LEGO Star Wars Imperial Landing Craft compared! 2018 vs. 2007

hey everyone I’m gonna be taking a
comparative look here at the two Sentinel class Imperial landing craft
that Lego has made roughly minifig scale or at least to be used with many things
the most recent one came out just this year 2018 with 636 pieces at a retail
price of $90 u.s. with four figures plus a full sized droid the previous and
first one came out in 2007 this had 471 pieces retailed at an inflation-adjusted
$60 u.s. and came with five regular minifigs the overall sizes of these two
are very similar this one sits up a little bit higher it has a little bit
taller main cargo and troop compartment here but then less bulk back here the
overall sizes of the wings and winglets are very compatible but the nod for
overall bull can have to does have to go to the newer one with at least its
exterior volume for that key Center cargo section being noticeably larger
the most obvious visual difference that you can spot between these two from a
mile away is in the designs of their cockpits with the newer one being much
closer to an accurate design still far from photorealistic but the old one
relied upon mostly this large windshield piece windscreen piece that really
doesn’t match the shape of the the in universe design with no print on it the
troop and cargo carrying sections probably couldn’t be much different even
though they’re similar on the outside and use a lot of the same pieces for the
major covers inside it’s a very different story the new version has
these trays formed with sideways placed to stud thick door frames that basically
allow you to put one figure in each or if you have not much in the way of
accessories then you can just stack in two figures on either side and then they
have this center section that pulls out to give you a small ramp the 2007
version had some mechanisms built in and in fact the entire cargo space could be
dropped as a drop pod this included two large Technic cannons that could be
fired by pushing these yellow protrusions here one on either side to
activate the trigger to fire on one of these large competition cannon shots on
either side and back here it also had a bomb bay you can activate from outside
you just push down actually push up on this and it drops out a couple of these
whatever kind of bombs you want them to be but there was still a fair amount of
interior space that could be used by figures by default this was designed to
comfortably accommodate the four included troops two of them sitting down
the center two of them standing on the sides plus their weapons that are
attached to jumpers on the ground but here I’ve also added in four additional
figures and have not used up all of the space and have not done any
modifications now the overall design of these landing crafts is based off the
lambda class shuttle as seen in Return of the Jedi and that was a very
memorable design it was very elegant mostly because of the design of its
wings which would fold down to go into a flight mode and fold up to land so it’s
very important that they captured that in both versions or any version of this
ever as a peasant model this version allows you to go into the flight mode
while it’s still on the ground it stands up far enough for that and the angles of
the the wings are pretty good but it is definitely lacking in wing or winglet
size with the dorsal fin definitely being sized down but these smaller ones
being sized down even further still it’s just a little bit miniaturized
relatively speaking this center section is supposed to be large and bulging and
kind of ugly as seen in a new hope in the edits that were done in in the 97
special edition there but the wings and winglets are still important the older
lego version used some dark colors in there which just makes it a different
specific shuttle not all of them were supposed to be
all-white although the primary white color scheme is more memorable and what
more people look for but this one had this great mechanism here that really
paid homage to the elegance of the folding wing design by gearing the two
and allowing you to bring them down together and it just feels much more
smooth it doesn’t use the ratcheted joints in there it’s a little bit
unsightly with the visible mechanism underneath but they did also have these
much larger winglets down here relatively speaking so I think this one
gets an easy knot in terms of the design there and somebody who wanted to get
that all-white design could replace just a handful of pieces to bring that up to
parity but again this is supposed to I believe represent a version that’s not
just all white but this was a nice thing to see and it feels good to to make that
happen of course by now you’ve seen the difference in figures with the new
version of the set coming with a proper shuttle pilot and then two excellently
detailed Sandra prison of different ranks with lots of great printing and
then for the sake of of conflict they also added in an obi-wan figure and a
droid in that they’re looking for you know just to allow some additional
scenarios of battle and interaction within one set the 2007 version gave us
a TIE fighter pilot who wasn’t necessarily appropriate for piloting a
shuttle and then for generic troops just regular stormtroopers two of them having
a different rank and ultimately all five of these could be seen by kids as
Trooper variants which is very appropriate for a troop carrier set two
very different approaches to modeling ultimately the same thing it’s very
interesting to me that the older version had a lot more action features built
into it things that people tend to complain about in the more modern sense
I think most Star Wars fans who are not into Lego and don’t have a nostalgic
bias would very much prefer the of the newer model on display it looks
much much more like the canonical design but as a toy
the 2007 version just did its job of being a troop carrier much better in my
opinion it was easier to get access to the troop compartment you could put more
in it and it had the additional action features which if you didn’t like you
could leave out giving you even more room plus it actually came with a bunch
of troops rather than just to not to mention the fact that even adjusted for
inflation the new one costs 50% more than the old
thank you for watching let me know what you think about these two sets in the
comments down below I’ll talk to you again soon

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Imperial Landing Craft compared! 2018 vs. 2007

  1. 2018 version review:
    2007 version review:

  2. the best part about the old one is the rebuy attraction. you could buy it like 10 times and not have an army of droids. and of course the new one has to be like double the price.

  3. I prefer the newer version for its appearance, other than the gaps. The space for troops is better on the old version, and the minifigure selection is better. Given the choice between them, I would go with the newer version, just because it looks better and more accurate.

  4. The new one certainly looks newer but I think I prefer the old one for the figures and the troop carrying compartment. I'd love to see somebody mod the new cockpit onto the old model because I think that would make it way better.

    Maybe it's because I don't care much for star wars but I definitely prefer the old one. I don't much like the look of either but the old one has way more play features and is just kinda cooler.

  5. The new one has a better exterior but the interior is worse. And it could have used at least one more trooper. The old one had a worse exterior but it had a good interior, right figures, and some good features.

  6. I think in terms of looks (on the exterior specifically), the newer version wins. BUT, in terms of usable interior space and minifigure selection, the original is better.

  7. It's a shame they didn't make the Sentinel-class shuttle the Rebels version. I understand that A New Hope has more broad appeal, but really, I doubt anyone was asking for a kit of "that shuttle you see for 2 seconds in the George Lucas edited version".

    The Rebels version has similar shaping in the broad sense, but a front-facing landing ramp, bent wings that fold at an angle similar to the traditional Lambda's, and a blue-ish grey exterior rather than plain white. Which really would've helped distinguish it from all the other white landing shuttles we've had so far.

    And it'd be an excuse to throw in some Rebels minis, like maybe an updated Zeb or Sabine, plus a couple stormtroopers or Death-Troopers, anything really. Just feels like a waste of a set because of wanting to steer so clear of the Rebels brand for whatever reason.

  8. Well, I bought the old version a few years ago and I think it's actually quite a good model.
    However the new version does have a few advantages as well.
    I think for the best possible version I'd just take the older one and make some modifications, like exchanging the dark parts to give it the colour scheme seen in the movie and actually exchanging the cockpit for the new version.
    The result of that should be a really good representation of the shuttle.
    But if I have to choose it would be the old version.
    I like the mechanism quite a lot and the cargo compartement is more interestingly designed.
    Also the overall shape of the ship and its' proportions simply look way better to me than the newer one.

  9. The 2007 one has a nice, spacious interior with multiple action features, while the 2018 one has a nice exterior with decent interior. I would say it's a tie.

  10. honestly the only thing I don't like about the old one is the cockpit glass, otherwise it completely outclasses the new version

  11. I saw the original online everywhere. For some reason I really liked it and wished I could've found it somewhere. Definitely would've been one of my first choices if I had the option. Sadly, I don't collect Lego Star Wars anymore. Too expensive.

    I still think I like the new one better, though. I like the ramp mechanism, the look, and the figure variety.

  12. Old one for sure. To a ten year old me, dropships were pretty much like a boys version of a dollhouse. I wanted to be able to sit all my troopers together, have them man the cannons, drop the bombs, have them be able to speak to each other, eat with each other on long missions, etc.

    While the new one has the better looks, it's missing just about everything else.

  13. The part im which the new one fails quite a bit is the inside, the old one is nice and has far more play features but the new one looks way better

  14. I would've bought them then put them together. I'd prefer the old one, Lego was my thing growing up and the I'd probably enjoy the whole round set together.

  15. Very interesting. I still have the 2007 version. Does anyone know if the side pods on the newer version can be closed up? That un-sightly grimacing gap on either side can't be right, can it?

  16. But the old one can’t hold more than the new one, the new one can hold 8 figures in the compartments and some on the middle ramp

  17. For some reason my old imperial landing craft’s wings didnt fold down. I checked the instruction manual countless times in frustration and built and rebuilt the mechanism countless times out of fristration

  18. they should of add another 2 sandtroopers inteed of old ben and R2-D2 that's just my opinion but its still a nice set

  19. Thanks for this video but the old one is better as it has all imperial troops and it can be modified as an AT-ST/cargo carrier. The new one has a cool ramp and that is it.

  20. Easy choice. Get several of the older sets and you have a nice invasion/assault force.
    1 pilot each (albeit a "wrong" one)
    4 troops
    Each and every time. All of them generic. Perfect.

    Buy several of the new sets and you have several Obi Wans. Hm. Doesn't help much building and expanding your troops.

    You also have the possibility to use and display the older shuttle with or without the cargo compartment. Great for dioramas.

    Did you notice how I didn't talk of play value yet? The older shuttle wins hands down if you want to build a cool diorama.

    The play/technic features are also superior to the new one.

    Selling point for the new one: Better looks.
    Chances are you already have several Obi Wans and astromech droids. You don't need these.

    2007 wins.

  21. it's a shame, really, that so many of today's sets have too few generic troopers to fill up the space already reduced for the sake of action features, or even just to properly operate the vehicle the set is about.

  22. I have the old one but without figs. One of my first SW sets. I actually really like the central pod of it but overall it doesn't hold up today. Was quite delicate and the wing mechanism kept breaking. I would sell it but it's probably not worth the effort.
    I actually have several problems with the new one so defo won't be copping. Don't need another R2-D2 or Ben Kenobi! Artoo is in four different sets this year!

  23. I think the 2007 shuttle was the last set I got before my brief dark ages. By then I had kinda moved past playing with sets but that shuttle was irresistible– drop the bombs to make a clearing in the battlefield, detach the 'command station,' use the cannons (2 of them! in one $50 set!) and offloaded troops to hold the line. Once you've eradicated all the rebel scum, wait for shuttle pickup and start the blitz over again. The best bang/buck in probably any set I've gotten. Shame I gave it away…
    Anyways, thanks for the all the vids and nostalgia, Jang!

  24. Honestly probably just me but I hate the new storm troopers I mean the details are great but who wants a storm trooper with dirt marks on them I prefer the clean blan look to the troopers

  25. Sad that it seems Lego went backwards for the 2018 version. Just change the cockpit, top fin colors and shape, change rear wing colors and remove the gear to move wings and add newer landing gear on the 2007 version, and you have a better looking 2018 version. I'm passing on this one unfortunately.

  26. For $90 dollars it should have 2 extra sand troopers and not look so disjointed with the open edgesfrom the front view. Sadly Lego seems to be jacking prices and not giving a lot extra to justify it. This goes on the back burner for me, until there is a sale I can't justify $90 as it is.

  27. I feel like too many people judge the set without owning it. Personally I own the new landing craft and if you can look past the price, it’s a great set, and it… is… beautiful.

  28. you didnt mention set 10212 the imperial shuttle set ( It is much closer to the on screen version. then again it would have to be for the price tag

  29. Put the new cockpit on the old one and put the wing design from the new one on to the old one and it would be perfect

  30. Um, is it possible to take out the said, "trays" that the troopers are placed in? Because usually when I don't like something from a lego set, I modify it to satisfy my preferences.

  31. I like the outside look of the 2018 and the charecters but not the intereor
    I don't like the 2007 looks but it's inside is ok I could use 2 more chairs
    But the charecters are not updated.

  32. Of course the new one costs a lot more, Lego seems to think their logo makes a product price like its made of gold bullion instead of plastic

  33. I personally like the new one better. It is more screen accurate to the one in “A New Hope” when the Empire landed on Tatooine looking for the droids. Keep in mind that these were sand troopers, and the new set represents that. Not every kid has multiple Lego Star Wars sets, so it is nice that they can play utilizing characters from both sides.

  34. In my opinion, the new one looks nicer and more polished but the old one is more accurate and playable for a drop ship.

  35. Already modded the cockpit to hold two figures, the wings to have the double jointed flip, and the inside hold to carry 8 troopers instead of 4, really a lot better now

  36. They need to either add 2 more stormtroopers, or replace Obi Wan and Artoo with some troops and lower the price by 20 bucks

  37. Not a fan of how newer lego sets nearly always include one or two minifigures from the opposing side, like Obi Wan and r2 here. I get that it's a play set, and I get how including something to shoot at or a goal for the ship to acquire is a good idea, but the set always has to sacrifice something overall to include stuff like that, like sacrificing a full set of storm troopers to include 2 lone minifigures that have zero chance of taking down the ship or craft the other side comes with anyway. When I buy an MTT, for example, I want as many droids as possible, and sacrificing droids to include a single jedi to fight an entire MTT is not in my interest. Also, it provides a clear, single purpose for the enemy vehicle to fulfill rather than encouraging you to come up with your own, far more balanced battles using other sets.

  38. New one is more accurate, the old one has better play features, still I don't care what anyone says I actually the new one

  39. We’re pretty lucky that the new lego sets didn’t put in stud shooters for the Troopers’ standered weapon.

  40. So, the new one looks a lot better but the older one has a better crew transport mechanism. A tough choice…

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