Lego Star Wars Flight Of The Arrowhead Part 4 – Lego Star Wars HD

Thank you very much! it is I lord Vader
wow that was best lord Vader is that you of course it is
now bring the prisoner it’s just it could you step into the light please
no I’m moral the darkside kind of girl know what don’t make me use this
perfectly real life saver you’re under arrest for T free maker like that bucket would fool me I know
you all in law you did of course I did that was a very dumb plan it was but
honestly I’m just distracting you well lieutenant valaria sneaks around your
rear flank who lieutenant alaria me oh no you don’t key hurry they’re getting away move already
move we could run faster right they got away from us how well dinner no
unlike some other commanders of mine who shall go unnamed me you’re talking about
me I’m not giving up that easily with you free makers really yeah
impressed you’re still alive yep and they got us in their sights
we’re never prepared to handle that kind of firepower
now to end our free maker once and for all this is going to be one big
promotion voting me promote me to be concerned give it to me no leave that alone John ain’t done until we install the
energy matrix activator and Kyber crystal various siblings anyway we got the part but you need also a fan
like there’s an eight CSD coming to get us fast that’s oddly specific

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