off one of the other
characters though so that’s what that would look like and there’s the problem
I’m sure that’s why they didn’t include a helmet for this one because they
wanted to include two faces you have to choose either or if you’re gonna go with
the you only actual flesh colored head rather than a black head with a
balaclava style like they used to do with just a single face printed on one
side the other three figures in the set are outwardly identical they have the
same helmets and the same prints for all of the parts of the bodies all four of
the figures in this set have the same hip and leg prints and
this one has the long gun which means that it should be the sniper of the
bunch whose last name is del Nico and let me just let you see that print on
the back of that torso first notice here again you’re able to see the skin tone
very clearly for the head which is just not ideal if you ask me I really wish
they would go back to the black based heads for these and just to the
balaclava style and really was the best compromise if they could do it properly
so angry clone face here obviously del amico is not supposed to be a Jango
clone but looking past that just looking at the features of the face they
actually kind of do look like a del amico face I can I can see it I can see
it making sense if I could get past the fact that Tet has been established as a
Jango clone face I yeah I could see that matching up but it’s not necessarily the
best match in this set in my opinion that honor actually goes to this figure
which again outwardly identical nothing different to be seen here externally
except for the different weapon that happens to be in hand but again
everything else is looking the same but for the face I got I think those sunken
eyes look like what they came up with for the rendering for del amico
but yeah that’s that’s just me I mean certainly the the angry expression with
the bigger mouth made more sense when he was being expressive but I think we had
a relaxed face this might have made a little bit more sense but Lego has not
officially given names to these characters and let you know which is
supposed to be which so it’s entirely up to interpretation and here’s the last
one he has a launcher now this totally makes sense as a use of that
spring-loaded shooter piece totally makes sense that looks really good and
it fires as well so perfect use of that I’m glad this one
does not have just a regular non-working shooters this is perfect but some of the
others should have had some some nicer looking non-working shooters you can
include both Lego you can do it it won’t cost you much it’s pennies if that the
face for this one yeah that’s ask that’s totally asked has that very
straight horizontal mouth in-game that’s that’s what I see there
notice this one also has the the utility belt in black I guess that’s one thing
that does different between them you can put that on whichever figure you want
but only one of them is officially included in a set but yeah there you go
I’m not sure if you noticed what I did there but I mentioned three official
characters while talking about four different figures infernal squad in the
game has three members which is an odd number literally and figuratively for a
squad and as it turns out I didn’t know this previously Ferno squad did
originally have four members per the book that they came up with for some
backstory and the fourth member didn’t make it into the story by the time of
the the game the fourth member should have been I mean none of these really is
really work for that the fourth member should have been a woman so yeah really
none of these work for that I don’t know which one is supposed to be the odd one
out here but yeah it’s a little bit of a Miss I don’t know if Lego just didn’t
have the information for that but yeah there should be two women in total an
extra helmet would have been nice but it would have required either a single face
here or a conversion to a more sensible black based head for all of these these
battlepacks tend to have side builds and this one has a single-seat attack
speeder with lots of weapons on it including two working stud shooters
which are again nice to have here this thing’s very switchable and those
stud shooters are easy to fire off with causing any issues with the structure of
this is there actually the kind of wings are attached with with Technic bits
Technic connectors Technic bricks and they’re all fairly sturdy so that’s
pretty nice Lego officially just describes this as a
TIE fighter style speeder yeah it’s a bit of a stretch it’s it’s a made-up
thing as far as I know but there may be there may be things in the expanded
universe that look similar to this I’m just not familiar with with any such
I almost see a little bit of the wing in it just a little bit just a little bit I
said but like I said it’s a it’s a made-up thing and I think it’s perfectly
fine would have been better if it could have held at least two people but it
looks star wars it looks fun it’s playable and it’s definitely massive
also if you want to get multiple battle packs you can and you can just build up
more of exactly this and it won’t look too weird it’s an interesting choice for
a Lego set prior to the announcement of this thing I never would have expected
them to do a battlefront 2 campaign based set but they did you know I like
TIE fighter pilots I think they look great usually and these here with the
extra red in them look very nice I think that I didn’t was done well the build is
pretty good and yeah the whole thing turned out alright my only personal
problems with this are well first of all not being able to properly helmet the
main character up but also just you know the hits yes are you talked about plenty
by now questions I have about those but all in all just as as a toy it’s a
pretty good toy and pretty well produced here’s the small number of extra pieces
included in the set and wonderfully one of the pieces is an extra utility bill
thing in black great thing to have as a spare you can find the build for this
set small as it is combined with one other build over on my build channel I
will link to that and I’ll talk to you again very soon

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Inferno Squad Battle Pack review! 75226

  1. Some will say the figure with the utility belt piece must be Del Meeko because in-game that character had more tactical pouches. That's cool! LEGO has not assigned official titles to the 3 male figures, and even if they did, it's LEGO, and anyone is free to move a piece around, swap heads, or assign identities to figures as they wish; it's not something to obsess over or get upset about 😄

  2. Wish they included one more helmet. But i guess seeing there was only 3 in inferno then you could use one for her with a helmet

  3. I believe the reason Iden doesnt have a helmet is because in the game she often takes her helmet off and it also helps her be a more unique mini fig

  4. I don’t think LEGO did enough research. I mean the books been out for years front cover shows another female.
    But man it’s so hard to find a flesh female head print without a double sided face. All I find are black widow faces. On a bunch of female LEGO Star Wars. I wished for some more female troopers, since they do exist outside of iden. In the empire, fo. These helmets just don’t allow double sided face. And I can’t see a female head with only one face

  5. I think that
    The angry clone face is seyn replacement

    The deep eyes is hask

    Iden is of course iden

    The remaining figure is meeko

  6. I think this battle pack is alright for the figures, as everyone else is saying; another helmet would have been great to add. The build is okay for a battle pack, nothing to special or to bland. Although it would have been cool to have the mini droid that Iden Verso’s (I think that’s her name.) droid that comes on her back to be in the set. Shouldn’t be that many pieces neither. Overall I think a 8.5/10, a solid battle pack.

  7. It’s a shame the campaign mode was so disappointing. I kind of expected more from the guy who wrote the story for Spec Ops: the Line.

  8. I think the figures are alright, but like everyone else is saying; another helmet would have been great to add. The build is okay, nothing too special nor to bland. Another good thing they could have done was including the small droid that Iden Verso carries around on her back. (I think that’s her name.) It would not be many extra pieces either because I know LEGO likes to keep a low piece count on their battle packs. Overall I think this is a 8.5/10, very solid battle pack. Nice review, keep em coming. 🙂

  9. No fourth helmet (Lego has a more complete helmet mold), no extra hair pieces, no hair pieces, no droid and the fourth member isn't a male. Lego messed up.

  10. I like this one, allready got it … i mean, standard battle pack complaints apply, it needs blasters as well, not just stud shooters. The speeder is okay, but they could have just as well included, for example, a gun emplacement and a big equipment crate (the ones you can change your gear and set-up in the campaign) and it should have definitly included Iden's drone. The only thing i kinda don't like about this are the helmets. Why are they so open in the back ? (and in that regard, since this is probably the reason why Iden doesn't get a helmet … make the helmet better and add one for Iden).

    My biggest issue (well, it's not really an "issue", just something i wonder about) with this set is … why ? I mean, i know they did Battle Packs for the first Battlefront game as well, but why this ? Now, over one year after the game came out, for a game that, let's face it, isn't as beloved as it could be (or SHOULD be in my opinion, because i actually like BF2 and also never cared about the whole loot-crate-controversy-nonsense either). This seems like a really weird choice.

  11. LEGO Star Wars fans: Stop including different characters in battle packs! We just want to have minifigures who look the same!
    LEGO: [Releases a pack based around individual characters and makes three of them look the same]

    Honestly, I appreciate it whenever LEGO does something outside the films and shows, but the fact that they didn't make these minifigures accurate really gets on my nerves.

  12. What if LEGO implemented a system where older fans could choose what Star Wars battle packs, or sets in general, that they would make. Think about it. We could choose the sets, instead LEGO making 5 snowspeeders in 10 years, and I’d assume that younger kids wouldn’t care as much, because they’d see a cool set on the shed and want it. LEGO could still do their movie based sets, but for the other random ones, we could choose.

  13. Good review Jang. Lego, what the?? Those half helmets are open in the back!! How stupid!?! The whole idea of a helmet is to cover the head, to protect it! Ugh. Old helmets were better.

  14. How many sets actually used the balaclava? I only recall it ever being used in the Endor battle pack that came with a Stormtrooper and Scout Troop

  15. The complete lack of Iden's droid I think is a big miss for this set. I would have rathered they take some pieces devoted to the useless side build and put the parts budget toward giving her the small droid that can be attached to her back and an extra helmet for her to use. I'm still not sure if I'll get this. Battlefront 2 left a really bad taste in my mouth after it came out, as did the single player campaign, it was just awful and they totally lied about how the story of it would go. They played it up like the whole thing would be from the perspective of the Empire yet 2 missions in she defects to the Rebels.

  16. Curious. Is this the first time we're gotten print on the minifigure hip piece, specifically on the vertical section between the legs?

  17. I think the third one shown, with the regular stud shooter, could be read as female. Reminds me a bit of Moira from Overwatch.

  18. Yes the light heads showing though the helmets are bad but the way Lego prints on black heads is 10x worse. No reason to go back to pale translucent skin on these troopers.

  19. If you were to swap out Versio’s head for a plain black one, you could then put a helmet on that figure.

  20. I only played old school Battlefront on PS2 so I don’t know these people. I suppose I could read it though. What is the name of the book?

  21. i hate those tie pilot helmets showing the bald head! They don't need faces, they're just soldiers! The rebels have faces! See the psychology now?

  22. Thanks to LEGOs wacky marketing for 2019 thus far I'll save a lot of money just re-enjoying the pieces i already have!

  23. They should have re colored the new stormtrooper helmet mold in black it would work fine and would fix the helmet problem

  24. I think that the angry clone resembles Hask the most, and the generic trooper head resembles Del. The guy with the sunken eyes should be the odd one out…also, if the double face on Iden bugs anyone, you can always use a rubber to erase one of them. I bought 2 of these so it's not a big deal for me personally. It's a great Battle pack, and if anybody wants Inferno Squad or just awesome TIE Pilots this is a must have.

  25. The helmets at the back could be close fitted (bottom of the back) like the back of the classic style space mini figures as this would cover most of the head at the back.

  26. The one with the belt should be Del Meeko, but he had the sniper so that should be swapped over. Iden Versio should have her droid, and is a disappointment that she doesn't. The one with the stock on the gun would be Gideon Hask (, the gun reminds me of the killstreak vangaurd from the game, if u turn the front handle to its side), and the last one would be Seyn Marana, from the Inferno Squad book, but she is female so the angry clone head doesn't make sense

  27. A lovely nod to the expanded universe by Lego. Iden herself is worth it but it would have been amazing if she'd had a disk on her back like the tron figures did with the light cycle set. That would have been an excellent addition to the minifig, as her little droid is a major part of her character. Otherwise its a great set.

  28. They should include one praetorian guard so you only have to buy two of these and two of those battle packs to get the 8

  29. I feel like the clone heads don’t even really look like the clones from the movies or the show, the skin tone is off.

  30. I love these new battlepacks they're bringing but I really hate the studshooters. They really have me secondguess if I should buy it or not. I'd rather have the old megaphone blasters back rather than studshooters tbh…

  31. Jang: I almost see a little bit of a V-Wing in it
    Jang:Just a little bit
    Me:I see nothing to do with a V-Wing
    Jang:Just a little bit I said
    Me:Umm… #Jangpool confirmed

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