Lego Star Wars Free Fall Part 4 – Lego Star Wars HD

Thanks so much for watching! we get that anyway lord Vader favorite
present rebels beachside resort and buffet for a reasonable investment you
can make this little slice of paradise also fully operational
so how many fear should I put you down for you and the whole thing and maybe Olivia brochure and finally we hit him hard with the
turbolasers no that won’t be enough
not for moc Rowan’s right he comes back every single time there’s only one way
to be sure we finished his job we have to hit him with something bigger
much bigger ah a citing your attempt to escape is
futile roam free maker I surrender mr. hunter droid sir you are
not robbing free maker till I ran bugs yes good with the forest and 12 years
old that proves I’m rowing your decoy is clumsily obvious your escape plan doomed oh I’m told in the house details yeah MOC took the bait strapped in tight
Cory down into the mud employed d 93 beam emitter what is this activating the tractor beam tractor beam
come on through spine the storms interfering we’re losing our
lock on MOC just a little more is gone must resume orbit before the
Arrowhead is compromised

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