LEGO Star Wars – How the Empire Lost the War Ep. 1

You guys! What’s going on? Listen. I just got the best idea ever. You do? I do. I finally got a solution to our problems, guys. I know how we can escape from this crappy life and make something of ourselves How? We go… to Kashyyyk. Kashyyyk? Kashyyyk. Kashyyyk? Kashyyyk. Why Kashyyyk? Because we can. Again, why Kashyyyk? Don’t you get it? Kashyyyk is the place to be! The place to be? Yeah! Kashyyyk is cheap, there are lots of trees and most important, it’s the home planet of the Wookies. Dude, Wookies are mean. They will rip your head off if they have the chance. No they don’t. Wookies are awesome! And they are way nicer than the retards here. So, what do you say, guys? Are you going with me? No. Nope. Why not? Instead of you, we don’t want to be decapitated. We like living. Whatever. Screw you guys! I’m gonna live in paradise. Alright, you win. Here is your money. Told you that he would go insane. ‘What’s that?’ ‘I don’t know.’ Greetings fellow species of this wonderful planet! ‘Who the hell is this retard?’ Yes, I’m going to live with you wonderful creatures. ‘Let’s kill this b**ch!’ So, let’s start by searching for some food. I’m starving. What do you normally eat? ‘Get him!’

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