Lego Star Wars Free Fall Part 1 – Lego Star Wars HD

Thanks so much for watching! distress signal can you do it without
jamming your elbow in my ear sorry Rebel Alliance this is the free makers
we’re on the run from the Empire chorus on system we know you’re probably really
really mad at us for taking the arrowhead and we wouldn’t blame you if
you look just wanted to make that point clear Oh somebody got that not likely
this was an unauthorised mission so nobody’s even listening for this is a
disaster a catastrophe the disaster fee it’s my fault no row in this one was a
group effort guys you’re losing perspective here sure you disobeyed
orders lost the arrow head and maybe accidentally built a fatal blow to the
Rebel Alliance but we’re the free makers and we never give up nevermind I give up what do we do
I can’t outrun them in this crate has no hyperdrive ma’am
you escaped before whose keep again hopefully in a larger ship make sense
yeah your surrender is no longer my directive
Rowan free maker my new orders are to destroy you that I shall use your creation to bring
about your demise I got this I can be more wing work one
wing is all any good pilot needs know which is tougher but a good pilot
can fly without wings not on my watch Cory hang on we’re gone
sir there is no escape free makers mighty nice flight Cory and you said you
weren’t a pilot I said I don’t like fly-in and I still don’t miss leave it
you folks crazy enough to think it’s fun how’d you find us well I’ve been
monitoring you doing since you

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