Lego Star Wars Free Fall Part 3 – Lego Star Wars HD

Thanks so much for watching! young people always screaming we are not
a coral to air speeder chassis smooth bike engines you even got a new pian 150
hyperdrive core yes lad I’ve got it all except parts to repair the star
scavengers fried comm system okay so oh you don’t have a transmitter we can use
got rid of that junk ages ago I like my solitude we’ve got to find some way to
tell the rebel fleet the Empire has a working Death Star and the arrowhead
don’t forget that and yes the arrowhead well flyer deliver
the message in person that’s not going to work most seasons are you sure Ellen no I can
feel the arrowhead Christi he’s here it’s hopeless as soon as we break the
atmosphere moc will be there waiting for me
talk about one-track programming well that truly cares about is Rowan Rowan
Rowan and no offense but I possess a wider array of interests maybe we can
use that wider array of interests like cooking or writing I’ve been thinking I
should take up interpretive dance seems like a good way to express my inner
programming but no I mean I can use mo C’s obsession with me against him
interesting yeah hey did I see an income T 93 industrial perimeter in there y-yes how are you going you don’t like the
dance at last we have the Kyber crystals we
need to make this station fully operational just reset a tree that trend
was lousy with them hey there might be enough for a couple death stars oh no
you can you can be like then the death star guy you got him all over the place you have done well we’ll follow the
heart glad to hear it lord Vader it makes me
happy to make you happy cuz you need something for me
I go do it I need a nominal investment from you I know you’re there for me yes
that’s the kind of timing and talking about yes purple he took him soul

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