LEGO Star Wars – How the Empire Lost the War Ep. 2

Hey, watch this. Hey you! Me? Yes, you. Can you help me with something. Eh… sure. What’s the problem? Do you see something in my cup of coffee? Uhm… I don’t see that much. Look closer. I don’t really see anything. Hahahaha! Oh man! Oh! Hahahaha! Haha! Hahaha! Oh man, ha! Oh, you had to see your face! Ha! You’re not too mad, are you? No one messes with me. Dude! What did you do? What? You just killed our leader. We’re doomed without one! Oh my god, you’re right! I’ve disappointed myself! Holy shit! Lord Vader is gone! Oh, f*ck this!

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22 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars – How the Empire Lost the War Ep. 2

  1. You cuse then you censor the last second one? Sorry, said to my self if you cuse again in a video I wont Subscribe, don't want my profile having videos with cusing because I am trying to make it for any age.


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