Lego Star Wars Flight Of The Arrowhead Part 6 – Lego Star Wars HD

Thank you very much! why do I even try I knew something it’s
it my way but I bombers are moving in for the tail
need a miracle like a lightsaber through Cooper
star destroyer closing in Wow things are big I mean much bigger
than you think work-free makers I’ll get a win and we get our salvage
back me no Cordy
we did it wait wait wait wait you’re telling me a
ship built and designed by a 12 year old cut my fleet to ribbons actually sir
he’s 12 and a half Oh twelve and a half yes I see in that case some days it’s just not worth being the
iron-fisted dictator of the entire galaxy
Who am I kidding of course it is Thunder free maker for bravery and
excellence in flying I hereby promote you to front cadet
thank you thank you I mean I guess bike leader who wasn’t available me no no no
this is great thank you so much cording free maker you have shown
courage intelligence and unprecedented frugality I appoint you my new
quartermaster thank you sir but are these genuine
Herodium please tell me you got a bulk deal for your visionary design
impressive skill and extraordinary perseverance I award you the rank of
Master ship builder builder hey it’s my rank
if it meant you’re very much deserving gratulations my boy I got a droid

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4 thoughts on “Lego Star Wars Flight Of The Arrowhead Part 6 – Lego Star Wars HD

  1. Nice video I make Lego Star Wars videos too. Why not we subscribe to each others channels? Reply if you agree.

  2. 0:47 the most bizarre thing I will ever see in a star wars franchise, also, the dialog while cuting it in half, funny as hell

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